Is the evil cat warming up to Konya

Thursday, April 13th


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My girlfriends satanic. Mean ripping blood drinking cat. Named Bentley themed event with a. We're making progress. Yeah. Lisa you've got this little tree it's you did the plugin right that emits though hormones. Of those. Mom look at what are ya don't. Scientific stuff you can net. Catnip calms it down but doesn't make it. You know and US ordering right. Where is your relationship sting Diego resident. A video I took yesterday badly the satanic vein dripping blood drinking cat laying on the Ottoman. And I was like maybe this is my chance to go up and get close this kind of relax with a cab with the kind of sit maybe it'll jump up and ran my legs. We'll watch TV together and here's my attempt video that was posted on the bus FaceBook page yesterday. It's novel. Yeah. Yeah yeah I jokingly said. You notice. She won him at the plate on my daughter's show. Cool that that I get his jet black and when it's shows he looked like giants like the exaggerating. What. You'll. First seems like she's like. Most she sourced from I mean here's go back and that's when you hear hear let's leave it. Here here. I hadn't heard her cat hiss like that I'll really she makes a noise at least. 400 times a day. Ever let your girlfriend. Mutes. When she focus this is getting used to the fact that when we go to bed she gets picked up to. You taken out of the room because she's asleep in the same room on where in bed or get out of it she before you. Yes all ball. Why she hates COU I U Tucker you turn Camara paso gave her a sixth floor luxury loft apartment to live in so we know it. Pick your battles Bentley can you know Britain apparently in windows opened nationwide. You can trap stat you can't tell it it's lived X number of years sleeping with. Your girlfriend now all of a sudden you come in and toss it outside and closed the door. Otherwise it's gonna sleep it sleeps on her head it's gonna definitely attacked me I mean used. Seems. Prepared now. That Al makes sense why the caddie you give it if if she is his girlfriend who stood up and takes it out intently out of the room itself you don't count on. You are usually search and he had a girlfriend and sending him down and any other predator and a house file 4000 dollar couch it's which has so there's nudity doing just fine. Oh my gosh I've never reduce it does anybody have a cat is that normal for his spin effort that's. Carried it right if they cancer scare your cat no I don't know anything really about cats don't get on the sock. Still not open the windows does a good idea keep the Wendell in the summer and as you know meters on like it's it's.