Scott locked himself in the basement

Friday, July 14th


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Yesterday. There was a guy who used to live right guys got stuck in an ATM machine ATM well that's right an ATM. Any of the past notes through in order to get out. It's 99 abuzz this is in on sandy. So ironically then that in my had probably psychologically deep down inside my skull. Good in my basement yesterday to get something. And I shut the door exit in weapons Dawes who darted to downstairs Crist in the downstairs. Jackie but she doesn't like to go up. Now the other way around that. Sort shut the basement door. And I go grab. Because getting dust mop. To back up stairs again in as a don't put my hand on the doorknob. That ATM. Machine repairman stock story. Flashed in my head for a second and hasn't turned the doorknob. And torched. I couldn't get out. I pushed a little harder. That I put my my fault on the door. And couldn't get out it's. I don't stock. It blocked. Because we had one of those it's like June tournaments ago little flap. That you pull up and leave you swing it over in the clicks down. It's like a lock up putting a Wacom handle okay. Terry yeah. While just accuses a burglar becomes into my basement windows president of glass block windows. It's just that little thing is getting Cuba berg well it's it's gonna keep the burglar from opening it quietly taking stuff in leaving NB have to kick it open. And so I'm like I'm very. I realize it was anybody how all that was home was my two dogs. Warning was in Syracuse. My sons are off working. My cellphone it's my kitchen my client side. Ha ha ha I'm breaking it immediately but okay immediately. Oh ha ha ha. Good. To break the news how are you breaking my down it's only like a burglar. A decline a future on house he put a little shoulder to him pop may be the trim off. Of the door jamb and stuff like Daniel back OK now you you'll try to do it in the movies it looks so we easy it just a home run in new. That's the door a little. Plastic I think they're gonna hurt your shoulder length and I we're talking about a fifty plus year old star hit the news your booty then bully pulpit. If you give your jacket that I would I think I would just ask when when is somebody do home I think it would just hang out the do Joseph wasn't. Do you get home till oh (%expletive) of 5 o'clock meeting after search decent Rochus you're only 2 o'clock last night. So this is about now known mid day. Milk alone in the basement and he can't do windows no. In the door is locked. Well the one window I tried to open and it's like it's never been opened before so much now the other windows guy Stockton like in those shelving. And I'm like I'll I OK so here's earlier that as are taken step up the shelving after checking the one window of and the signature series of things or bust open the door. I know how it's built in your writer rule on the trim or rule in the Dora that would be hundreds of dollars. OK and I I can't do that I can't I just can't do that. And I'm thinking and I'm think and then I'm free can. And then. I'm sit there. And because and so he DD I started doing stuff. I started arranging like clean and soap opera is a jeweled collar tool to turn the TV on what Stevie fell asleep. To the afternoon. But I look back up yet I go check the dark if still locked. Should. Wait I am like almost laughing. And as I was just about it busts in the and really true actually put Michelin through Europe's. I can't think he did the survival skills were talking about earlier you claim to just a little and literally now and it. The league leg really. Certainly so far right I its head on my. The Jim that I have done there. Do little it will push up things on the down and cannot turn the TV on I try to figure out how to turn the Xbox on back from tournament measured at a point. Yeah and he just came back in just when I'm about to break the door down here the door shut Jackie barks and Anthony my son oxygen my. And who you are. Sorry and wanted him happens I just locked out it's only been here for minute. Off a car. Yeah yeah hey I just did. On 121213. Hours three and half hours in the basement. Guys does it go and stuck in the basement all these years old Rochester new would be to closet you've been stuck yeah. The is that enough to people get stuck behind places I mean I have heard about getting locked out of your house. To me before our Atlanta house and I. Call our Sunni Brack where my car man. So many Santana called dad grab all the way up to Brack for those are your final seals kicking again. Well. I called one number. My fop. I'm surrounding. Newton and Newton. Glad it got by dividends that I just gotta say gal pal you know where acted like mr. survival over here you can't even get out of your own basement. And that I could. I just didn't wanna caused to our earthen dam to my right. Sort of survival skills eventually any sort of come home to get an app. That's survived the scare. She's irony at it's got to see that you know my body fat as soybeans Kissimmee to in some start don't know weekend items arrive you know money 222 buzzard or calls community hey advise. Or. Payable on a story about being locked in well. Well you're rare or don't well I. I got other unknown they're not all important but I'm sure. All open a beer bong yard. Figured out a new perch in the technical we got there and awed by the big brand acquitted and privilege to hammer you nailed it beer in the group. And open the wind up the door on The Who have like a lamp and the out but I. Hamas let us put an end ticket you're jumping the coup that I grew up and go 020 did you Langley and there is due in the chick in the weather chickens in the group at the time though they were now. Who's got the last word on this yeah. Bertha could. Certainly outside the cage who's like yeah okay and it is during its maximum. Oh yeah. Colleen that. But that Beckett and realized. Yeah I'm done in the boat but the only other nordic it now is only a well all right all of it is my big campus there right. Well like all the way break you know I have amor. My own or have a beer yeah yeah. Well I and that is that their respective realized well. In my way of an hour away agree to him in here for hours. Your world. At the. Well look around and edit well what what my driver do right now. I. The wire handle off of the little bit in water bucket. Spent that a little bit got a little little. Or seat parliament and hair Doumit added. Up the land property other girls on. Thought congratulations. He's got a minute and a half yeah three hour she should. They're out in the morning and didn't watch prison break for the rest of the afternoon it's. Your story broke you are right the G Bridgestone. Thanks bill. Hit a bit fatigued.