Let's end MS together

Friday, May 19th

Riding for a cure

Roc the Ride:
September 9 at Genesee Valley Park

Fingerlakes Challenge:
July 8-9

For more info: https://secure.nationalmssociety.org/site/SPageServer/?pagename=BIKE_HOM...






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Hello thank you again very dirty AMP anybody can welcome to Bieber is in need in the studio today Christine keep exactly like manager for upstate New York we're talking bike and act does come. Thank you thank you so much for having you standing comedian by you in every year in its so it's stating till. Watch and hear the event grow it's amazing to see kind of the transformation that bike Onassis taken bike en masse across the country is a one the largest organized cycling events. And there are over a hundred of them but here in upstate New York we've had 20 specifically. That has been around for almost thirty years south pretty carrying out. Now I cooler around. No matter where you live you travel to all of them yeah I know absolutely there is a committed network a psychoanalyst who. You know they're in their writing for carrying they're making sure that they are committed to. You know and MS forever so we house floor right here in our backyard but depending on your fundraising and depending on your connection you can really see all of the United States with like an ass and so gras OK so let's get some dates in our inner foundering out. We get September 19. Is rocked the ride right that's in Rochester yes apparently it's heart and then a little bit before that July 8 and ninth is and the Finger Lakes one. Yes Finger Lakes challenge is the oldest on New York State ride and it has been on and that's salon that's been going on for almost thirty years but. What's exciting about Finger Lakes challenge this year is it is brand new we have a new venue we have new routes we have new breast stops. We really stayed true to the Finger Lakes challenge we still you know highlight wine country in Amish country and all of the great things up senior cast off track. It's a let's talk a little bit about that challenge what can we expect for all and for new to this can I start now training for this or do I have to be. Already an avid biker oh no absolutely solid there are two days a singer likes challenges we sat it's Saturday and Sunday and Saturday gives you three opportunities. There's a thirty mile route. 62 mile route and a hundred mile route and thirty miles seems really scary. By AD is it. Such a pretty riding you have all needed doing it we have very supportive staff and volunteers. Where gonna ride right along with you to make sure you have a great day. And then on Sunday we have to rides the 25 and a fifteen my mouth and Sunday is actually special for us because we are riding through Seneca falls. It is the hundredth anniversary of women's suffrage this year or sell. Tying in a lot of great history with bike and a sincere is locked. Notice the new places that were stopping this year what makes it different this year specific and so for the last several years we've been starting in finishing out of K Uga college this year is at home Barton williams' message. Saturday's rights are feature rain yes. I'm like I said wine country in Amish country I'm kind of the focal point heading towards Watkins Glen out of Geneva. And then Sunday is that it's very specific feature driving your Waterloo in Seneca falls were stopping at women's suffrage monument and really you know tying in all of the great things that have happened right here in our backyard. That's awesome when you seem Stapp is it just quick water break taking the site so our. Also on Saturday there are a variety of rest stops from. Cyrus to wineries to adjust a little Al cold is in beautiful parks on the the rest stops are fully supported if you need mechanical support a few you know need to refresh. In May get your water you gag your peanut butter and now honey CN election then you're good to hit the route we definitely wanna make sure that are cyclists ire. Are hydrated and wealth fuel to be able to see you know. You know rise to the challenge and finish the day out strong winds a great post party back at how are aliens a just. This is a huge undertaking for you guys to you re with all the writers how many writers on average participate on the if we're talking about prostate we're just under 780. If we're talking about each individual right ache in flux anywhere from a 125. To 300. It's nice because. We ire and intimate right if you feel on occasion that you know only got I'm surrounded by so many people. He still have the support is still have the coverage. But you don't have to worry about getting knocked into them and you're all writing for the same cause which is and and mass let's talk a little bit about that. Everytime you guys command in and we talked it feels like we're getting one step closer there's something. In the medical community dad advances. To find the care. Where we ultimately. You know when we started these rides there were in mill. Com life changing I drugs or medication to help with an ass and just at the end of march this year we had. The first FDA approved diet drugs for primary progressive on mask which is huge because that hasn't been anything to treat that up until this point. So we have fourteen drugs on the market now that help. You know restore what's been lost and help give people their past life living with an ass and that's. That's what it's all about you know we we cycle we walk between Ron and we work hard to find that you're. But along the way is programs that are offered locally services and support that is offered and then research that is. Often times son right in our backyard with universities PM we're very lucky OK so let's talk a little bit more about that the programs they offer in those services they African we. Zeroing in on any in particular they are very proud of well there are and that's navigator services sell whether you are just learning you were diagnosed with an ass or whether you are. You know the caregiver that provider you know your husband was just diagnosed her child was just diagnosed. You know we are at the forefront of resource as you can come to the MS navigator service and say. Help I I don't know where to Dolly and you know we can provide you when you know doctors your reach out to or support groups. There are a variety of support groups across upstate New York that you know. Either tune in to. You know someone living with pan mass or again those caregiver serve. Says because you know while the people living with MS needs support those loved ones also need to know lake. You know this is this is a connected group of people who can help you along with with the processed but the biggest challenge of finding me care. When it comes to eye mask I think the thing that makes the cure for and that's so difficulties and mass has sold different for every individual per cent. And that's is generally diagnosed between the age of two money in between the age of fifty so think about automatically the things that are different in your life from one heated than fifty years old. So when that diagnosis happens. You know for some people it's. Blurred vision for some people it's numbness and tingling for some people these cognitive issues. For some people it's fatigue in. You know it's so easy to dismiss all I'm tired I you know nice it's nothing it's just we're out on seventeen exactly. But it's so much different for people living with and I asked and I it's finding out exactly what snow is symptoms aren't. And then getting to the root of you know what causes so so many people just brush it off which you're right we all do what it is some advice that you would give everybody then when should you. Seek medical attention and really push and be you know an advocate for yourself. Well I Ames certainly not a medical professional but what I would say is that you know when you have symptoms that are prolonged. You want to reach out to the doctor and say I'm experiencing acts line and easy and if you don't feel you're getting their results are the information back. You know seek a second opinion and we can find out on the details and in more information about that on the website right absolutely on the national MS society dot org. So this is this one of the biggest fund raisers bike MS and walk a mass for the MS society so why can't pass across the country is actually the largest fund raiser crocodile country for the upstate New York area we have walk and ask which just concluded we have fabulous locked MSCs and wish the weather would've been slightly battered by a fat meals and last season far locker other sixteen lock sites across the country or across the upstate area. And then we also have monster scramble which is a five K ten K. Halloween themed chipped time the bank and that happens on October so if you're not a cycle as. And you're not a volunteer which you wanna get involved monster scramble is a great opportunity in October distilled got involved with the society. Is there's still time to get involved with the like a massive rocket arrived as literally so registration is open in for all of the events come up until the week before see you can register for Finger Lakes challenge up until. You know. Leading into July okay as far as practice all right you can register for Iraq there rider right up until Labor Day weekend it's nice it got kind of those cornerstones of the fourth of July into Labor Day attack. That no tape yet but you can register right up to we always need volunteers support whether it's. Showing up that morning and helping us set up helping us make sandwiches is helping us prepare food for. The vile ire for the cyclists that are coming in or if it is you know. Seeming out along the route and offering that that you know kind trying to land says someone you know on mile seventy foreign struggling to get to mile hundred cell. We're always looking for new cyclists and were always looking for new volunteers to support the cost it's the coolest thing ever is to be a part of this. Obviously to be active in and to be one of the cyclists but to be event the cheerleading camp I was glad Larry is nothing much better then watching cycle is com Ing you know whether it's. 130 and then the first person back or whether it's 430 and it's the end of the day day. We had such a great cheer line on it's great to see a lot of students support for on the events and when you. Have a cyclist coming in just the applies the als the whistles mean. Regardless of who you are and where you are in proximity the part that day it's a great feeling in there are some people who variety. Who are deal without masks we haven't I ride without mass program. And it easy no weeks accepting that challenge and you know a lot of those people train absolutely year around whether it's indoor spinning classes or out outside you know on the canal half getting prepared. You know eighties is there one thing they say I'm going to ride in bike and I asked this year and I am going to complete. Thirty miles or I'm going to complete seventy miles like. Depending on what their symptoms depending on why you know dare I personally living wet. It is a I am going to do this because I am stronger than amass and you know to gather as a collective we are stronger. You we talked a little bit about the advancements in in the medication. Wind you hear the words from your doctor you had a mass it's scary. What is something to ease somebody's mind once the hear those words you're not alone. It's it's by no means an aid and of life you have a collective. The organizations and people that are willing to support Il. That can provide you wind. Resource is information in a community to you know feel your own end. In addition says that is you know there are tiny F people who live. Very eat healthy long lives without masks it's all about you know working with your doctor and working with your programs to figure out which treatment is best for you. Com you know diet and exercise is obviously helpful the more active you are. You know the dug up in the easier your body is app kind of working through some of the symptoms not to say that you don't have bad days because you deal but. Inning you have that community to help you push through and be successful he uncovered it. Any reason and had hereditary hair down I need her daddy's not just struggle is that the cause is still unknown it's it's interesting because. On upstate New York area and washing tenor actual Washington State are actually two of the highest comparable and it is a and that's in the country. So there's there's talking conversation about the barometric press pressure and the climate and vitamin. Similar T know the answer that everything is diet exercise the answer to everything is climate heredity they're easy eight pinpoint and unfortunately it's gonna take more time. You know sign news cycle as fine you runners buying new Walker's cat fans involved and work on our fund raising because the money we raise goes directly to. Find it to where we continue to actually re allocate research fees because we wanna make sure our that in our lifetime. And massive and a trapper. Now would do would you say to somebody who's like that around verify can adapt if I could be involved in it. How do we start to training presses are there support groups when it come retraining how a 100% to reach out we have some awesome teens in. In around there Rochester area that you know play and training rides leaking gets enacted with other people to say. Hey this isn't news cycle Lance please meet up with sand and they will. Take you in as one of their own they have a great out toward cook out and it's it's. Community 100% bike MS is about the camaraderie. And the experience so they will take you lean daylight help you where ever your ad in the process. And now make sure that whether this is the first day here on a bike course this is the hundredth day air on a bike you are. Can NAFTA did and you're not left behind it's not a daunting task you can do it absolutely absolutely can do ready NA if not been beard. Mean part of the cheerleading squad absolutely come and volunteer and see what it's all out and then. Commits are right next year let's go over the web say it again and then the date of the event and location and so you can get all of your information out bike and mass dot org. And you can type Amy your zip code to get the closest right near you. Again Finger Lakes challenge kicks off the upstate brides teen hold Martin William Smith College in Geneva on July 8 and ninth and we. Also have a rock their ride which is happening in Genesee valley park in Rochester on September 9 is nature. You must be twelve years old Sarah ride how long the streets of and you have to have actually really great question you have to have eight no motorized waiver. From a parent or guardian of right Christina seems to act like MS thank you so much. Pour out everything that you guys do and thank you for coming in today thank you for having me and I look forward to as seeing everybody this summer.