Steps to achieving Work-Life Balance

Friday, September 8th

Implement I. C.A.N. and you will achieve the perfect Work-Life Balance and ultimately financial success

We "Cash in" with expert Christine Baker Marriage. Entrepreneur, Author and Time Management Strategist


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Regulations he vowed the seven figures podcast all the information that you need. Do dominate your finances and I'm your host and senior laden is seven figures is presented by Stanley first credit union. How bold educated team in our community that enjoys helping you live up financially healthy life. I'm healthy and balanced life let's say and that sometimes it's a struggle isn't it. Either you wish there was more hours in the day or you close yourself seeking a more dime. Any you mastered the words like balance yes I surely have not and that's why I invited Christine take your marriage and she needs more time and I can help turn busy and into productive. Well thank you so much for taken math taking the time how did it here with us today. I love that thank you for having me on sucks and it so I'm exhausted just reading through a half. And you have read today starting with a family. How many children do we have so I have five children I gather from the ages of seven meant when he three I didn't have. Or early on so they're my 32921716. And then I had a little bit look at. And I have a sudden you know as well amazing told him that they do infancy. Yes and now I'm at and where that's one of your jobs bets on us and mash up of a jacked up I managing although scandals began. The time they wrote the book and three business as I'm slowly carrying those down. And then hopefully by the new year only have one job. And applicant towards and that I do on Rex and Obama's comments and killed I'm also massage therapist. I'm a private practice and then I am also work life balance and just and I hope. People and onto the Norris businesses trying to figure out where they're losing all their time. Yeah they can become more active and more successful time is money right. How lucky we've been doing dad is it something that over the years of being a successful business owner and managing the family with. Love the ups and downs you've had in your life I mean you've. Been through a lot you lost your husband early on him was 33 and just yeah see you're single mom are. Good money years. At the same time it's still successfully being a business owner. No it's just a matter of will and you just keep gunman. You know having perspectives. You know a loss like that rilya and it sets of priorities. And how you spend your time. What you do with that was that you're turning point yet. Yep he. He was about to leave has a family business family owned business and pursue something that he really felt strongly about. And he never demeanor was able to. And so. That was the turning point for me because. You know we are very close and and you know I support him now. A 100% of course this knowing that he was able to fulfill his dreams really something must come to me that I have time left. And I need tips in mind. I've always loved the organizations find things and eyes of took me around my house still crazy the net there's certainly not a place for everything yet I'm getting there that's how we. Learned last week that it Sheila Kennedy that you're supposed to just in the race yeah a light is nasty it's a share as an I and then all week I've been embracing the mast for 23 hit her head. I'm in now not everything has been perfect in life those messy but. And having certain things that are important to in place and recognize. Helps you be more of yourself and other areas. You know that's I try and help to do. To be more productive so they can spend more time with their clients their customers and their family. You know where in themselves the word life balance is a struggle for every body and a some resent me once. Workplace violence is the cost. And to some degree. I can appreciate. Let your balance my bounce me totally different and and it's never going to be equal you know we're never I don't think I ever have 50%. You know harmony and keeps on where I'm in I don't think that's ever gonna happen but important. Part of the journey is to strife or because that's where we find their rich experience says that we find the joys that's where we find. You know the lessons if we just give up and give ourselves to work courts you know the children then there'll be and can lock. That being said you know boundaries of course are an amazing thing those are very hard to. To create because we want to please people we don't make people happy and boundaries and learning how to say no and learning how to do. Create goals for ourselves all play apart and and you know reaching that. He's happy so while I think yes you save us and it's like phone yet dove right but a warrant a situation that I do that yes they're right it there's more iron. Demand and pressure on us to be at every sports game never practice. Right. More demand and pressure on us at work because we're tethered. To work 24/7 with our found wrapped. You laid it out very nice and neat. Which I'm an organized categorize I might get B I can can you take us through these steps because we all can get better absolutely so. I was very sec a year or two ago. And while I was going all these businesses I was out of work for six weeks. Can not figure out how to get better I had the flu and pneumonia had my knee again I hit the bank had in I had all of these things just. One on top the other and kept picking up where. Canoes seemed totally didn't ask you can you can make all this where you know I have five kids at home and and what touring college but that's. It you know still stunned America right and then these three businesses and and I felt like everything's failing. And I had to figure out a way. I know. Psyche myself up so that I could get up off the couch and still be productive right. So nice are researching. And think well this at camp for the first time this has ever happened to start researching the ways that obvious has failed. Duck sounds like if I if I need to plan at this in the bud you know acutely I need to focus on all the ways that I think. My does this feel compared to statistics and Evan and I came across these four. Re occurring themes and that was on a burnout which has our DN and a sense of respect okay the second one was a lack of unique. Connection to your client or customer. People are looking for. Ways to connect with you and not your business they want to know your story they want to know here. You know background they want to know these things. And then not having that in connection with your client or customer. As such Joyce at times because they will. You put forth solace suffered until. Connecting with them and they. They'll they'll connect to right then they don't hear your story that don't know your wire whatever else they think we all can relate to that whether we own a business or not yeah. Lester for family suing us way. On every relationship spank them because you're not. You're not able to be present in the time you are sharing with people that live with him. If you are focused on your phone near worker. You know getting some made a practice or whenever and you're not you know Mac and a really let your guard down and connecting. Hustling running through our to do list right in our minds and definitely. I'm the third thing that I came up with was lack of automation. You know we don't know if you've done something once right the process down and say that I reinventing the wheel every time we try and do something. At Sutton dude I'm Inkster. I'm sucks the life. And then less thing was we have no idea maverick no plan in place no end game no. What do I really want to do with this business or where do I really went unbeaten 10 years with I am. We don't have a vols also play something good to be written in stone but to sic get an awareness around. Where we want to be so bad to all of the actions that we take. Lead us towards that. Because if we cannot know and game is and opportunity comes up there doesn't. Bring us towards. You know that and game that's which it may be a wonderful opportunity. And my nappy bank for us that opposite the boundaries and right I have to give a clear image yeah I absolutely so then. So once they figured out what those four main issue is where I want to create solutions and I wanted to be able to implement solutions. So that mechanic can help me run this incessant and went around. And I came up with I can because. I want to motivate myself that I can really still do as but also it's an acronym for initiate health care which went you know I since for initiative health care. Which would solve the burn out most basic. No bonds about a cow way to say you need to take care of yourself on both in distance and then you know at home. And that no create unique connections that's ends for the C and when you create your unique connections you're able to. Really. Talked that other person to create an impression with them to create a moment in time that they will remember you know I told a story in the book. Where I go to wegmans and I meet the I've been going to say migrants or twelve years. And there is this really cranky woman. Asked eight and will it feel. Rename the high on top but she's you know who you Lar you're dealt with that and she's really cranky and really miss about all the time and and I don't even know I mean I know her name now that I written about cuts in a second notice that and then there's this really tall man. Who's who's nice but I mean he's nice that's all I know about it. I am but then there was this one time it's just one time. I met Mike. And he was he'd tell me about how. On his neighbor has likes the same meat that I do in the exact same way and in can US appear on that. You know and that I mean within seven minutes I know who this man was coming grandchildren ahead. Is hard and firm language for 27 years I mean you know. So he made an impression on me and he was not afraid. Create that unique connection. It was he felt confident enough to stay in rural I don't care if you think and goofy. About it but. Well I'm slicing your Virginia bay Tampa accidentally hit. And and and I well I always remember him and I always go back to him when he's there and even if I don't stripping need. Telling me it take placement she's you know just because I enjoyed that interaction. To bring people liking Cree. And vulnerability. Yeah I think that's why. Podcasts like this are fantastic because no and this conversation. People can be a part of albeit you know one sided but they can still kind of XP in the current issue. I think you know faced acquire videos. Are really popular because people can see the bill you and see the mistakes and see the messy and see all of the authenticity. You know creating that connection. Is what's going to propel us in the future as far as the system of people don't want you know the the fake the shiny anymore they want the real summit next thing. To solve the lack of automation it was time to make this automate everything you know we talked about earlier. And that really does sell so many problems because when I luckily I did have. A notebook. A for each business so in the event that I was not able to be an error in the event might Katherine patent on a sale or whenever I can just literally handed no look over. That of all my automate a process is so somebody could take over and just read the directions. You know and how awesome is that that I don't have to worry about at. And take the time to try and teach somebody a business and you know three hours so that then that's a blessing in disguise firfer. Anybody even for you know say Hamas and this is what I do on Monday the so what I do I Tuesday so if she wants to go into prayer week. Somebody knows hey on Monday we needed aggression and Tuesday we need ago. In unless and you know I'm saying so and unless one is navigate your plan so that sentiment and you know navigate where you wanna code so that you know rich and famous you know where you wanna be and all the choices that you make will lead. Towards that now don't give Iran sometimes and eat it now and that's toys highlights messy right I'd. I at least you know a detour will still bring you twenty containment. I did I can because I think a lot of people are floundering and a lot of people want to do. Wonderful things of their lives with her small businesses are with the big businesses but with all of the business and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and Obama's to do some of the stupid you know little things that we. Still obligated through it and carry out we often forget. Dub foundation. Of what we really need to do at first street to juice. Amendment story I rather were in now do the morning show ending go on and do all those other things on the computer. Whatever in and very grateful for the fact that I can be home and kids get off the past and together 'cause silly thing my hero is in the office you're always working out is wreaking open. And I can get the idea of other regret until seven. I mean doesn't think we'll just track how many mention spend and blocked by for a day a diary and in holy crap I spend eleven time. Doing work stuff I did not even realized really you know that and I think the outcome of violence that via. I know for me to I get into the mine so well. Skimming temperaments. Ski yet when my amendment one or email yet and then don't make me look better to the boss if I end up this idea. And as mentally understandable so here's I am. Here's my name is something we both dias said the date is. Twenty for hours right and I denied that my life up. This consign really weird and super organized I promise that's a fact I divide my life up into three categories and it's and work on and personal. Okay so if there's three categories and tie for hours each category gets in hours. Right that's right math and it's a so ally yourself eight hours. I work today. I'm in if she can only work six hours on Friday may be a work an extra half an hour. You know the other four days or if you have to work on a Sunday morning and get up early Sunday morning for everybody can top its kind but still I yourself. Ask your personal time. I usually that to me means like 66 and a half hours asleep. ABC a block bloc that died maybe you know work out of whenever. Maybe some meditation time meantime whenever I decide to do thought those in hours and the rest they had hours on the. Yeah she's been meditation time with five kids. I if I don't. Have. There Mike Gillis at some kind of I. Yeah and it and does he know it's you guys and he expectation in the house like okay. The idea of a sign on the outside your door this is mommy mad to teach untimely now I usually get up. Before or bail outs cash and just you know. Tests that I consider meditation anytime. That I consent and just think not and at the end which is a beautiful thing as than I am so much are paired for all of the thoughts that will country oh yeah yeah on their brain a mine throughout today. Because it's closely what is one and now they. You said that you're turning all of this knowledge into another's side hustle in half coaching other people when it comes to time management. Underlying change that it's you've noticed with. All the individuals that you worked. Overwhelmingly people I think superficially people want. To be successful and being organized and and he. Be everything to everybody yes I'm OK and an early game then yeah right yeah but. Where we set ourselves up with that expectation. Is that we can't be everything to everybody. We can only be our best self. And so I think the main underlying theme that I found with my clients. Over the years is that they don't feel worthy of Essex us. So there are gonna be like what I'm going to be ever seemed everybody. When they failed that I'll see. Stephen I mean and then. So we self sanitize. Because our elect of south where. And if we can figure out that. And our personal goals you know that kind of thing not being everything that everybody that expectation to plot smaller. And the chances of success. Sky Iraq. We know does they go back to having that clear vision. I want you want absolutely. I tend to live by it. Two filters it's gonna make me happier make me money I other rise and it doesn't let those qualifications then it's just sighed knowing it's absolutely. I think that's a great. Way to kind of create hundreds if it doesn't feed view it if it doesn't figure purpose. And you don't need to thanks for the return and a festival we talked about work life balance time management we ball static gosh if there's only a a few more hours in the day. Epps and wood is the biggest take away the biggest lesson we can learn. I have to say. If you can consistently work the I can't them. I think he'll find that you have many more hours and your day you'll be reinventing their wheel you'll know exactly where you're going. And you'll be able to figure out pockets of time where you can take care of yourself. And create unique and actions he consistently worked that if you consistently implement. Time management into your schedule. Your life is can be so much richer and less busy. Consistently figures out consistently. Being authentic it clients that Stanley incessantly. Trying to shore up you're. Your process easier ideas in Cairo and the concerns. Simply burning birds in your goal needing and you moment. Nothing special mother of five I have never been as successful business owner and author and coach thank you sound like just this side. Health insurance is another hot topic next week all info you need to know about health savings accounts H as the days isn't right for you when you're family next week on seven figures presented by family first credit union speech you so much for checking us out on Rochester because dot com and subscribing and it iTunes sync Google play. Back to you next week.