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You Hate Him or You Love Him

We had our Internet Assassin Michael Meggison in the studio. If you ever have something stupid on facebook... this guy has more then likely made you cry.

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02/13/2013 11:59AM
You Hate Him or You Love Him
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02/13/2013 1:51PM
Middle finger to the camera
how original and creative!
02/13/2013 8:28PM
Love Love Loved it!!
A star was born yesterday. Make him a regular. Must listen radio when he is on!!!!
02/13/2013 8:31PM
Loved every minute of it. This guy is a natural. Please bring him back and turn him loose on Wease!!
02/14/2013 10:34AM
Not really...
I don't love or hate him - but he was trying WAY too hard to be 'on'...he needed to 'tone it down'
02/19/2013 4:26PM
Stripper Girlfriend...yeah right
Michael does not have a stripper girlfriend, she calls him when she needs a ride (because she has no car) or wants dinner and that is about it!!!
02/22/2013 9:12PM
I want the audio from this!
Can't find it anywhere. There has to be a recording somewhere, for posterity! :-)
09/12/2013 6:05AM
What a douche
This guy is a douchebag with a history of hitting on underage girls, he shouldn't be on your show, he should be in prison!
04/10/2014 2:16PM
He's not creative with his insults at all. "Fat b*tches on their phones with their fake boyfriends"? I'm a fat b*tch, but I can lose weight, and I get laid more in week than he does in a frigging lifetime. I'm pretty sure he has some kind of autism, except all the autistic people I know aren't living in their parents' basement and generally listen to authority when they say to stop harassing people. Louis CK? Funny, observational, and creative. Michael? Redundant, infantile, and obnoxiously star-struck. He's not a celebrity, he's a large inappropriate manchild. I don't know what he thinks his excuse is, but I'm sure it's something made up. Bite me, Michael.
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