The photo everybody is talking about

Tuesday, August 29th


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Say it wouldn't say it to San. And then you follow it here and I know just what it. Guy yeah. I don't northeast of figuring out the buzz FaceBook page and tell me and then you can woman. He's not in love. A man you've rescued her. You're feeling you her husband. So this story is here and 99 about this. There is an iconic photograph coming out of this horrible hurricane in on this is a rescue. Of a mother and a baby on the tenth being rescued by game. Some they're just look Dudley mr. military stud boy does this officer yeah last Friday's winners with his cam old you know and you know hands in his green shirts and his bulging muscles. Carrying this mother's. In his arms and the little briefing is swaddled on checks this little fist of yours and companies actually sleeping. Just a sweet and I think you know it's it's good to know if she's okay in the baby's okay. That. Sounds is that she will never forget this in the face she will never forget the feel of his four arms that. They'd pick. I know. Whatever it is and he's actually did this cause they were all rescued that the mom the baby in this the husband had a military guy picked up from continuing Kerry Kerry I'm. Armor yeah brought husband's a Villanova got. Asian navy guys little boy I don't captors went after his belly. He left. Jerry is leg just this is the picture of the storms are filed by Kia. How would you feel. If you were her husband had some humiliated. Every time you do something wrong. In there had some women who shall think about in New Jersey navy seal biceps guy right you really need to do something on Jesus could always have music it is. In it is a real thing where women fall in love with their OB GY. When there. Going through the process of him and creatures the rain and the I don't know styling I have a female doctor and I'm in love with army she's beautiful and I love her putt. I may in saved her campaign and liking. In his very good he's very good looting why can't she walk. As my question she has those well they hunter boots earlier boots and some kind of rubber boots on and it looks like the waters may be up to their shins I mean he's not trudging through shoulder deep water. And she's never broken leg with a ball stick it out what what's the point of all this happening now. Baby baby in the arms carried them on the baby deceived. That's a little excessive. Lead and it is still not. Found. Let's go for it. And is is heroism but Michelle and I. And it does the husband was like Connie just walk into the day to carry me walk and then also in the military swat guy scoops her up. June and I'm after the rescue of around navy suit Illinois. About bulging biceps. And moderate Arabs. And my camel ads that Larry dream shirts and caps and I saved the day yes. She isn't just a moment that you are regularly. Oh would do that. There. Is very well blather all safe and the husband and will never live this down upload or download yet. Think you.