Why Scott got into a fight with his wife on vacation

Thursday, August 24th


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And no he wasn't because of my quote you're quote stupid to drone. You called it a cause to fight. But does an argument between me things you can drone is redundant. And oh yeah all things have been drawn as offensive threat to people who fly drones. Did your own ads. Cronies yet we're doing are no longer need your army's always. I mean literally small unmanned aircraft operators OK I don't call me joining. I apology you thought that would cause the fight my wife of twelve hours and days so I gonna fly on the drone for Jerry Bremer announced. What caused the problem. It is when someone decides to show up and surprise you why it's awesome and way in Jamaica yeah. I have showed up don't you remember weeks ago is telling you about how my brother and I want this is come down and surprise us. That's me. She showed up. Yeah. Sounds. Like Dan Evans restaurants sometimes right or you're out yeah having drinks are the seat on FaceBook in. And I don't know why. A law that. You know cool is that the reason why gays fought. You can't lend you as you but I mean is mean Joseph okay my wife and I have not been on vacation to gather. Our own and is five years took effect the last place you work was there. So we thought we have a relaxing and I know loan. And you know the first five days it's great and that yeah hold on. Yes or no you don't worry. Old and all of the fusion all day now day. Special appearance yeah but if they got company there's time you don't mean did you brother in his wife and I are gonna remember everybody around me sexy shape. When they found that we're going you know. EMS is your funk fired. All through your midget car. There you'll have to go nearly three times a year. Are well. It won't moment I think yeah I think in this young of the film and you know we get up the phone she's like banning it happened right from the why did you see you. As I didn't. And she are you Adam I was like an odd little danger of the yeah I yeah. Yeah the danger of not thinking before election. Doesn't that right now we have well it you know and and you know as the conversation after we don't know the phone weeks ago it was late. Barrett and I'm not. Shaw. You know so she's on tour she make sure make you or your car and so you know next time against has talked about a week later. I'm like you guys are serious about going to read it later retract or yeah yeah. Now he can't see that it puts you can be like you guys are uncertain exactly now how can afford it and our new widget. We'll meet you gotta Jamaica and is that okay. Today. So yeah. Kind of nudge nudge conversation that economic are so Saturday morning now are on vacation this past Saturday I looked. Yeah I get a tax or some today. I guess I don't facetime on the Mike Easley faced an elegant surprise me OK so. He sat on my day here's the teachers accused of our guys are not my brother yeah doesn't Jimmy return. So like God's awesome and so on. I look at him and he's wanted to cut its reign. Grade. Coal. In my God's hands are bloody brotherhood to abide. He told me that as soon as you are opening. An hour later there at the airport in Syracuse. And on a plane. And. Got an a 1 in the morning that same night when twelve hours later this is your file and the next morning I'm sitting I have some coffee. As my lawyer still sleeping that was our conversation from earlier. Otherwise always sleep in on the thing in the guys are supper early. Simpson having coffee emirate in the corner at the beach it's all covered palm trees copying is nobody on coffee. It's these two people walk up these guys one girl she's holding herself only video in common kind of like. Angled towards me so of course any guy can sit sub pulls us. Think you'll let brands I think you know they'll say you know Mary don't go. Thank you closer to get closer I'm like huh. Old my god it. They're freaking here. She's got the camera in my face the whole time and I'm like. Yeah. And I might want them and guy. Hey see you sir hereafter. The first thing is say is good actually flipped offer phone like what you face. Yeah because I was like you had that that mad. And but I was doing intelligent face for Sox second baseman is genuine guy that's. Are sort of I knew it would cause a hassles not that I don't like my brother other elements just a lot to my wife we all each other but we just. After five days of going to waterfalls are getting jacked by people on the beach and doing nest and ordinary and we just want those last two days. Impeachment Chileans and Deutsche. Because they took us this place we had to have dinner and paranoid barrier stock and it rained and wears both is our fault but I didn't because it was. Wow it's. Ball. God we sent to separate seats in the way back my wife and I think. Is it never. It's like kind of ruined our vacation. Lol nice guy at all because really I ask. I idea and we knew it's a great intentions. But it's worth.