How much do you spend for Easter

Monday, March 20th


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How about now we forget about seen better days over nauert it's easier. To look at it yankees to try to go down the kind. Into the rhythm of the deputies here. The panic set in now okay April 16. And still have some time to meet with the Easter Bunny. And get together at the Easter basket. Let's price cap on Easter basket. How does that how much of the basket cost without the costs of the best journalists in the basket on cigarettes in the past. What does it all colleges spied the one that. Comes with a basket the lesson wrapped in plastic all the reading the rainy mess I'm. That latest bit of kids. Once we get these Damascus to a thirty year olds that all on your crazy when you know CEO until he's it will admitting you're you said your girlfriend who's a grown adult just turned thirty. You said. It she still gets a basket from her mother and that's China that's true but and their mom is crazy do. Isn't capitalism but yeah it's not a lot of positive Easter via rabbit Easter is in Christmas and Easter isn't birthday. You know Easter just should be minimally get beat the kid eat the eggs right and you know that's how I fell out candy to jelly beans chocolate rabbit and have an instant when he seventeen that's analogous ones I even talked to my daughter once they presented their Easter Bunny list. Watch our what are your you know. Presentation it was really PowerPoint presentation and it really was legitimately a PowerPoint presentation possessed she's learning how to do in school OK so. I. And ice and even in kids don't get DS honey she is on now video. She's my girlfriend. Mickey wrote she's or whenever the new sneaker is nowadays birdies on your home or answer. But what is the cap what is the dollar amount capped because. I don't wanna be that parent completely. It's boy heals your kid is in your kid turns out to be a year now. It's brat. Get a tag gets to tell you don't you it's two way. If your kids giving your PowerPoint presentation on it and what she wants from the Easter Bunny then you've already still roar started that spoil factor opened. This of the those earning back its and we can't put a dollar amount right so I would say is everybody makes different. Different salaries but let's say I'd say like 25% of what you spend on the on birthday. That's what the Easter captured piece of you spent a hundred dollars for their birthday in 25 dollar should be the Caspian ought to mean. Tony former miss him for 25 dollars chocolate costs so much and you know what happens before and seeing how much easier chocolate. I'll Levy had shopping maybe you're right. You know you 50% and doubled plus size 50% of the British budget I say crises slide in the Andes candies with the Easter Bunny you find for a couple of cool unique pieces. And I guess that's unique pieces you like I don't know Art Shell Yemen as a good stuff. And then the and then you eat the grass and yet handful of jelly beans what should be in the basket we're saying yeah keep that at about I don't know maybe 1012 barks an animal. At the most and lots of arts. Think differently it means little piece of chocolate you guys I guess I'm he has not been Easter shopping in a long inside of the dollar store bit. Stewart got some good stuff. Easter Bunny go as I was or every day I can him a legitimate parent loves their kid conversation with you that we. I don't I'm on the another well I love my kids adapt mother on the phone talk about what is your price. I spend just as much as you do on birthday as you do an Easter for each kid and she does and I'm save you go over half of the amount you spent further birthday that's your insane. If you go. Just the Brit don't give anything it's the party and per our expensive when he and yet all the young backwards you many things for the birthday but you give them late. They sure fullest toys for two free Easter they have the choice should see there a big party with their friends or it's again due to have that choice for Easter. Lineup inviting friends over free stuff pretty crazy that would be almost as crazy dynamo giving gifts for Easter suit. Global. Well I I need I need it real apparent to call me up. That's that's mommy mommy how these got forgot all about how do you care you know why mommy for Earth Day I wanted to Porsche campaign. Stricken again yeah. Girlfriend yeah. Yeah calls commitment to user captured stunning. Odd I'll bet on are you need an app and it paid. Out an amber yeah we ordered a. Yeah. It's not a fellow parent who actually likes in appreciates that it was eighty to a hundred bucks you can yeah. While. Where he grew up. Where they go do pretty well duke all the good. Now nine cash people are nuts I don't think my only answer. And I think we got on the show alone cost. Actually hurt our editor at. Now her hands as they know how soccer easily gospel it. Welker but a thanks man. My girlfriend like an adult to adults put the fight for her parents like it is like Christmas and birthdays. Yes I'm missing something emissions of or WR they were to the next on the bus.