Teens should start price gouging

Monday, February 13th


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Men everywhere women everywhere will be scrambling for rose is an and cards and Teddy bears and chocolate shore but did you think about office. Who'll be watching your kids for date night tomorrow night you're young kids. If you think about it everyone is busy for Valentine's Day you're busy. Your sister that I always watch the kid is busy 'cause she's probably going out with her your parents are living I don't want alone time and their grandparents of the children right and even some of that. Teenage babysitters are having their first second maybe third Valentine's Day would there. New boyfriend in high school and don't mean so what I'm saying is if you have a teenager. Who is Valentine who lists for around Penn State tomorrow you need to get them. To babysit tomorrow night. And price couch and took out which. Like everybody is doing her right how much are role. Oh around this time. Don't write distilled price Galilee should I never did IAEA I would gladly save my neighbor when she needed senator. It it makes sense I'm in theory but it's it's a bad idea what you think you try for a baby sitter teenagers girl armor series to Biggs of forest. If she prays judgment that day she would never worked for me again well I would never hire back let's pretends Ara. And Ed has her first boyfriend now I mean you muted its inevitable right that are gonna say armistice was downsized but by boyfriend Johnny is gonna take me out and Valentine's Day so I can't either now you got to scramble for brand new one now the new one and shift to increase the solid state double. No John Paul how much of roles is around his time let me tell double jet setters are already Syria expand that how much do you pay your center and hour. I notice anymore but he's grown up. It's crazy. These unaudited for the ailing parent I don't even pay your mother. I can do it like ten net and ado is about minimum he is with as Asia copy of Lee Peterson or less than ten dollars an hour. I don't know I had one consider. For the girls. In a as I thought I was paying herb Albert and later I cannot remember but I just remember coming in the next state telling you guys and you left it means and that is predicting I would think at least fifty bucks a night regarding ebooks are gonna resonate consist death. How many hours or attack mode to attend Alex Harvey of for 34 hours it's a long time ago while merely a case of fifty bucks for three hours I would say ten Dow rises in good. They're they have the life of your children in their hands are. Yeah this old epic points. Since its devise a what's the going rate for babysitting these nobody's paying less than ten dollars an hour Knoll bloody listening right now is paying her babysit for Valentine's Day when Nick Price gaps also did you think it should be 20/20. Years in power supply and demand nor am I going out. Yeah right a that's eighty bucks. If for four hours it's it's it's an even get a readout notch what is your last what a long time we're deal. Maybe not bases there are people Allentown Allen today. When you go out your double and your birthdays and AB mom and dad's birthday right and down Wednesday that's three times a year I dissect it. Understand what you're saying you're fighting for the labor union have babysit. I deserve a lot they're good kids but I remember being that kid. I was looking to afford enough money for a car short but really I wasn't expecting this exorbitant amount of money. I was OK with whatever they paid me I never had a baby sitter ask for more money we're censor list of the problem. We need to get them more money on but days like Valentine's Day everybody else is making on the deal the flower the florists. The chocolate company whoever makes a droplet in the car and fix everything up front. Why not the babysitters are part of this this. You know commercialization. Of Valentine's there babysitters included. Bucks an hour you think if you have a teenager right now you need to. To have. To have been scoured the neighborhood for who needs a baby sitter which won't take long and Valentine's Day and price couch and sorry but that's how America works. That's how this fine country works. Yeah me I'll I'll do it. I'll forego my my Valentine's Day babysit our league to a boxer argued. App but that's a.