Is your dog in love with you and your man jealous about it

Monday, March 20th


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Wife or girlfriend will inevitably get jealous even if it's just a little bit when another woman enters the relationship right. No matter what it's Seve and and the buzz is Zimmer sandy yeah we know there's another woman in my relationship as of recently because. My girlfriend's cat to deliver us a few weeks ago. And please they're not originally the plan was that. Garret again he called it the demonic cat it is demonic satanic. It wants to kill everybody in its path we sort of talking about on the show and they had a lot of suggestions about what to do and what to buy all this other stuff than. The main thing you said we're gonna put the cat down all of this everybody gave you an alien try this one last ditch effort amateur wanna significantly adds to his. Races is because of the pedestal. And you've tried a lot of the suggestions. I came. I tried and I can't hurt to visit the challenge to make this cat lightning or at least except he doesn't the lightning. But over the weekend after after trying multiple things like the plug in thing data releases the same chemicals the mother cat does win. The the kittens a first born what I'm doing that. That's what oh loss to attend for a week. Don't fancy treats people told me till we don't have those in my pocket or catnip Saturday came home. And I just went for went for the pet because the cat walks in walks towards the front door when we walk in her and I am a girl from my at the same time prison what does this mean cat stays laying on the bed and cleans its throne. But when it's her night my girlfriend and I the cat actually walks on the front door starts meowing cat and Alec you know I'm golf for a went down to put my hand right by her mouth and and pet but the cat that was all until there's a video on FaceBook right now. Did the buzz FaceBook page she broke. He's conquered the cat. Is it good you kill. Glad you are committed to sleep we should lessen its owner the big year big fan of honestly I think he is telling us no there wasn't I don't know if he became the can't whisper the right. Now. Telling you the problem now there's a problem on top of real problem and it is sevens with your pets. It happens with their kids. But I think my draw from Tony get jealous attacked the it's being happy for me. Which she is she's an oh my gosh this is crazy and I can never expect this to ever happen now did you get a little but no it all the attention and giving vent. We easy to demonic cat your giving the cat attention more than her or is it because she. Is not. And getting as much I think it's more that way where attention she had a crowd on the cats and I'm saying she sent that groan of being the only one. That big cat like Bryan yeah. It was a guy because I think it's so jealous when it died. I did dot clearly loves me more. It's just it's I'm sorry on the mother that's so it's gonna happen and he gets so jealous because he bought a male dog can we invited a male dog into the family and he's in a household of all girls yes so for two years he would try to sell me and getting a dog I am I would never had a doubt in my life I didn't understand whatever. You stole his only son. But that's not how follows me around or sits next to me years novels with me. Could it be because you pay more attention to yet more time with the dogleg on the clock time with the dog and I don't. How good he gets jealous and I think that's weird and get jealous over an animal is weird right it. Is completely we're in my flat he. Says things that's like. Law and it's still just not really ha I really irked because the dog loves Myanmar. Does the dog UCLA LA means that it. My accent of male dog as well. And she had him before we got together. And lake she would change or something just are topics on the force who went to work going to be in the bedroom the W staring idyllic don't that we had serious. Yeah I what I would do that does that instinct against. That I do wonder. The dogs are thinking some because mulch it does give me this look like Lance do you know he has a crash army sometimes. And it's really creepy but to your neutered but the I deal but it's still loves his head and says no I'm serious run like. Yeah. He's in that happened before he lays down there. We snuggle together dominant take. Yeah Mario and he just instantly does that. The Markham at Walter Reed we feel uncomfortable getting some scooby snacks. Dog damage human. Illegal that. Here honey look different countries and Don't Ask Don't Tell him I won't go under handsome I column I love how your. You'll notice it all kinds of infection and you give them nothing. Q did you submit your lead them all up at the high and dry. You've read his belly and a special silent night and he wanted to settle things like going forward. Taking it. You're there biggest tease. This is every and his every pet do it or just the mail that mail. I'm on my outlook got a dog is jealous of me. God is jealous of you yeah when I when I do when nation anytime they showed Joseph affection or she comes and sits next to me on the couch. Her dog is war right up on my chest. Like get away we get away from my mom does it give you. Not all that she hates me. Are you jealous of the dog. Imus could I think all man get jealous that the dog and it's weird. I'm not jealous yeah. You why should not let the public doubt I went Lyndon Johnson of the Jordan he's so busy. You right to Atlanta. The dog does go up more attention. Yeah I think it's normal for guys to be enough for bias and my girlfriend is jealous of the fact that she's holed that rank anymore I'll think it's like a physical chills now but she's not like. She doesn't think of Bentley another woman yeah what men think of dogs as other Mets back. Fans but guys what do you look at addled with big hill the other Rome says that happens in your relationship I guess it's completely normal quickly and untested channels over everything it's president of Zambia and the bugs.