Guy sues airline because he was sitting next to an obese person

Tuesday, May 9th


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Here we get going and another airlines sued that this. Agree with this lawsuit. American Airlines passenger from Australia new. An Australian guy is suing American Airlines after a fourteen hour flight because since whom he had to sit next it was a kangaroo. As an adult and I appreciate the story hi what is an exciting athletic koala and didn't smell like eucalyptus Lido restaurant or bar B I think his. I would prefer to sit next to a kangaroo in a koala in an open tin event your rights. Do you agree at this lawsuit it's 989 though buzz it's easier it's in the morning that could read it. Quote an Australian passengers suing American Airlines after being stuck between two obese flyers aren't a fourteen hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and he's suing from and a BC I'm dead that played. My pick people a bit if he's beaten he asked to be moved me. And and they said now. And he said being sandwiched between two people that were larger. Made his plate extremely uncomfortable. Which actually agitated his school Leo sense and made that wears decency and urged. Yes you can. And then I'm gonna eat okay. He is then meet between Cuba and if he he he felt for months. So he says and aggravated his medical condition if it is very and I do you hardly spent any time in his seat because he was so squashed. And he is. He is comply and because this flight is is it was an cop to well in coming after the or before or whatever however it works out exactly Q filed a lawsuit a while ago you know the new news is that American Airlines is even making. That the seats have less room around and yet as increasing SI AB the amount of space by two inches or something. So. Repeat that. So he's suing. I don't think you should send him as their he's got a case here he can. You know your seat is you see you buy it and it's up to them whether or switch around or not. You know in this day and age Europe to suffer airline. I think patience. And what are the what are the see I have no tolerance for laziness that I associate les in his with the with being fat and I know that's not all always the case but. What are the fat people supposed to do not fly until they're skinny. Right it's hard to a we've all been there and it sucks it sucks to sit next to anybody that even you think is in the wing or makes you uncomfortable physically or. Mentally or whatever. Louis and after after nine elevenths sitting next to somebody who has a Middle Eastern look to them make could make you uncomfortable again. Became doped silicon about it or sitting next to it that that's emotionally uncomfortable or mentally and comfortable or sitting next to somebody who can't help but take the armrest. That's the real that's the prime real Sarah plain you have been there what is supposed to do not fly until. He just ask her seeds and removed. It's like in I mean I may be because I am not. A little person I often am that one to get squashed in squeezed because I'm sure worked in a tiny so you know crowd he. Exiting the blue cross Serena after that concept I. He. Seem like people forget that I'm they are in Hong Kong announced a security Google Earth earth little periscope. I car karma that is. Up by Gartner it is struggle it's unknown comfortable and it's not fair that my flight should be ruined just because of my size should their flight and he says he doesn't all these passengers. They paid for their seed as well he said. That they should be placed in net you know the seeding. Should be. So I arranged organized so the gate agent is the spirit all okay you are getting in this seat and they were together right this these two large people Marcus you sandwiched in between himself so I would assume they are so there were flying to gather enough but these are sick joke if there's so it all right you get the windows I'll I used to it happens. I. In my seats because sometimes you can pick your seat like yeah sure sure I'm so maybe this is just a big joke big fat joke. See I I don't think this guy should sue because I'm that person in fact I know on the snoring guy. On the starring guy. On the one Murray then oh my god if I sat right next to you. All got to have a thing with flan in snoring and bugs me I would be. I would be upset I'll never forget the first time I ever was told that Christ nor was not when I was single. You know and haven't girlfriend's are people staying on the night it was when I was on an airplane and we got there and if New York. Were coming in for landing okay giving to the central things off we sit up. Which tree in your seat tray back up again and Judas and he's like man you're responsible the loan. Losses there was a lot of it is this is funny. And you made news is that it is line. Fourteen hour flight now and exit the guy who's snoring is this if he is how I met her I think they should make it don't you agree. If they should even if I have little kids even if you don't like sitting next to my kids I understand that's fine have a section for me. The parents and the children segregation in up BP's well Florida highway gender effect size really take offense I'm. I'm not a talker if you wanna be in the talking section of the plane that you want to go in nets to. Yeah host last time I sort of talking Osaka and as somebody we hit it off horrifying just alike. North Carolina or something. And found out he's from Greece this guy Danny was sort of talking and having one or two Jack and cokes and put yeah they got. She. Really. What they did better. Oh. Bush. In a bar section breaking news Juergen stark is talking talking talking and drinking section you need the social section need paring its action and you need the smoking section. I was Milan and we've section politically correct everything. It and you can you you have to disperse the weight in the plea evenly though great you can have like the big people section two planes you know. On this there will need to global food larger people on this flight to Australia for the we got to act occur to the right and flying to Australia and southern border so that saves it on gas is what happens if this guy wins any money from this. Lots of Australians out flyers sues American Airlines could he was sandwiched between two which he says obese people. It's it's uncertain and I advise your hard.