If you won the Powerball would you give money to the store clerk

Thursday, August 17th


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2222899. The buzz. Are you obligated to go back to the person that sold you the ticket and give them money if you were to win the powerball are bought in our. Thank you a minute now and it's another in rural written by hearsay you. Come out with so many unwritten rule and I'll write a blog I see you're you're you're unwritten rule about not I had operated the that are not right about the current don't I don't know about. You live by. The end. Useful money you just 500. Are in ten nor does not any bad. OK don't look or aren't aren't that picket act. Are you by the one B work that they I don't wanna act you. You did he give you can't provide it to get better by you and it's never ending in opera allegedly did and number and hurled you can. Yeah independent auditor unwritten rule don't. Ordinarily I wanted. He's in Jamaica. Hello we need to do this until this economic guarded guest about this but so what do he'd bet Rasheed. I think it's a genius they might you think of that are really hear you guessed that raid that you like not show dot Nostradamus. That I have put it up an hour I want to get back at home all alone chosen ally is gonna love that yeah. Robin. And Gary got you don't have to tip the clerk if you win the powerball tonight but now. But he you have to tip the bartender he won a couple under our. Shirts and cut time you're absolutely right. Irons. Yeah a couple of if you win a couple hundred dollars up the rajat yet you drove it you don't liberal more or the art under the got a girl it doesn't matter. Steal your rationale I. My rationale is is they had to stop thank you would on it yet but what you're doing to me your that they got your ticket in time. That is to let me of that and in. That particular game a day's odd that the dollar amount because the dollar amount a couple hundred dollars is a lie so okay you win you win the lottery money powerball dollar amount life changing day you have a little bit more. Room to just be so giving your journalism bullpen out okay UN to you to take home 250 million dollars to call because about a taxes and some powerball tonight yet you go back to let means. To the clerk how much you handing them. Out of my hand and not a Syrian Kurds is that where you Aaron you're you are and we all back to layman's ever again Butler. Debbie how much you how much you tipping Hamachi give to the clerk. We did mayor what are your bank everything's clear it's in your bank 250 million eyewitness here I was I'm greedy IA I word my money ever probably under hitters. Yeah. I'm glad we have a series. OK got you want and are gonna give her hundred. Why bother me Aggie we're learning new and Martin don't blow. Tell us push button should.