ROCovery Fitness: Sober Living Through Fitness

Friday, September 8th

ROCovery Fitness is a supportive community of physically active individuals brought together by sober living, committed to creating an environment of healing and recovery.   Members, friends and families are empowered to discover their inner strength and confidence through adventure, fun and camaraderie.


Join the ROCovery Fitness 5k and Family Fun Day

September 23 at The Longhouse Shelter at Seneca Park



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Big event happening September 23 I want you to put your phone rang out and put that dates in your found reserve that day that morning at least Saturday September 23 we're gonna tell you why its neighbors in need because so much again for joining me I'm seeing waters in in the studio with me today from rock recovery fitness. Yadda and Sean thinking so much thanks for having us married so we got a dinner found everybody has a phone in their hand right now September 23 of wiry Podemus stayed in what is the event. It's our third annual five K and cook out and family fun day. Where having. It's our annual fundraisers. And we do five came in and trail Orion and then it's going to be an I'll cut out event to really raise awareness about addiction recovery. And in the and then the sun and we can have when you get clean and sober okay. And now let's give in to bat it's a big initiative here and our common. Dedicating our airwaves. Tax help is much as we cat. Because it is turning into really serious problem and always has been a serious problem but even more so now. Jennifer fair enter has been amateur several times from and CA DD and she's on your board re seize on our board of directors. I thought it was theory interest staying and I keep you guys a lot of credit for even starting right recovery fitness which will get it into a little bit more but. The reason why you started this in the reason why you're so passionate about that's. Can we Syrian T your story a little bit. Turn yeah absolutely. On the recovery fitness really starter by accident and mean ya know we're at a point now our own recovery where. Word just really uncomfortable. Sense of dis ease. It was in that winner. 2015. And I think it was cold this winner I'm record Rochester. And I knew for myself I was gonna get outside move or I was probably and drink again. And so both communion on posted on our personal FaceBook pages that we're going to be doing a hike in a local park. And out of the ten people that showed up that day eight of us who weren't recovery. Win really you know notice the trend and immediately that we have we continue to do that and continue to do these hikes. On and it some work outs. Almost every morning and what we found was people on recovery were really playing this thing that we're we're starting. And more more people start to show up. And Yahoo! started dual research and she came across. A place called Phoenix multi sport. And they men and operations cents 2006. And essentially they do the same thing that we're doing here and their founders Castro has meant tortoise. All the way you know from. From. When mergers when these follow hikes although it until we outer building you know. And movies and we have. Jennifer parents around with us she does say. Your product of your environment the people you surround yourself with. You know she says if you have a gambling problem you surround yourself with those two share that its board drinking problem. So it. It makes you feel like OK and I don't have a problem because my friends doing it too bright moon so to break away from fat. This is the perfect way to do it. He had a death mean that appear community that shares lived experience you know being able to relate to one another. You're out our addiction and then term recovery recovery and some of those struggles. Known and unknown as high makes. But so powerful as an hour out there are. Working out together right now thinking of using it we're not thinking about. Some of the struggles were facing more connecting with others know it's sometimes a disease of disconnection. I'm in those connections can really. Be so healing. What was it like. How old were you when the addiction started because we got a dispel some stereotypes here. Non and the stigma that comes with it has it's totally different. And what we once thought it tippy. So I mean I first taste alcohol right around twelve. And become like a regular drinker drinker until. Probably a little bit after high school you know senior year in high school they're drink a little too much I recognize that. Brain think it had a problem because I was drinking just like everybody else and say he said before you start surrounding yourself with those people. And drink just like you do or used just like you do. So it appears as if you don't have problem right and I did dead for over a decade. Until the disease of addiction got me to the point where I was literally dying. Know what's your family like at that point can they know was this. They saw me as a hard working hard playing you know fun loving guy AOK until. You know it progressed to the point where I was drinking almost daily. Has lost that job at last that fiance had lost at home while you know I start losing things some legal consequences. And you know eventually they intervened. And immediately wasn't ready for it momma took real time my first. Few years of trying to get into recovery. You know I stumble and fall and pick myself back again. What kept you motivated. How did you finally after I'm sure your family trying to intervene several times but. What was that moment where you're like god thank heavens they did this or thank heavens this thing happened in my life because that really made me realize. No com. They say pain as motivate her and I and just had enough for the pain welcome and I knew who buy a experimenting over and over and over again. See if I truly wasn't at all it you know going back out there are mentioning that's going to be different this time. And it just ended the same wage. Welcome you know with me indeed tax or treatments manner. You know be on the same way as shame that guilt and remorse and I was just on one. Hand I was reading. And then what keeps you motivated is the people that are surrounding yourself with now. Yes so. There's this powerful has talked to pay more and gets a chance to look it up on the opposite of addiction is connection. And I think it's those connections that we made you know. You know Iraq every fitness as you know mutual support groups where we can find it does those connections that keep us over. Do you feel comfortable sharing your story on an absolutely. None. I started drinking alcohol hand using marijuana happy that the same as China and about twelve years old. He didn't move on to run some of the cycle up and taken daily taken this. Drugs until I was about sixteen and then cocaine at that time nannies and the AT and in 190. None and they come from a family units Enola could hand me there's no addiction and I'm in my life and lean. Hand. I had some some of those influence and say hang out with folks scamper pretty heavy into drugs and alcohol. And they were older than me and this and believe a little bit in school or made fun of you know saint we have friends there. On that all the wild remain on the addiction that you know we did well it was and then you went to school I went to college and you know even my two graduate school at and my you and I had a four point now. All right so on the surface there was no problem. We have for a long time may just trying terror really present there is some kind of I had it all together this chilling miles. And he's doing the things that you know normal people edge. That it is really like it double life. Because that. Yeah I mean inability to cope with just dated to me he known then knowing how to manage stress anxiety. I mean the only thing that's sort of then eased some of that pain in his drugs and alcohol. You know he's. We need to take out to the play anywhere around minus. You know taking an injury in going to a doctor for an epidural injections in my spank him just to get one the pills that they needed to. What did you know that man or use and I get a break and get a break that. Done. I do it to UniCredit law enforcement for saving my night. It wasn't a moment that you know I had where they monitor staff he got to the point Reagan wanna live and I attempted suicide. And but it wasn't until I am I had several run ins with law enforcement. In Kenneth face saying that that and ground where can get away from the consequences. In there really changed my life. What advice would you give his as a parent of two kids who won is just approaching teenage years. It scares me to death that both these guys care and am. Normal households. It you know you're good kids you're good people. But that happens what what advice would you give you their parents wire kids themselves. He would face every kid is an open conversations. Continue those conversations. In. You have an environment where. Kids could come in and talk about some of those things with parents because a lot of the time there is that stigma. Immunities are hatched Hashemi and talk about he sings in just saying no. On anything you know from Nina and Darren different things they just saying no home was in an effective preventative measure. And so I think exposure to. None what so reliving them even fairy no does that it could be clean and sober is fun and interns don't equal the could turn him. The end when I was younger I didn't equate sober with fun I know that's not the truth now on yeah. But I I always tell I I run the battle buddy program over the veterans outreach and I told veterans that come in there. It's so important that you build your team Tom when when your reintegrating from the army back into civilian life and and the same thing with teenagers. If you build your team when you're preparing yourself to go out there into the world. And you have you know people that are successful people that want to motivate you people that are are pushing you up rather than pouring down you can succeed and I. You know they say you are who you hang out with mum and you see that as the case with teenagers you know when they get in with the wrong crowd. So I mean teenagers are listening out there I would suggest that you start building your team now. No need in the school's senior need for education for actual programming. Around town early prevention. Term. To help folks connect says safety is in and just be so where you know so aware of because deep cuts in important you know. A rock covering fitness. You guys I mean this is just an amazing. Effort that you guys have put together you know you're helping each other stay clean. Two guys need. Funds don't choose to. This is a drive them to stay in business so one of the ways that you guys came up blitzer raised the money that you need to keep going. Is this five K and family fun day so Saturday September 23 in Indy is so important is this when he your biggest fund raising efforts. It is it's our annual fund raiser it's our our big one for the year aren't we hope to add some more as we grow. Mom so that we can add programming and keep it free for our our participants and all our activities are free. At the center or outdoors. And we can donate any time right he had any time on our FaceBook page there's a donate button our web say. Our recovery fitness dot org staff I listen America which and it may first we opened a sober. Active clubhouse at 1035 do we have a new. You every little bit held some. Something like ten dollars helps to get someone out on that kayak you know in in really. Potentially change their life by exposing them to these healthy fun activities. And look who we expect from this day the 23. I think a community coming together. And just having fun and just showing you know peoples that. Recovery sobriety can be fun everyone knows what edition looks like not to make people realize what recovery cannot buy. All and we're here to show them that it's a very positive thing. Bunch of successful people getting together having a lot of fun again. Nearly family oriented Nina there's going to be faced gaining in food tracks and I'm workouts for kids because we've really that Sean mention it's free and it's open to anyone with 48 hours of continuous sobriety. We wine and encourage family members and community supporters say teacher Linas. Because that teen son talked to that doesn't just include in their recovery community is that could be isolating. We need to re entry. He still. She'd get there's a stigma and McCain do you personally faced that. Stereotype. Absolutely. We've had a number of situations where. I'm one of those examples as I hiking group just a public group they get together and makes regularly. And we've reached out tend to see if we can't and enjoying their headaches. You get reaction me that was a lot of hesitation. Mainly very very gently asked to not share the locations of these hikes with our members. An and I quote he said don't me. I'm break into cars in and steal things and they don't do well. Yeah before we had our space we're going around to local Janzen trained to. I'm just get a space Hui to work out our folks and it was a local jam. And they said that they really didn't want our people there. Are people brain. You hear people hope there inches. Educate people meanwhile we're here working out sober if you only get such an archaic way of thinking millions still that's the struck out. Now it is it's still like this I send them meaner these like folks over there that have this drug problem. And then the people that are you know productive and and good people. Reminding everybody they had a four point. You know how much. The five KM family fun day event Saturday September 23 please be apart of it you don't have to participate in the. By you don't want to be part of the day itself frame. If you want to participate in the five K jump online and Jack and registered we still have time that we can register voters who you can register now live from. Back and abrasive at Seneca park along house shelter net benefit part it's a rock covering fitness saying urge you to learn more about it. And the wonderful things they do for the community and how we need to keep them here in Rochester to help. On each other so if you wanted to donate please feel free to do so but what's that over time if FaceBook you know that. WWW. That wreck everything just outdoors and I'm things but it's just typographical. Into you know.