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Wednesday, March 1st

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Hello thank you again for joining me I'm see any water it is neighbors in need and today we're talking about the health industry did great. Profession of nursing and we have on the phone with us doctor records who is this Dina Finger Lakes health college of nursing and we also have doctor gates who is the chair and associate professor of nursing. At Q italics how Mario thank. Thank you so much for joining me and in talking about this pretty exciting for you guys is this is something. Knew that you guys the reason why we're having you line with us. Is this new program. It did first of our state is that would hurt. LA knew it kind Eric several. That had at a similar range and but it is but it changes that are eight bit particular duel degree program. It organized and structured. Differently but earth and about any other program that cropped very. No wonder file OK so with a dual degree program. And takes us what does that mean. As students will actually have pain both been at both bit of applied science and nursed thanks as well as the baccalaureate degree and nurse thing. Come through this program. What is unique hits as Vicky the doctor records had I'm the first one at. I'm first in this state to be registered. Many of other schools have done a very successfully quit. But out of registration but it is Vicki that the unstated encouraged. Institutions to have a registered program. So calm and we Wear very fortunate to be one of the first to do that. That there is a partnership between. The clinical facility and a practice that thanks. And they academic settings compost stimulate college of nursing and you could talent and it didn't look at the best of both world. One file. Do you find it there is and there's an increase passion in getting involved in nurse say. At our backs at all. Did. We are seeing that more and more individual all actually young high school it is I had to back it occurred to a career are being. And I think many of my colleague would also create that second degree worker. Had come back and and tying an idea how are I'm a chance at the profession as well. Yeah and heavy as it timer you guys can you guys have been doing this for years I'm sure. Where you saw that there was a. Unfortunately their thing. As far as the need has. Didn't flowed firm cavalier. And where. You know we're an airing at time in history where there needs of the population and our increased things for healthcare I'm not only for. You know to take care of some illnesses but I'll go to promote the health and of the population because of course we are here thinks. More longevity people are living longer when they live longer they have usually have a chance of having more. Medical conditions that came my training and coordination and they have speech. They expertise and focus of nursing is really to managed maybe have upheld then. And coordinate the care. Patient and that's what comes nursing brings. So well at the table and health care because with. Health systems now are now just past battles there. Systems of care that they're beneath that a patient depending and where they're at in their health than what they need to end their Margaret continuum of care in nursing. I'm brings to the table but he. Kind of idea of making sure that there there's no gaps in and the care and that things are well coordinated. And it helped that the best change Bennie turner thing has increased and and that we are facing another one of our. Have potential shortage area and then next. Several years but we least certainly don't even need for nurse and going away. Okay yeah and it really does take a special person I think we all can agree. That those you guys in the medical industry really really it takes a special person that is just remark about we're on with doctor record the dean of Finger Lakes health college of nursing and doctor gates the chair in associate professor of nursing act you could college. On the today is the dual degree program learning more about that and you are currently accepting. Applications for that rank. Out an application prop. Just felt when that February earth and we're looking at our our first call are in the dual degree program and all of it out seventeen. And we're very. Do it'll do the process spinning gate. Agent in it and enjoying after it but I in the protection act thing. The student in has done is interest standing. What are the next steps where where do they go first or. I think that after but it did in game went to art picket Eric either make you Italian web site or cut. That directly or all collecting nearly how or ink. Well I think any team and my team are working very clever Italy together can make sure that any interest in it would have opportunity to bid. Any key. All campus and and learn a little bit more about the program are either high. And nursing it all depends on how many years you and I dedicate to a raging keep done. Growing your career. If Terrell. You know that many students I know many young graduates find that after a few years they're ready for advanced nursing Chris yeah and fortunately. They get Patrick Kennedy is also available yet. Through Q could talents and many of our classes that are held up so it Finger Lakes health college of nurse thinks so weak. Have a program where the student can advance to. Obtained their adult gerontology nurse practitioner degree or a masters in nursing and nursing education allows them to. Both teach as well and practice and then advanced level as a nurse practitioner. If somebody's net and too familiar with either that the Finger Lakes health college of nursing or Q could college. What would be your one thing when you started working there you're like this is that this is why I am where I am I love it here because. I think let me just standing around Eric may what I love about that particular programming that we are located right in the middle of upheld the effort that. Perry clinically. Yes. It certainly. Compliment. Academic classroom experience. We're very fortunate that it italics. Nursing. Division has a rich history starting. In 1943 when. At the advice that Eleanor Roosevelt to nursing program was started here on campus that was part of that cadet nursing corps. At that time that was a federal funding streams to help offset these shortage of nurse and nurses and the country due to the war. And their program has stay with us at this time it change and shape. Pretty much has stayed with us to at this time. What I like about this particular dual degree program that Wear and implementing. Is the ability for the students to have. There are and that's a licensed approach as a current license per registered professional nurse and their thirty year. Which allows them to BR and and possibly. Begin work in the field or. Have a jumpstart. In advancing. Their careers where that they. I unique feel period opportunity which occurred and these senior year where they can travel abroad. If they get their choice or perhaps I'm within the states. Very unique learning experience. And and none have largely in community health or how of the population that there interest in serving. The other. Unique feature is that you know they'll being one year I had sort of because starting and that's. Against prick test education. Track if they have what they prefer her you know it's it's certainly something that a lot of nurses well. I practiced first and then returned for that against agreed that if they have their choice to just keep going and we'll be available to them while. And you. I guess that really does appeal to me I am I've worked you know the clinical settings her family years but to come made a decision to move to. IQ can college. And the early 2000. And that was largely. Due to my police and the philosophy of how they were helping nursing. Moved from. You know I thought he would agree to the baccalaureate degree and eventually to a master's degree. As well as what I got here I I just walked around and then listen to teachers and their classrooms and oh my goodness. This that the jewel like as to why don't more people that know bust you'll learn Finger Lakes can you love it just first such are rich. Liberal arts experience first student and I'm an idea except for many years that was one of the best kept think secrets and the Finger Lakes. But time the other reason is just as they have a tribute to them. You know terrific traditional programs on campus rich and the liberal arts and professions. They also have expanded out to the adult learner. Threw it to help them advanced their degrees very creatively I'm in a young. Will be Carly I'm a fan or for professional studies and they have. What attracted me was I felt that this really gave her rich opportunity for nurses already that hadn't had their bachelor's degree or master's degree to obtain the most. End in their own petty and wood they respect to their work and family schedules so I really like the philosophy. I'm making education accessible to our. It. It's a list. Dig deeper into debt because that's a good point with the adult learner there are an EU even mention and a lot of people sometimes you feel like you're in a router I'm not doing what day would am. Really passionate about her I feel like I should be doing. Something more in the medical field are nursing how hard is it for. And adults to really transit because scary. Can you talk a little bit more about that and how you do catered to those individuals who wire. You know who do have families and who do have to juggle. They're scheduled around a lot of that. But the format for it program for nurses that are our entire ready to go on for their deaths since degree. We offer our format I call her motto which means there are parent class twits. Classmates that they may work quit or is quickly become. Good friend and supporter colleague. And they are usually we. It got to have the program offered maybe read that there are clinical site if they. And those facilities are available at our local cute community college or even a hospital setting. And we mean one night a week much of the work is done. I'm lying but we have hit it safe to say component because their that there used tend to be people people like to. Have both discussions with their classmates and and also. And sometimes giving the structure. Classes. Does help. You know didn't stand back a little bit better found it unlikely ally informant but this is kind of a mixture of both parents. And they can go like it because it and it kinda did got catered to their schedule and our faculty do travel to the site. And and deliver the program and they have been successful and that early 2000. If additional programs that it could have knocked her off the island special where people and organizational management's. As well as criminal justice that I operate in any similar model. That hit the same characteristic inept what we do hear from is he knows those programs have been active. I'm an early two thousands of well then and then how. Didn't advanced their degrees and many other nursing student and they actually. Also taken. Organizational management. Degrees because of their particular role India help system. Any elect really excited about that to a degree program is at an early outlook. Hello there and our long history. Of offering nursing education and back unique. Now I need it when they're hurt they're being program and then sprinted in to me like as practical next program that has been going strong continued to go to. And edit you out and it. Added that preflight and share of those eight degree aren't program and went. Program was designed in about it would really would be adult worker and I. And ended it all. All could maintain. Well I got our our type out an app. App and in other light commitment and come to all. All too Larry can become very narrow and but I had over 300 graduate and that program we ain't you operate. Eight times and you mean classes as well as we eat and opportunities. That we can't really meet that need a all of our it is. Whether he didn't directly out of high school that mean. Those type of like me and our boat that ill and M adapter gate and I we have. At a lot of history of working together and we thank you very much alike sometimes. And we is back. It that would do that the well history that any attack with preparing it. Comment. And it would be a great opportunity for our Q institution to partner. On any more quaint and mine in we added that dual degree Elena. Eating at notre background Kenny Perry beat. Early complete that program. By starting out at me and and I'm becoming in general and you'll agree with their urged here you where they're really up in other little art I. About being at eight and and and conditioning and you're doing creepy to. The pre like you're aspect Abner ink. I'm graduating with Eric okay. Victory coming that record date Eric and and anything off of it being at Uga. And there aren't to be yet. And and it and it after they met in Perry expect oh and really truly helped. There is in your Finger Lakes region and any LP the parent you area. Become. Well it is heating air out baccalaureate degree. Amateur out there a career. But an exciting time for you to to have his dual degree program if you wanna find out more about it. What's the best way again had to find out more about the dual degree program. Eight and it went right and not protected it and Barry encouraged to call either camp back and all came not only in the parking department but it. And right to start they're ready to LA waiting for it. And it freaked out work. And I that we really why I'm. Asked if you can't take a look at it here went back to speak to act dean's path hey Natalie back yet Ed but about everything in and out. Wonder found doctor record thank you so much dean of the Finger Lakes health college of nursing and dad thank you doctor gates chair an associate professor of nursing at key look at college. You you guys are wonderful to take your time out of your busy schedules to talk with us today for. And I know I I certainly about sharing information about Eric being an act had a great career and her and it and I think it airtight. Hey you're trying to do it all there yet about the community.