Questions you need to ask when building a house. Cash in with expert Rick and Jakie Kartes from Stonehaven Custome Homes

Thursday, April 20th



If you own your own home and you remembered the day that your real teacher or your builder handed over the keys it is a day that you will never forget. Who is really being the ultimate American dream right you pull in the drive way and you look at your house. And you think this. Thing is my house. If you have yet to build a house floor it ends in your future and there's some things that you should know out there are things you need to know in and ask the builder who is. He's starting the process of building a house to make your near an honest to build it. He's seventy years I'm skinny water is so much for joining our type cast their weekly podcast. In the cold here is just to be. Smart with their money and I think we all want to be smelling their money could save a few. We make mistakes right in the week gas is set herself up for the past financial independence which means you work. Because you want to work now because you have to work. To me walking get there. But along the way we need to be Smart with their money so building a house let's specifically talk about that there's a cost effective way. To do wet so we bring in cashing in with our experts Trace in Jesse Curtis from stone haven custom homes. Been in business for nearly thirty years thank you so much for joining us. Let's get rated to read here to stay on the path a financial independence we get to be Smart with our money along the way. We have to make financially sound decisions. And it's tough. But we need to live by the rule of living within our means even below our means so when we're talking about buying a home building a house. Look at that up pretty hefty price tag what is the most cost effective way to do this because it's so easy to be wowed by the staging of the model not to mention. Every builder has a different list of standards you know granite counter tops kidding with this base price and it didn't come with this face prize how hard is leading paying out. So oranges a cart when you look it different builders and getting prices from different people are they this seems standards are you doing right and Apple's. Apples comparison her apples to oranges and it makes that's why they're sent okay. Iced I think that a lot of times with people I don't realize is they go in and they talked to a builder and they find out that there are certain standard features are common now like I amenities like say grand. But if you don't have the workmanship to put those materials together. At the end they don't look that great and so I think what a lot of people don't stop to think about when they build houses. When you're going Tor model. You want to make sure that when you walk into their motto. You're looking and all these beautiful things in this in this model looks so pretty day. The person that did the work on that model is a person that's going to be working in her house because I know that there. A smaller amount of builders do access but through the years that they'll have different contractors work on their models and they well. I'm Greg and the house is that their buildings so that casino that's their show piece. So is it something that we should it make sure we ask when we go into an open house I think that a good sign. Is to find out how long he has a relationship with the contractors are working for a because I think that if you have a contractor that has a lot of turnover with contractors there's something to be sent. Our other areas in the house that we should invest a little bit more money. I would say planning on. In the near future. Racked groom or something yeah basement you might wanna do that rough openings for the cloning for feature bathroom. Once employers poured. It's a lot more costly to put a grand openings for cloning. At that point and it is secure before cabinetry. Not necessarily count our task is very easy not be lifted off and changed it at certain point blank but can't answer something you're an eye on it in style and we got minister Donald. But counter tops exe you can't quite get the extra money to do that granite countertop you really want it. Different like aligning for now only. The year two years three years later take that up and put that grant in our ports or whatever I'll answer this you might have at it. I mean that right there we'll see you good chunk of money to put into something else exe on I have nice trim or. Different types of daughter's. Always try to focus on something it's easy to fix down the road instead of something that's completely market elect. I can't can't it is at the eighteen so it cost a lot to renovate occasion where you know got you now. Good cabinet in now and then just think about changing out different aspects but the counter top hardware or amenities like get an. Hit it with flying Amy can do a vinyl flooring. Rip dad often input hardwood down and not or tie okay whatever you know type of flying on this Ian. But it's not something you have to do when you build its. Looking exterior. About house how hard is it to modify the exterior of the house because they know we have her throne with options of okay citing caller and you want to shake citing due out stole and his that's popular now is this down. If I friend is always bend teased kind of spend the money outside first boat okay nobody notices you know what were you doing in sci. But outside that's what everybody when they're driving by with the CE. So if you want to put extra money someplace pretty and he has heard change leader it is. Are we even have a box colonial. But if you Dunning in nice colors the wider trim little accent of Stoner and that's gonna give you more oh wow look at that pretty house. We never take a course in home buying their home building so we can just learn from each other in from our own mistakes. Which leaves still I'm sure a lot of misconceptions about the building process where is the biggest misconception. That you've seen. And throughout the years that you've been doing nest I think. One of the misconceptions would be that I think that when your when you go to work a home builders sometimes we knew what when they'll send you to where they down. Where they sell their. Fox Simpson. In fixtures. They'll think that are spending too because they'll go to a big box store and they'll find a faucet that looks exactly like I admit I thought it might big. 75 dollars maybe a hundred dollars and lots off with they had sent. We live in Rochester Rochester doesn't have ever any national builders these are all and he builder that. Builds in the Rochester or is relatively and a national scale small raw small. Business owner so in order for us to be in business. We have to have company is an example Matthews in fields. That. Supply small bills and when when we go and we buyer products from. Somebody like them see you or vendor that sells Fossett's. We're spending more money for that possible with Jeff fox. We have a salesman. If prosecute warranties. It gets delivered there's a lot of studies provide the service behind the product OK because you couldn't you can't if if if builders had to depend on the big box. The supply them in ambient is he couldn't you have to because they don't they don't serve issue. The race some of the smaller. Can't yes I think that a lot of people go there and they think that there are. I am I paying you know I picture acts again that he's really taken advantage you know I yeah I you charge you mean this much it's yeah boss. Look at everything that channel money to get and he said that Fossett is really not the same Fossett. Those spots it's safe delta makes a faucet that they it's out there all of Delta's Fossett that the south they back is a little bit different. They're when a person might need plastic inside instead of Matta. Okay little thing that they adjust to sell it at that big packs okay now here yeah let's say sell to. Now I've worked with Don messer flooring a lot. In May said the same thing you can get these Armstrong is is a popular name that everybody house. You go to a store and you see Sean must be god bulletin it's a specific Armstrong made for that tiger arson OK and so they aren't yes same kinda deal and I don't think the general public really knows that they think all of this it the same process Ken how much can you negotiate with the builder and and I yeah there we had a real there's different a dead depends how they approach. Company either pricing really so it's hard to say like a lot of people going in a column negotiate this off negotiate that op. It depends what their profit and what we say to make sure we are getting that honest person who's selling us a house rap. Wait and the only the only thing I would say is I think that you need to compare the pricing can look at talked to more than one builder. I think that you need to. You'd like Jake you said to have brought freshness compare pricing dog I don't. I don't think anyone really and I'm a dole I don't think any largest gold the first go where they talked to I think that you need to get a second opinion on everything. But again it's hard to compare apples and apples because. One builder might offer. The granite. The ten foot ceilings this that the other thing as a standard. In another dozen but yet the price is right as to how do we navigate how do we compare me to that you have to. Look at the standard features. In net price point yet are they what is this builders but that though there's. Yeah to a lot of homework you'd have to do a lot of home yes the gas get references his. I mean is every bill they're gonna satisfy every single person be so happy now that's a perfect well it doesn't happen. But overall generally you should be able to go in get references. They are working in how the relationship was with there. And usually. That'll keep you looked good framer preference of what you're via yet comfort level to and we knew this and it's an emotional purchase. And if it's a big dollar amount per yes so you have to be. Confident in. Your bill there and having good relationship and feel good about. Is get the angle of everybody wants to have that. Dream house or they're you know house that makes them feel good built. They wanna be able to have a working relationship that they're comfortable with to get to that point. So that the outcome means is that half. Again I tell everybody this and this is just for them it's for me make sure that you have everything in writing you never assumed things. I can I do you can have an honest Spiller. In an honest customer and then in May interpret something to suffer. And I've hit it we've had ample laughs from people assume. I'm licking an example I'm now on a blueprint you need to look at the standard features were offered from that builder because that you could look at a blueprint in my shall fireplace. What doesn't mean you get a fire. Might show that in my show an archway that side of trimmed out well that doesn't mean you get there you the architect just drew it out right hey Ryan asked the architect. In the builder to separate companies so the architect my cell that planned to four or five different builders so he generalize and news. When he and its amenities into that plan. It did better more cost effective because that's what we that's so let's order goal is here to be much more cost effective. Is it to work with an architect one unwind and get exactly what you want on your house or is defined in existing plan. And then work attack. Tell you better find an existing. A back and in an hour you can Josh somethings from you know a groundout but it I mean it's gonna be hourly rates of the architects spending time on and a guy and that's just Morton money answer mom where you find an existing plan at parity. Meets your needs perfect Ari but he got that paper you just have to by the plant where. If you line to find an existing plan in May be not fight a little. That's more cost effective but the most cost effective we Ayman parity existing. William have to compromise on some things probably. But what and when I think him. With bets that I would say. Probably 10% of the people that bills. If found a plan to change. Most everybody changes something dumb thing whether it's moving indoors and the little change. After nine structural have been none structural. Sometimes it council a Kansas. Changes it to the world over the Reuters. But he archway a little bit smaller. Okay radio that's a little bit longer. But if it's anything structure rule or. If you're moving exterior walls that he'd be the Arctic gas. Now let's talk about briefly here before we getter return on investment. Spot building do you a lot of people who buy a land and then spot build on it or are more people looking for that neighborhood to delve I think didn't. Lately it seems like we've been hearing a lot of people that have their own line they bring it to any advice she can give. Today those two. Find the perfect spot on and idle land and then bill. I think one of the biggest mistakes people too is when they purchase a lot they don't care professional involved soon because they think that they go all in the purchase of they don't really understand what they're buying. When you look at alive. Not all lots are equals will say that you and you're looking a lot and it could be even in the same track that there's one not down the street and you know. Maybe your friend that bought that lot say they. In new thinks you're thinking well my must be worth 30000 well maybe. That I didn't need as much earth moving Don on that maybe that lacked. If it's in this area where they're sucked X maybe that allow her better than a lot that your purchase so. A septic system can range anywhere from 5000 to fifteen to 20000 dollars suddenly find out what to who do we I Linkedin we either have to a bring a builder and OK talk to that might know more. More about the area and developing. Or I think that you need to get and surveyor engineer and and he nearer that would take a look at it and tell you what your going to need unmanned and that particular piece of property. At the end of the day what is wire cost effective he can get more out of your money doing what spat building or an existing neighborhood I ordered it a lot I don't think there really is I'm going to use on. OK many factors to determine at a that. And I think what drives Dax is more where people want to be like how you personally eighty they're looking for anything they want Ambien and neighborhood and they I have a better chance. A building with a builder and a certain track. Okay where if somebody wants meeting our pricing mannered. They don't have kids to worry about that they can't neighbors. They might look for a lot. I think it depends I don't know that there isn't more the fact we do it is again no matter what you still building you still need to remember those cost effective. Things like that acts of course appeasement maybe you know fireplace can you ox the fireplace and add it later in what. Being said he still open to see. Would be the same either way. And that's a perfect way to Segway and lead us into our return on investment you've dedicated to investing your time into this podcast. And we appreciate it so now we give you your our ally your return on investment would be that one thing that. We can take away and start doing today or at least seriously considered. Today when it comes to building a house increase. Mean no what you want to do. No we you wanna do that way know what products are interested in them more educated you can get and only nine building. The batter it's going to be eat. So I think it just invest the time to take that extra time to learn as much you can about it. Before you sit down and start meeting with elders then you're more at heeding understand what they're talking it's okay and it's now. Well how is this week more than me. Thought it was going to be it's part of every search tracing out how much each house in that neighborhood sold for. Is that part of the process or things of value and neighborhood itself. Am sure it. Okay in the research and the builder make sure they're good and honest and your. Utterances you know you drive in their and it gave it maybe somebody here is how morneau on on Saturday and he asked apps to. You're asked to have the courage to stop and ask the name because that is going to be your house weight faster. Absolutely. Always have to ask more than one person because you know I've learned a long time ago. You know I don't care who the builders of power. Here's you're in and got everyone's going to be happy all the time and I'll even say that I've been in business for 27 years. And I can tell you the no matter what you do. You're not going is harder you try there's going to be somebody that you might not have. Fully please so we knew going to a neighborhood you can't just ask one purse yeah you know I mean so you need to get the links tour or three year four and in annual dinner at an idea what the pillars well now what he if he cares how he treats people how the process in his. It's all about when you're building a house I think it comes down to building with somebody that relieves York's trucks. I think that you need to look at their process like when we build. When people build with a us. One of the things we started. Probably fifteen years ago is that we made sure that knowing we would not put the shovel in the ground and took everybody had everything. And that was true part number one and made our job easier is that we didn't have to weigh in I mean the purchasers. Mardy minorities it dating scene jury and the the process. They were less stressed. And that's what this really all about I think that we even learned Czech can't learn that if you can keep. The stress level down keep the communication. Hole and then I think that on both sides is going to be a more enjoyable. Process in the end that's what it's all out at all about this is going to be your home this is something that you should enjoy. It's something you should be proud. I tell everybody that 150. Years from now. This is something that you create these are your right this house is sitting here because it please you or thought. You wanted it here maybe someday somebody will look bad in no researcher. As we do it all the time. We look back on Yahoo! and when we rehab house as we find out who built there have been widely that food always of their life. And that's really what having a home. Means you have people who and what we do all of whom thought love and perfect. He said Rick Jackie Curtis from stone haven custom homes thank you so much and debt next weekend seven figures we're going to die in student conversations that we need to be having with our kids about money. Setting does not her financials assassins next week and seven figures.