Does your labor match your kid's personality

Tuesday, May 9th


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It's busy out in sandy Chris got to have your mother say a week right. So funny is your target it wherever you with a real wish someone happy Mother's Day and you know there miles. Ask them about. Their kids personality to match. The drama delivery. Like. If you set the tone to get it forever yes to. Be brought into this world they always late everything. You can isolate her mom and age it's weird. How it matches perfectly and my older one Leo she is stubborn is all star bring Bernie. And man. Kid you not hand and a Bible I pushed for seven or seven hours I mean. I mean out on the kid that yeah. I'm me it's how she she's in their own she does it on her own time other little one yeah I asked. After you laughter I lay after out CEO my god it was the funniest on the two minute and she is the most carefree jazz. It out really going can't. It's a whole fascinating about your labor right and then think about your kid's personality doesn't match out this immense the actual delivery any ill for Mother's Day every mama. To tell their story to they're lighter story and it calls to an irony. It's too cheap to buy as 2222899. Now if you think about this in the in the of this relates this actually is true we'd love to hear from me. And that's ask every single person now not kidding yeah every mother's mother IC a Mother's Day and that and their kids sit next member. Hey so what. Do it it's the most. Prominent characteristic of your son or daughter okay well. Now well as a way to get our act to yourself so far here the first months of two for two LSU on the kids and to judge you by surprise by this guy and. Well like I'm rate now at Alpert. Why hey yeah when he was born he would and I found. Out. We're talking about labor hurt the air air on talk about labor. It would ironic. Because it being similar story it was like I was born are I would reliever Whitner for 24 hour. Literally put her out late with three hours back it was in three hours at a lot deeper. Yeah. Candidate the pro app that aren't you twenty screen here in long. OK with long baby yeah he came out what he came out in check rocket. Around people probably don't quite you're quite a while now. Aperture. Of what. Don't you agree or rip arm and I'm not. And I'm. Now. I'm back again because the baby adequate amount is not a big how does his here. I. Want the big came out what I'm that he couldn't even at good. Let me. Around all I. Lies Omaha Omaha. Yeah. Going punctual person now is he. He actually. Act the act around her body. I would like. This case through. Saw her ads you shot you know like now at what he went. Very very deep aren't yeah. There's got to be kind of study that that now. Steer kids and the labor and see if it matches their personality so what's your what's your first name. Tracy you are going to be everything eighties party Friday night OK. We're gonna jump the tickets. Eighties party you and your gas get to come on us all right. Okay I'll. Thank you congratulations. Pat Day.