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Top 3 Things to get at the Dollar Store

Shopping with friends can be dangerous when in a group. These are the times where in the middle of purchasing much needed things like soap that smells like bacon, a grenade that's really a screwdriver, and a pair of sneakers that glow in the dark someone blurts out..."Hey. Can we stop at the dollar store?"

Fear erupts. Panic. Everyone looks sneaks side looks at each other making sure to convey in eye contact that proper level of  inner manic torment to the other...but it's too late....someone else says "Uh...yeah sure."

Once inside their resonably priced goods call to you. "You need me..." You tremble. You must resist. You start sweating...

It's ok though - you're about to turn it into a top 3 things to pick up at the dollar store blog.

# 3. The headless horseman! Perfect for Halloween. Hell, it could even be scarier and be a headless pirate UNICORN. You have no idea! And it's ok...it's still a dollar either way.

#2. A WHOLE AISLE of pregnancy tests! Hurry before Maury Povich beats you to these! And also just a buck...think of the great story you could tell your kid about how you found out they were coming into the world. "Oh Frankie I picked up some 5 year old gummie pandas, a headless horse figurine, and 35 tests from the dollar store just to be sure since they were from the dollar store after all." There's even balloons just behind 'em to congratulate yourself either way.

#1. Dead Fish. This little guy isn't there yet but beware if one near you starts sellin sushi soon. Ahhh what a feast!

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People : Maury Povich

10/24/2011 2:40PM
Top 3 Things to get at the Dollar Store
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