New hit song called Astacio

Thursday, July 13th


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This just in Britain goes burden. Breaking news here is bulletin stop the press. Do you that we are judges has now officially been released from jail measured. And kind he called it. They she's gonna come out in the regular honey jail that's not a thing where you come up the stairs it's over a component there and definitely we all know. Soledad the stairs and then blame over there I have never once seen. Policy director corn RC revenues in the corner LA area and I eat out I'd been in and out of there a bunch of times. Delivering cakes with files and so the idea that it. Thumb up what you call that that is predicted that she is coming out of this one door that the cameras are set up their normal on thirteen and thirteen lamb. Was also ready to see are ready to advocate is ready for the perfect she just ambulances. That's. And every stock about it and what does she deal. I say about an hour ago. Not even. She's gonna come up through the loading dockers and the like dead it and you Mac does the back door to jail he went one way out. What did she do. She did it again Norma that thirteen lamb what's up Norman tells what's going on. Yes I've just moments ago legacies yes that's CEO was whisked away in an SUV. I away from the Monroe county jail originally the plan was and we were told this by the Monica I sheriff's office. That she would walk out these doors and updates of the Astor case here. Where her SUV was waiting where family member was waiting. But a short while after that happens the SUV pulled back and went down the side of the building to decide. Entrance of the jail and that is where judge Astacio. Left from she had a bag of belongings with her she was wearing a dress. She said nothing to reporters she said hello sunshine too poor family member inside of the SUV. That is indeed endorse shots and she was an installation meets the media as she came out decided to. Here where some of us. We're waiting. Girl. I do all that and zero driving it in the wrong direction and then get congress moving buildings. I was on this situation it's not Boehner know. Paul. Does it includes an OK and no one will ever need you to bring you can ruin your career is aliens will be key. Bomb recipe and hopefully I get to add an outstanding on the other side understands. The very beginning here in nagging worries some 13. Yes this year's past it's got your vehicle. You ran Julie mom people how good your hobbies feet. Go. This guy ZE jaguar in a tie up plus on your game you see just Joyce applaud your. Games and sealed.