Neighbors in Need: Kiwanis Club Chili Cook Off

Sunday, January 29th

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Thank you for joining us again it's neighbors in need I'm CD fighters in infamy today is I'm Drake had been and from the kiwanis club of arrived equate the annual chili cook off event. Again no we are here how Larry thank you so much for joining. I have from Macs are we doing great things very much for having us arm absolutely at any time so here's are we talking only say annual chili cook off. The chili cook off started. I'm. Well twelve years ago well I honestly folks who is been going on pretty good and and won't be focused on we try to do is surface for me to. And and and the events started. With a couple people coming together you know couple club members sharing. As expanded and expand its one we have our borrow less who had 24. Are recipients are shooting threes here. In over. For 300 people come and tasted chili and participate so it's really a family event aggrieved men. If you think you're good cook its base tests. I SM OK so let's first get the date out of the way here let's give it in our found. What is the date of the event. It is going to be Saturday February 18 got up and down. The if you're going to Coke police come and about. About 3 o'clock. Are if you're going to come in tees Chilean Mino of the contestants. Posh OK at four OK and and you know be more than enough Greece food to its case via. When president as far as our house attack and the firemen have been have been great partners with four or. For this and now this new year is. We try to look for is people appear with so so I was donations a lot of that things are given them or Perkins from the community. So it is the recipients of tests. Different every year that the league it's different every year okay. So can you mentioned some of the recipients this year or do we not know yet. Yet this year or problems firemen pick. It Kessler park our farm burn unit. Okay at at and got sonong and the phones there is to children yeah. Qantas is for kids and then it's kind of saying. Carl we tried to serve. My serving kids. And that things are make his life better so here's usenet too big so we don't look at you out. Burnt sienna. Bomb because as you know not being here is whether tomorrow our drug dealing arson we are tomorrow arsons from fires. And accidents. Or. Here's kids that African burn it we're hearing too much about lately right in the ending and there's a and there's a camp. Other effigy here. That. Where the kids from Darryl can turn on come together and now. And get togethers so. There was because that's how focus so I'm okay you know it's ending camp is put on by a is that my cancer so will we know about it. So other charities. We know about is that that they say come help us. And we feel that we can help and we picked them in. And him and he has a lot recipients in that we move on says. It to someone else small small steps to to make big impacts. Wonder if our am without Andrea Evans from the co lions club of Iran to quite talking about the annual chili cook off. Twelve years so was this a twelve year this is the thirteenth year. This I can't judge I I. Am Ecuadorean I don't know if these experts and went. Public but it's it's is over twelve years his account for awhile. Wherever they are yet it feels like her rapist who has. I think going back any deal Livan are running quite you know. This is a staple. But if you don't we gonna run according does that mean you're not invited so please come out we encourage everybody to come out. It to the annual chili cook off so 24 people typically participate but now we're looking for 3030 shafts fit and we can still get it right. Sent pseudonym so up and so Z via a data for. I'm so taking we see it all well OK and so it is so we know it's a fun time. It's not a lot of while crews are gonna have fun in Milan fund people. If you don't really neighbors this is gonna meet them. No wonder Francesa yell at but let's walk through the day so we get here. At what time again and then when we would we see we we experience. As it is the participants are gonna get to appoint present our house which has about 55 V Europe which is our office are there any contract extension. And and they're gonna command in their bonus or bring. All right if you wanted to spy years Chile via it's something special. Special sighing now we exit ever wanted to name. Paying their chili. I had creole bark and no one year problem you cook yourself and love cooking you dinner you can tell love eating too. But but but but couldn't comes with a with a very special passion on Iraq's. And it and one year it could this grapes are Chilean it's what's it called cool will be great. And that put some nice because Coco gives a nice rich flavor. And it to the spices but he turned it black Stiles act. OK so I'll call this volcano crit. Hours are up by but I but I went there when artist Judy. That is sorry if it was great music categories then he we have been okay categories we have. By the judge's choice but to keep this very spicy chili OK I won that one year this chicken chili. With some great vegetarian chili is much of a carnivore. I am IT some great right here and there yeah I might not be too bad okay we'll also professionals chances you're if you're restaurant. And you wanna participate and come on out and I know. Oprah speak we you know we can't. And that I just just awesome name of the rest argued accident but. First responders risking the chief police chief of fire okay first responders are ambulance. I used to come home and mutually compete with via the chiefs of it that's that's area. Has to wonder about what is the admission to get in or six hours written it is sad we got to keep locates in the twelve Petri. OK so your family you looking at you know and mom and there's two younger kids in just come on now so it is it we try to focus on spamming yeah and and and that's the main focus of the event. Something fun to do plus also though it goes to a good cause so if you want to throw in a few extra bucks. I'm sure that'll be five break him because it does go to a good cause but different recipients every year with the annual chili cook off. Who sabbatical minus club of around equating and it's at the fire and it Point Pleasant but and now be the time again if you're just joining us that time again have the big annual chili cook off is. The 148 Pia. Okay Ford to aid. Families welcome bring. The more the merrier on either other activities going on during or is it pretty much let's just focus dining habits and good chili. You we have some new and we had simply Vincent that's for kids rule will probably have some some more. This year. But it goes so fast and there are so many people be now talking and having come and I. I can't disseminate any time frenzy it's it's about the it's a good vibe there. In this year again exceeding get a chance and you just joining us ground without injury cabins from decliners club of around quite the annual chili cook cost. Did Tate again of the event. The dating game is Saturday every eighteen. OK so that's coming up it's coming up that's coming up so get that in your from Saturday February 18 from ports eight at Point Pleasant. And and it's the chili cook off what. How do we reach out you for thinking OK we we have. Through the first base stands that you wanna go to is the is our website okay and is just simply chili cook cough. Add quietness run equate god or Amtrak Pacific took off at one is running quite bad award. Or you can give a call to I mean five. 3366029. Okay and nine and we'll take registration is there. My so we have registration form that's up on mine even through out or just somebody set this to me email. Is suing him I wanna inner. Time and this is is Chile category that I wanna participate in and we could ago so we try to keep it simple. Okay wonder file. And and how many people do you have now signed up are we still are we we still assigning a guy who's so they appears I think we're reporting by ten. Okay Bob heard from men and and wonder fellow OK so we welcome liar participants. To show lockyer Chile brag about how great your family recipe is at the annual chili cook off event if you need something to do with the family. On February 18 that's this Saturday. You know we'll sometimes get an error in front of after a long work week we just chill or we clean house or do something that is so mundane and boring. But this is a fun thing to do with the family to go to the annual class club over on according annual chili cook off. February 18 48. We have Andre here with us talking about it in you is do such great things at the Qantas club. Of Iran to claim right besides there's above and beyond a stone him. Yes we we do an Internet and then go back to NC when your question yeah I'm of the past recipients are on that we've awarded. Has been American diabetes okay. Autism up. I race syndrome. I've got Osama Children's Hospital. Com. And nine and another one Imus charities so. So loose so we've been pretty delegates are up. We actually we're blessed borrow a run plays a great community first and I don't know that. Our area airman their economy is great. My home is in Iran or its agreed is a great place. And in our club world of course been nonpartisan. But we focus on. Things are looking up so we've raised down. Under of prison Vinny is as Zito. The service president over to 50000 dollars the dollar solace in there and my we've helped me we constantly. Provide our resources for mercy house Oklahoma's helping feed. How big he's dead it has been. Bombed feet he Turkey. There's a Thanksgiving meal be served over. It was over 14100 meals this year mild winter has donated to turkeys this year is a year we have people donate. The resources we so we delivered. Throughout nerve pounding. Well over fourteen and 14100. Which engine needles that and we've had we will reach article on his club of rounder Craig how many. Core members are we talking about that you guys put on this team. We have about fifty Korman okay are so and so we're we're small club we have Danica. A big and a big impact and and what we tried to do you see is in kind so it's it's not about the money but if you only. Clothing store. For example when you wanna give to the median and and then we maintain better arrangement of the thousand dollars go French story view your Palmer. And you can help out I mean his charity. That needs new borrowers in new cameras so. So those are the kind of things that we've been part of the focus. Are and what we try to do is. He is focused on organizations that mean did you mean that you know. Or arming me now on where this means is the sojourner type. So journalistic organizations. But the focus is using toward kids toward people need a kind and and we're going to do some volunteer organizations there's no paid staff. There is no paid members. And and it's it's. And you guys Lara. Just a really. Good group of members at decliners club that really gets its way you do it right to step as it is now on others. It's September and October we have the Kennedys who ran into local office at a pancake breakfast so. EUP if your Republican Democrat he'd come to bank Egbert. Breakfast he can meet hundreds of of of people are in the face to face if your candidate. An and and that's what we try to do so yeah so we tried try to give back to via. News of the candidates for pancakes and observed so it's fun to see you know you can always ten minutes north of Baghdad he makes. You know he's very very sweet you know. He knows that if he knows that I thought thing I have no idea yet has yet entertaining community in Iran decrepit yet you have people all around conference the annual chili cook off it's been how many people do you have feelings coming in individuals growing amazulu he's 300 people latch on how resorts so it it'll we get him cook a lot of chilly and it's. You can easily wanted to crock pots. Navy to consistent spring and a bit little. Tasting cups and you look it's a little cup but. By the union youthful image out yeah you know I never put in there have at it typically go so IR Rajon they've every time. So it's it's. Bring the family it's February 18 ad decline is kind of a radical right posting there and you well for her. Decades and you will chili cook off a van and trade let's go over would be. The specifics in the details again just a just in case somebody's joining us. Mid interview here so the date we said February 18 Sarin interpreting it he went to be a part of it if you wanna cook chili and show off your family recipe. Then just reach out on the website right. Wrecked its chili cook off at wanted to run it right that sort. Per affects. And then and a of course it's it's just six dollars to giving you can give more than that because. Under several recipients that it always goes to a good cause charity obviously. And an in some of the charities this year are is going to be a test and burn and trauma center. One problem and palace on handouts and wonderful OK so we bring the family we enjoy a so much Chile. On February 18 some HE marketing your frowned. In its decline as club of Rochester here interested in the club itself just jump on the website to learn more about it and I'm sure you're accepting donations throughout the year right from the great things. Accepting donations throughout the year and also accepting members concede on the be a member of our Randy Quaid. Rescued okay so if you if you if you went to become a member agree clock c'mon don't talk love in. We meet every Wednesday 12 o'clock. And that's energy use restaurant right across. From Hudson and down in news good times of a different speakers. From from our representatives. In different forms of government we of other nonprofits can speak if you have gotten interest. And if you read a book. You you come around so. So we have a lot of variety. Of speakers at twelve noon Wednesdays. And AG's and and and of course all that goes to tilt in Kensington hoping. The people in the. Wonderful thank you so much for taking the time to talk protesting and very much for having. Absolutely February 18. Is the annual chili cook off at Point Pleasant in around equates. Big chili cook off you come starving. In you're gonna leave. We give belly full of sharks. It's right thank you thank you tournament.