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UPDATED PIC: My Living Room



03/07/2011 6:22AM
UPDATED PIC: My Living Room
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03/07/2011 7:41AM
love the living room
Pat... have to say listening I was scared it would look gross, but it looks amazing with the dark wood trim and dark hardwood floors. What a cute house and Congrats on it!
03/07/2011 8:54AM
This look great!
03/07/2011 8:55AM
living room
...love the hardwood floors! not too keen about the green, i think its a bit too much. it makes the room look smaller, but overall, i give it a thumbs up! ps: two words - area rug.
03/07/2011 8:57AM
Knew it would....
Knew it would look great. Put the right furniture in that room and it's gonna be awesome.
03/07/2011 9:00AM
I like it.. the floors are beautiful... such a difference paint and hardwood floors can make.. :) enjoy
03/07/2011 9:01AM
Pat's living room
I hope this is just for St. PATrick's Day....just kidding !
03/07/2011 9:05AM
Looks like someone drank too much green beer and puked all over the place
03/07/2011 9:06AM
Like the before color better, but VERY happy you got rid of the carpet. Think the green is to dark. But love the floor...2 thumbs up.
03/07/2011 9:06AM
floors are gorgeous- green is awful
pat: the floors are beautiful and so is the existing woodwork- don't ruin it with that green- obviously you don't know about color and light- no offense- hire an interior decorator for help with the color
03/07/2011 9:18AM
GR8 job Pat & Jessie!!Looks Fabulous...Love the color and I am a fan of WOOD work and hardwood floors!! Can't wait to see more :)
03/07/2011 9:27AM
Green has to go!
Don't like the green with the dark trim. Takes away from the pretty windows.
03/07/2011 9:28AM
Makes it look small
The green makes the room smaller but love the hardwood and woodwork...you can always change color in the future anyways
03/07/2011 9:51AM
Much better, but not a big fan of the color
Looks much better than that awful 80"s stuff that was in there before, only negative for my taste is the color, I personally like burgundies/browns. The colors of Autumn. Floor looks GREAT!!!!
03/07/2011 10:08AM
Living room
The floor looks great, the color makes the room look really small.
03/07/2011 10:24AM
Too dark...looks alot brighter in the before picture...maybe a sage green wold have been better. But to each his own...congrats on the house!
03/07/2011 4:47PM
Looks warm and inviting.
03/07/2011 7:26PM
LOVE the green!
I think the green looks GREAT, just don't know if I like the white bricks on the fireplace now? Maybe a different color for that?
03/08/2011 9:44PM
Way too dark
The color before made the room look so light and airy. Now it looks dark and dungeon like!
03/09/2011 9:29AM
Love the hardwood floors, but what the hell is going on with the color of the walls... jesus man, you should have left the walls alone.
07/24/2011 11:13PM
Just in case...
Congrats on the house! The color is nice. However, if you ever become overwhelmed by it, you might try leaving just and accent of it. An idea would be to leave it on the wall with the fireplace, or just above the fireplace itself. Leaving the other wallsa more neutral color will reopen your living space but you would still get to enjoy your original choice. Have fun..it's just paint!
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