Local lottery winner is so Rochester

Thursday, July 13th


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Happen again. Another million dollar winner of a stretch of water together processor. Such a great story. Any kind of buzz Dziena and see any money just give a quick shot at a birthday wish to mrs. Pitt narrow. Sharon to narrow odds there it's her birthday today and they think this probably how she's get to celebrate you either hit up the casino or brush its credit gentle finger and I hope. You win them any tip. Five dollars and horoscope. Send this Rochester woman one million dollars in cash. She's pat Patricia do you guarding Schwartzel wegmans. Eastern drug Enron according. And yesterday you're not and a big guy presented the big check. And I got to this hand. And I scripts and I says oh geez two diamonds as as maybe I won ten dollars pitchers in her head hit the jackpot on the New York Lotto ticket. Will be holding senior Jake Pattinson on my dad I says. I think I want to me in Dallas I was shaken eyes as I thought I was gonna get myself I had detail. And there's no nurses from Rochester. I'm pretty sure. Things that you know. Negative I. Barry DX and I chatted a native from Rochester so yeah so we've that's so odd. Do dame in South Pacific as steered the got done. Her mother in law. Calls are a couple days earlier talking from other block calls first time attending because Patricia yeah I got a Harry Scopes are you. See she said something big would happen. On May 25. Patricia your horoscope says it may twenty fifths of the bigs and Anthony 25 PM may 25. Islamists this whole thing happen. By Kansas played this this wouldn't happen late yesterday. Seven in May yeah but we just your assets presented though the ticket or they give them the check yesterday. I can't imagine doing that much money I am a week two months did you. Should we could these days you can't just announce that you got to strategize what you need to with all that money you have to keep it quiet for awhile until you get that all in order or. I'm sorry she didn't. She won ticket while she's plan and retiring and next June she works great in H arsenic. You know as the old doors are wegmans has to cashiers you and I are those stores that. She's like a each of the two weeks. Money here. It. She's a silly little feeling that must be that same day she walks right in and put him two weeks notice. Ha god his term deadly trap that's Grachev and athletic. All we are a bit right now is our I would I need to make trot I. The hunt is adamant. At bus may just be after winning that there be plenty to tape too because yeah. That's the Jack Nicholson and let. Board yeah I think. That would and one of those who look and G and hits it past them calling it a little. Me me Patricia dear guardian of the bats we love you were odds that. Dedicate today's shuttle tragedy regarding because she can speak ligature Rochus. And I got to this hand and that's why yeah and I scripts and I says oh geez two of diamonds as as maybe at 110 hours. At heart I hit the jackpot and the New York Lotto ticket. You'll be holding CJ minus the high gas prices. I think I want to me in Dallas I was shaking and I says I thought I was gonna get myself I had detail. Better check my.