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Scott Spezzano

Sandy Waters Chris Konya Nikki Reed Frank DeBlase

Scott Spezzano
The All New Breakfast Buzz
Weekdays, 5 am - 9 am

Name: Scott Spezzano.

Hometown: Leicester, NY (near Geneseo).

Now Live In: Webster, NY.

Birthday: December 5.

Family: 2 boys, Scotty and Anthony. Gandolf, the Bearded Dragon and Fireball the Ferret.

About Scott: My creed is: “It’s all Connected,” and “You’ll never know what you really want until you know what you don’t want,” and “Never pet a burning dog.”


Sandy Waters
The All New Breakfast Buzz

Weekdays, 5 am - 9 am

Name: Sandy Waters.

Hometown: Greece.

Now Live In: Greece (A west side lifer).

Birthday: December 7.

Family: Married to Danger, 2 daughter's Leah and Alexa, and son Walter...well he's my dog, but I treat him like a baby.

Things I love: Shopping!!


  • Food: Sushi and homemade gnocchi.
  • Things to Do: I need to get a hobby.
  • Thing about Rochester: Festival every weekend in the summer, and being Italian in Rochester is like Little Italy, at least in Greece.

Chris Konya
The All New Breakfast Buzz

Weekdays, 5 am - 9 am

Name: Chris Konya.

Five facts about me, because that’s all you deserve:

  • Newly self-proclaimed Rochestarian originally from Edison, NJ.
  • Enjoys Rom-Coms as much as the next girl.
  • Avoids relationships at all costs.
  • Sarcastic a**hole, but only always in good fun.
  • Also VERY handy. Seriously, call me if you need some work done.

“…even at my own expense”.



Nikki Reed

Weekdays, 9 am - 2 pm

Name: Nikki Reed.

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI.

Now Live In: to disappoint my parents. :-)

Birthday: May 22.

Family: My parents, younger brother & his wife still live in Michigan and my older sister, her husband, and their two daughters live in New Jersey. 

Things I love: My dog Marbles, curse words, stand-up comedy, going to the movies, crappy light beer, and PIZZA. I would do terrible things for pizza most days.


  • Food: PIZZA…again…terrible things.
  • Sport: Hockey.
  • Things to Do: Movies, stand-up comedy shows, and drinking!
  • Thing about Rochester: I love that it’s a place that supports all the things that I love! Good rock music, hockey, and drinking! Oh- and the people are SUPER nice and welcoming which I really appreciate. 

Mike Danger

Weekdays, 2 pm - 7 pm

Name: Mike Danger.

Hometown: Chicago, IL.

Now Live In: Greece, NY.

Birthday: January 12.

Family: Sandy, 2 Daughters: Leah and Alexa, and Walter the Dog.

Things I love: Family, Friends, MY JOB, Scotch/Bourbon/Wine, Video Games.


  • Food: My BMI is Barbacoa.
  • Sport: Hockey.
  • Things to Do: Vacation, Exercise, Broadcast.
  • Thing about Rochester: The quality of life.  Shoutout to Danny Wegman.

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