Trying to be cool with the kids

Tuesday, February 14th


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So what can you did you see the video I mean it's adorable who stole the show at the victory parade. Accept an offer of the Super Bowl the patriots GAAP insisted to return to go out and and I am I at first when you watch this video if you caught it I think Tom Brady was going to be like humiliated. They get first thought oh he's in barest his kid is doing that collar kids DO. But when many people who posted it maybe he thinks. Maybe he's playing along boosted on his little seven year old notes. Then. Is Satan and Brady yeah I'm Benjamin Brady there at their talent through the the parade in dad's wave into the things. And then wouldn't his little seven year old son do song comes and these are death. On you don't have an if you have kids because debt performance intimacy damp all the kids are doing in Sudan. Did you with my husband Ers something to get our kids are doing. That is so. Stupid. And I'm like that is done and my husband thank you have to just. Be in their world in embrace it do what they're doing talk how there talking and and you know to do it it makes a fine retirement and pop culture countries to set. And little actions and we'll dance move like that kind of does that have a that yeah. Flooding tsunami here is that I'm not I guess that was it that was with a concerted do and my seven year old. I don't know if your kids due to open my seven year old and I might well be other and. Yeah thirteen year old girl who is rebelling with her mother that my Dr. Phil and she threatened to take the audience members outside and and and I demonic handle it. So thank the city so now I know. And we you just explain and I was like and now I start pontificating like oldest daughter has made bad choices choices and this is not the right behavior. And my husband and elbows music wood to just relax and say it yes so you can just be cool. His problem that's when you say you think you're being cool but you kids are like Rome and this is oh there it is not good is his dumbest thing you can possibly could try to help them do is Daniel anger whatever. Yeah. And it's like it's my might. My girlfriend has two nieces and honorable than high school and there are teenage girls Malia and there are too cool for me even though you know typical green totally cool and replace. And I'm so cool. And I guess they dampened you're feeling what we feel that other standoffish and cold to me and eight the only thing that's funny laugh with sperm make jokes and stuff you know I. And then I dropped that the other day they said some of the luckily nothing and I said. I'm not. And I don't know if you're like yeah data Dr. Phil electronic detection and I'm in a lot of get guys that have us stupid. The but you don't try it but. Think they got they catch me outside of Baghdad yeah. She kicked off an airline could she got to a fight right break. That is the same airlines spirit air yes I've even heard of this airline until now it's worth using it we're we're flying spirit air next week when we go to Disney. My daughter is like. Bruce flying to sink Carol I get up early I like. Joseph cool well. I just stepped off that play right here for fighting. For defending her mother someone sits on the to a mother and she eats one at a passenger in the get kicked off the flight so you know we have to do it. Want to humiliate your daughters if you really wanna connect a and you got to sort of fight and that Spirit Airlines could yeah. See what happens is hot hot hot. I.