Scott truly believes he is Van Damme

Thursday, February 9th


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And buzz they eyes on these kind of working out. Yes I saw a picture you are FaceBook. Thank you me and Bandana well. Yeah yesterday during the show during I think it before the shorter the commercial break and sitting over here I hear you mention. There's a picture of you on FaceBook where it's Robin and then back in the eighty's or ninety's yeah a club John plug bend them says and jumped out of home rob. I don't know reviews as a nickname rob Jon Claude van dam. Ram and it's it's a side by side and and his view and it's. You sit at somebody Photoshop is serious he has. I saw I heard yesterday during the show until last night sitting amid the scrolling we have mutual friends I see that Charlotte is there's the pictures on blood and dead. And then there's. Suzanne let's face photos. Not yield in direct. It's not your base to think he notes that means it's not as you legitimately big gives you the thought was yes. Again. Yeah. He saved it looks like me I'd be the Saturday get a taste LA and if you if you're trying to win SMBs and Javier probably part of it yeah amnesia. It's happening look how funny our friend Photoshop MySpace on the Bonnie. Thick. Ear lobes of my life lessons but you should know your own face. It kind of looks like my freezer and they think before the top half men under the bottom is not true. Isn't it. And. God he looks like me. Eyewitness. Do you want your nervous for Leo yeah you know your own thing that's my hairline it's my guy and it's a glancing. At it and you can use over and damn Smart. Mind Jesus. Dying yeah. That's not yet. He's into now we're I hung him out on the shot. I know is up a and actually though that the do the mouth what's. Only get married yet he thought that. Be honest you legitimately thought that I really doesn't talk radio I really know I believe the duo was how do you not know your own fees. Wonderful I would make that mistake. It's fun being SI net and look at just OK it's funny Photoshop while we're working at the time southern Iowa Republican. Physical doesn't use and look at look at those are my clothes hat's meet. I've got a double gang her eyes some dues she fighter from the ninety's I put the link the picture on he's OK live feed in the comments section. A I swear to god that was me thought I thought for drafted and I thought he'd Photoshop the top of my face I'm. High of looks like Q oh yeah okay that's okay for you to sing or for me to say or maybe even his wife's the same but. You should know your own failure us kids to look a it to move. With the it I would ask the day it doesn't even though is what it is. I got thrown off cousins and you. Dogs yeah I didn't. Put that on the scene and guys. Zoom. Now okay yeah and I applaud. Are you sure don't look I don't know like gotten yeah you know but. I mean hell yeah. Here's are different in the left side in the right side and Diana writes my hairline my ears my nose my chin might chaos in my eyes my glass is not you. Milo greatly and I know you instead your guy. Know some of our him. Right Josh after the heavy diet of eggs legitimate. Myself as he saw Ohio right now. You look lately and even pictures look look look look look look while the bulk constant for next year tiara. I don't club and done with yeah.