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Monday, May 8th

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Thank you again for joining me I'm CD fighters and its neighbors in need and today they need to do is relay for life in the studio with us today is Laura. Okay how are you are. Little things you've forgiven you your review thank you for coming and we have you guys in all the time so. You are no stranger to the show you balance your first time in our studio so welcome the things you some slim really be here. Right we got a big date and is relay for life's with so interesting about relay. Is that it is happening all of the time. And more than just our little bubble of Monroe County it is all over and it's some relays have already started right. It has it's a worldwide movement actually is the largest fundraiser for cancer research in the world we've relay 365 days a year. Do you really really somewhere somewhere everywhere there is a relay happening that's awesome yeah. That is cool to be a part of that movement so let's focus net a little bit closer to switches degrees relay. And in the airport relay in those are happening on the same day right they are in June to attend a guy really encourage people to come out and see a case of June 10 is that the day of the week is as as standard as of Saturday okay. Now I remember. At one point in time there relay went in it's always for a long duration of time but it was an overnight. Events in the past now that is modified. Rate as of the last few years it has to better comedy family schedules mean we're all busy people and it's hard to take. You know twelve to 24 hours of your day and give it to anything you know and so now we have events ago. As little as four hours up to 24 hour. I can't even though they were fun to camp out if I did a lot of feelings loved bad and you can still dedicate a lot of time to these events. But let's talk let's walk through read are degrees relay in the airport relay if we go to either or can we expect the same thing or could be. Separate in what they offer her what you can experience. Every really is a little bit different I don't Greece relay which is termed the west side event this year. And is our one of our longest events so you're gonna get that overnight type of feel lame. I'm so it's it's twelve hours. Fun in the sun let's pray for signing. The matter will still be out back guy in is our traditional relay where. People are walking around a track in remembrance of the people that they've loved and potentially lost cancer. I'm we have our woman aria ceremonies are despite that ceremonies and everything that's traditional to. Hour relay for life and that is what the west side event is going to bring to you. And it's constant it's content those twelve hours there is some ten gallon I'm always something in years unsafe fundraising there's food there's fun for the whole family that's going to be there so I definitely courage Alan are my side and listed. To attend and are these an event that airport a band is completely different al-Qaeda that it offers a five K after him like Arnold ball. And I survivors connoisseur. On food truck rodeo I mean it's really the embodiment of a Stanley carnival. Although we do still have those traditional components of Joaquin. And remember arraigned. I acts are moaning things of that nature than just a smaller scale. Okay irate know yet the M. I mean all these great events that are happening 365. Days a year you dad. Worldwide it's all for the same mission which is. Cancer research. Supporting cancer survivors. To meet give it a little bit into that. Where there are very. I'm positive you walk in there's great energy at these events but yet there is. Very touching ray side of these. Our and thought process is to celebrate remember and to fight back and sell. That's really the embodiment of every relay for life and that it's very celebratory were where they are where where having a great time their smiles on people's faces. We're gonna remember we have a woman aria ceremony that happens at dusk each one of these events not and so. Again amazing grace playing on the bag pipes just kind of setting the scene here with. Hundreds potentially thousands of white bags lit and decorated in memory in an honor of the survivors and those that we've lost. And then we're fighting back because. The fight still continues anyway we have people who are losing their lives to cancer who are impacted by cancer. We will not stop fighting long nonstop fundraising until we have. Funded the cure for keywords in. And this is all about our survivors are survivors are free of charge we celebrate them win one Shannon's and on the shirts some balloons and prizes so you're survivor I would absolutely encourage. So how can we help now. Relay for life and we're talking about degrees out SE location and then the airport in parenting and rec center on June 10. And how can we get involved now what do we need to deal. Well if you've been impacted by cancer in any way whether you work caregiver. And you were you are survivor you've lost somebody. If you have a friend of a friend who had cancer. I would encourage you to go onto our web sites because we have a multitude of events that are available throughout the summer months the console can. Real quick that website it's WWW. Dot relay for life stop or urged a parent you're typing your zip code in your gonna be connected with the event that's closest yield. We have events in Webster. And we have events here on the west side you have. Events in the U sad and this year we have a brand new racks media that an all night and then as well but they're running five k's through the night. How are named isn't low stick Porsche and there's though all its gonna appealed all ages and I really really would encourage people check out that brand new exciting and isn't it. Awesome that there are with all of these events in there are so many things to do in humans anywhere our lives are so busy but yet. Each one of these events. Are filled with people I mean the people come out because. Cancer touches every single one of apps. Her friends and one degree of separation yeah absolutely. And how much money when that the money that is raised from these events these relay for life's decreased location appear part locations specifically that we're talking about on June tapped. The money goes to what. Money goes to cancer research and we're very fortunate here in the Rochester area to have. Some really fantastic. Medical facilities we've funded amazing researchers right here in Rochester. In fact just on three weeks ago one of the researchers that we have funded in the past. Was on the ABC nightly news me incredible breakthroughs and it's because of the people here in the Rochester area. The greater Rochester area. Giving their time giving their energy helping us fund raise the were able to really take steps forward. In findings cure for cancer yet and we have I know we have still a long way to go out though we have made. Big strides you know it's amazing when I'm in a row when we we always make the survivors or we asked the survivors rather to stand and tell us how long days. You've been around you know and and a few years ago you had people who are in you know type in twenty years and now we're talking. 304050. Years of survivorship in great there is an indication that we are making the advancements that we need to make yeah. What drew you to help out with three length. And I actually. Have lost both of my parents to cancer my my view of my grandparents and so. And then when I was my mom four years ago I mean I really needed my life's mission to ill. To work for the American Cancer Society in this role because I always relate I don't actually remember a time in my life phone that I didn't realize I'm so it just makes. Yeah and then there's a lot of people that you will need if you do popping in for one of these events and again you don't have to stay the whole time if you don't want. You did now because there's a lot of there's a lot of wonderful things going on but the one take away that I have is. You walk in and you feel like you friends with everybody you have these common stories and you're there to support each other in lean on each other and usein that you. Lost both your parents is completely heartbreaking but there are so many people listening right now that feels so much closer to you because they're right there with Theo. And and you get data out of these events telling him you do does occur. Robbery that is in its. You're not able to actually verbalize what meg yeah Rodriguez but it's kind of like a loving fan myself I would really encourage somebody if even if you've recently lost some money in your shrug going to get. Threw things into cult. Mean just come and and be with us because we are like a giant family where they are to love ins or you and so many more ways than just our fundraising bash. In the fiscal complete strangers and by eight you know the end of it. Mears strangers no more. Sure banner you said celebratory. It is and very cool to see when you do the walk in a bid to decrease relay. Where they kick up the walk around the track. In its the survivors who lead. The lock. They kick it off for us because there are on. And BP's there are most important people there and then they kick off the walk and start the holes. Ceremony. On an. When we talk about celebratory that's where it starts but by the time you're getting ready to leave to pack up your gambling go this is anyone of those events that your kids are even and one will be. You know we have three children ourselves. 26 year old and a four year old we take them to relay isn't stuff behind. Mom we don't want like OTC and the world. Pretty brutal eight on the they don't. Wanna go and so I mean it really is it SPN's the ages yeah I would really encourage this to be next notre such sheriff. Greets relay for life that is being held at Greece Odyssey like it has in years past. The fee airports our relay for life is the parent in rec center at the parent direct center on June 10 these two. Relays are in this is offer Dion American Cancer Society obviously raising money for research and awareness. And then helping each other does them. Local or do we have control over that are not what we send all this is how I know how I describe as of recent all of the money to headquarters but because we're so fortunate on. Three times as much comes back to a soft cap on because then we are able to fund these researchers that we have here the other areas of the nation just don't half. And see your supporting them and then. Now we let the started team because you don't have to be at a team which it started team how would step process and in doing so out. It's so simple so glad you asked literally just jump onto our website WWW doubt relay for life dot org. Putting your zip Clark college and click join a team more. Register your own team it's a three step process and immediately myself or one of Miami easing colleagues or amazing volunteers are gonna reach out to you and help you along the pathway of six paths okay wonderful and then. Is there amid a non. Fundraising goal thirty each individual that time's up every dime helps and literally every time held on however if you raise a hundred dollars you get one of our commemorative T shirts. I'm which are kind of a big deal in this area. Yeah there is really. So any little bad does cal and does matter and if you just wanna contribute but shared June 10 as there is a busy day with pattern of dance recitals I think eight basis around that June area right or whatever it may be key can't physically attack and you can always donate and same location on the web site. Yes absolutely and you can satire local office if he'd like. And you know we'd be happy to see your smiling eighth last year it was and Christine and Gillian who worked closely with you today came in in me talking about. Going into schools and having schools rally together for a team do you see a lot of that this year as well we do I'm on the west side days. That's there's jam that's what they love to do and I love it I think it shot out of prime Brack I am who I think represents. You know in a great way undocked and heights as well. Flip. You know that is I actually weighed. Create your own environments we do relay for life in the elementary schools in in the junior highs. That are just a little bit more low key and so if they would if anybody out there are love to talk to me about. I'm really recess which is this. Younger program I can't love to talk to them when their file and to reach out to you directly is aged just go through the let's say it is Weller with a better ranked the my contact information is on the website I directly into my email in my phone number. We're talk until Laura Carlson from relay for life and that if you want more information Disco to relay for life dot org ORG. June 10 put that in different now everybody grab it from putted in June 10. It's daylong event so Greece. The grease relay for life at Odyssey when does that start new. Noon okay and then it goes to ill in midnight OK so any time during that span he can pasta and for an hour for a half hour adjusted. Experience it a little bit or you can stay from noon. Timid that can and there's always activities going on during it. The airport where I started to parenting center are actually at 4 PM okay on the and we actually only going until about 10 PM comes a guy is on the very action packed. Wonder frost south airport you guys start at a word and then go to tie and an angry at Greece's twelve to twelfth. So I make UN participate wonderful if you wanna pop in and just kind of dip your toe in the water this year. But she'll jump in next year I'm sure and I just wanna make mention that this is a completely free and and all of our events are completely free. And it just time enjoy the festivities and see what we have to offer. And just again to that total and it is an experience and Amy are celebrating. The cancer survivors in the caregiver. As you mentioned the caregivers and they are so crucial took us till they really aren't we celebrate the entire. Cancer family a few well. You know if you've been impacted in any way he's just come clean up. Laura Carlson an a from relay for life relay for life dad Ford thank you so much thank you so much for having me.