Would you ride the bus with your kids

Wednesday, September 6th


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It was a big day for the kindergartners are zero the bus for the first time the school. Mom and dad went along for the ride and got a chance to see the new classrooms in this day and just crashed over one student. Who was carrying on the family tradition walking the halls a long line my primary school. A long time ago that I was on that well. Bryant went for. This just brought back a lot of memories for new teachers is the daughter of one of our strength that we graduated its kind of a full circle type. Aren't ready to kind of buzz is Dana didn't you Jeff well. Lived mariners first dance school yesterday in mom and dad were left right there with them. So embarrassing. The a hero don't get hairy ride a novice finally did they probably wanna because you're scared him Suton thing whenever buttoned. As paranoid below him. Do you like. Either I'm forced to go for a time doormen and it's kind of like Joey by him from a helicopter parent. And it's it's the coolest thing all the cool kids do in the it it fit everybody on the but they get home yeah. How the parents were on the bus to get to with the kid how to get back home in America to drag them back over Hubert merlot and they're. I think it it just giant chains have been like a never ending circle rep. Circle of people coming back for the schools to keep mom and dad wrote the kids to pursue new it's crazy. If feel are in HFL parent how did you get home but did you did you did you and I think that's sweet would you do that. And now when. Clean did. For Skinner heard in most districts the day before the week before that week of school when you go easier classroom than they do do a trip around with the bus that they just go around in a loop or something wrong. And sell the parents did board the bus for that but there was an enough firms I was Feingold. Go by yourself but I absolutely would. That it's sweet what's wrong with being involved in your kids. I'll stop that's too much you just. Two girls wanting the inevitable as tomorrow it's gonna be hard again. The whole process. But it is gonna come where they just get on the bus and you see them in six out and you know it's when it's if it's sunny that day you're gonna get like a sunburn on your umbilical cord but hit a. I don't see what is the problem with just being involved. In your kids like day one there's more jitters and there is on day two so they're already dealing with so many expect to school jitters. Why doesn't hurt them to have them feel. Comfortable. On the way to school 'cause like it there because the kid that mom or dad didn't ride and had to go by themselves will feel horrible. Oh are making those other kids feel bad because their parents didn't come. They're gonna they're gonna have that fear of law. There. I use Siri is a great how little so little Cindy get in her mom and dad dual Cindy's mom and dad read the boss but then we'll Billy says they're like armament or didn't write the boss you'll know. Premier academic hair. Those kids don't care and what does it and where to get a city club but yeah I go to class than cynical ones that'll they had you know yeah. Chew their food and baby bird into the mouth cry out flat rock black black. Eventually it got this week married to have a bill always remember the first day of school the first trip to school on the bus. And mom or dad or both were there what is the problem with loving your children. Because. Here and I'm riding the bus with my kids see you here okay now we have a huge coming helicopter mom but kindergartners. No problem you're. Is it would dispute this on the plight of the same theory as following the bossy your little minivans. Is different Yahoo! is different I think this is different I don't know if you feel the same way to 222899. I never followed the bust is now you really do look like. Either there's a funeral procession or you're just a creepy pare bets just gave the but I mean that's just overbearing. But sitting next to your child yeah. And that's ridiculous well. I think it's I think it's sweet and make it more districts should file suit. I think. It it it started wants. Would some overprotective. Mom no death some mama yeah cares about the chilled. Okay. You know what I can't talk to either of you could you don't have kids and you're I don't even know if you were really bother she did get a two hour I'll. Who's your dogs on these degrees review of its not it's not anything that that's normal that has hurt doesn't. Yet but it's a huge sum for them. The first day at work I get to go to the first day at work because in New York. And here's the engineers theory. For the first time they have sex and I don't read that right there saw god wow. Only Russia yeah.