Why are more teachers quitting their jobs

Tuesday, May 9th


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It's his I don't see any national teacher day. It. My parents and teachers. Elementary school and high school social studies. So I salute you all knew in the body in the teaching profession consist off. Talk about it just easy there are a couple days a year your awful lot written in here all day. It sounds like I adored kids get Summers off your right time he'd get all these college spring break for everywhere every latter day sorry day to day. Is it. Different world now is it a lot harder to be a teacher. Because there was a woman that I was talking TO at my daughter's school alone and she said her niece. Went to school for teaching guide did one year of teaching. And click. Bachelor teaching in general teaching in general how why. And I said look sure toys from a pension you know somehow resolve some are all afraid she goes Nash can handle the three p.s. The three p.s and possession as pressure. When it's too much pressure and a politics the schools and common core Allen not Benson and parents are just. Awful. The only. I. I don't know I I just heard the horror stories I don't know what Sammy I I think it's always been like us. I don't think it's any different than it was twenty years ago I heard the horror stories of mime my mom. And dad both had stories each kid it was a project every kid. And they always stayed sit around when their Manhattan. After you know it's 5 o'clock. We've set the kitchen at the island at the table and and they just and they and their teacher friends come over and they were just go off on the parent's apartment my mom was active in the teachers association. A kind so I and I learned all about the politics. And there's politics in every career via. We pitch. And and you know it you're getting a deal with politician India pressure and allow parents I don't know our parents really that bad we'll walk away. From a job that you went to school you. You wrapped up all these college loans and I'm gonna change careers because. The parent pressures to see much. I don't friend who went to school for ten years to be a teacher on and off of quote accidental rockers in New Jersey. Great English department graduate with an English degree I guess we're talking six figures in debt their rockers is would you yeah. Substituted five times because this is informing. Home that's all I was starting obtaining business. Really did to make money throughout going to school for the last and yours was construction in time now least you really legitimizing his painting business even out OK so we only substituted debt. For five times and he's out of cities like. Wasn't pleased is typically that it was it. He's a pit in the apparent that the politics what was it hot and peace with that. I don't know if you freaked out from just the corporate world from beyond being good people politically correct all the time yeah. This battle and our guys from New Jersey who run a central New Jersey so to turn a lottery exactly it is only substituting in the hunt our 100000 dollars and then he's he's saying he said he couldn't be happy entertaining every single thing now why. Now we got to chase and he knows what the grass big threats is greener for him on the other. How did tout it takes a special person to the other teacher hue gotta really just. Beloved kids and in want to see them succeed and be patient. It really you guys deserve your full week or day would have. I'd love to hear if if I don't know for everybody's school yet now what are your teacher used to be your whatever to do to buzz because. To me it seems like when you start off as a teacher. I you know he he start in that low capacity he also you can't get the cushy job in penfield where you wanna work. You have to go to where there's a job opening a lot of times that set one or more the more the more different call. You get to teach yet. And you know with the kids you have a flight from his kit you get thrown into you know like Citi Citi you know what grudge here maybe start in the city schools because. You can't just do like OK are gonna be teacher and a working for airport it doesn't work like that again you work where there's the jobs first you. You work your way through the ranks and that's like almost you gotta kind of pay your dues. No way kids don't need you more I've had friends who worked in a city and yet it's tough you're dealing with just. Or crazy crazy stories the other but those are the kids that really appreciate. What you offered to them as a teacher well regarding. When the veteran teachers do better in the city wouldn't wouldn't make sense to get to cushy easy when kids that are. No fighting in bringing knives not that doesn't happen apparently ignored me like if if entry level teachers went to a fair reporter penfield words cushy and quote easy and the veterans went to the city. That know how to deal with kids and on teach more experience that would make sense when that let's go to the calls to -- by us that how hard. I was even thinking I normally thinking elementary school when I guess I'm told it's rough no matter where you are my mother in law and Joseph smuggler who was a career teacher and she taught in the city schools her entire life. And and then now and after she retired she Bonser on in subject at all different you know school number that school number that and dom. She seemed to love it and she is the quintessential. Teacher. Witness should get the teacher might get that's Easter blast she's got a teacher you know attitude. She's very nurturing and you know all that's kind of person yeah. So on this national teachers day in and national teachers week we salute you. And thinks they're dealing with the three piece of it. Pressure politics in a stern parents faculty to devise. Is different or is still the old days and it is now. Part of it because I didn't I've only been a teacher for four years I'm. My dad of the teacher as well aren't you he does say that it completely different than a lot iMac does have to do it the politics. There's spin politics re absolutely is it more of the politics think that's pushing people away and quitting and finding other careers or is that the parents that. I just. Wearable. I think as. Our combined. Are trying to politics. At least eight rule coming down on our mandate and do you have let. Are on in your actor you can't just do what you think about and you have to 08. Yeah and then parent record you're out at it and in the hallway commie. But be aware that here. The mother accidents mother or husband out he did not comment that never and. Usually add WBB. And I told them I met her around and take a bodily aircraft. And that is that February. Now you're not a no they'll sign your question is on duke and anywhere near new teacher do you start off at I mean obviously can't pick the school that you begin at right I mean. The F I. Yet taken a sow your oats and do your time right. Q will. It depend I mean you can apply wherever you want and if you land in the night that's awesome. They're actually get there in yelled that are that are harder to get into like English or whatever. Check it to panic early I am currently and I am out there now on actually you because I couldn't get any night in in the Rochester area where the. Right ion. So I'm all right so on national teachers day we salute you. Thank you. Had a car that's special kind of person and really give the tickets to the everything eighties party Friday night pretty basin okay. Aren't you grads.