Do you work too much

Friday, September 8th


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As you know other hurricanes here the one who had you know Harvey's wasn't just last week. For my doubt in my mind. Was hardly a week ago under the weather I know our I am. And now we've got Irma coming in Florida which just looks like it's gonna just be horrible. People are mobilizing in there you know there they're going down to. You know diligent notes and the Red Cross sound Harvey and I'm sure it was Red Cross going down. But I notice that there's. The a company in town and sending. Their utility crews are there were crews O'Connell electric. On our ship and about you people down to help with the relief efforts. Well this is not volunteer. This this is paid baby who went on to money and in the contract the flow Florida utility company so busy in the utility company Florida's hiring a college or workers like sixty workers in twenty trucks race. Heading down there. Which poses the question would you as a lifer girl partners or announces significant other some sort would you. Left yeah sure I doubt at halftime to Florida. Dole hey let's say for three weeks to its three is six weeks trying to pull cash. At the club being gone from from the family. Any getting paid by overtime extra it's probable I mean there's. Or is it all just out of the goodness of your heart because you're helping the relief I don't know I'm sure they're getting their money's good they said in the news the the money's good and meeting. I'm guessing at least double your salary and gets all yeah I mean they it's. It's good money wet courts for a plumbing company and we had a contract for BJ's Wholesale Club so we would go away for a week at a time to different BJ's and remodeled bathrooms the lessons that you would use to build one here in Rochester so we go away from a week at a time and we would get. An extra 510 bucks an hour which was ten bucks an hour for me was double was the time it happened we Aaron we get. 35 dollars a day Chordiant eat. I'll why they really took care so you know it was not right everything was paid man at the very least it was all expenses paid an extra cash and it was easy for you this jump on that because you can team responses that I was nineteen cats that's that's like that's the first raise your hand but now with the family with with the family with kids like if your husband got okay so you. Clark informed boomer and carton of being Grady a Sports Radio show in New York City he just cut. Arrested for some federal yeah yeah yeah that two million dollar ticket. Scandal scheme award ever eaten some kind of Ponzi scheme we got arrested by the idea that it's a say. Bob boomer size and the co host of boomer and carton and that WFAN in in New York its biggest one biggest sports shows in the country not all like danger your husband and pay. We have that he had some with bill for Clark and for the next. Three to six weeks while we figure stuff out would you be willing to come down to New York City and work. It's a physically impossible to do yet. Mean how did the kept for three to six weeks he's getting as many alarming among some common data for double his good as we get paid every two weeks double his biweekly sound I have got to see how you can shop and that but I think we may have to I think it's physically it I would have to take three to six weeks off and on you just hire a nanny to common enemy and get your car and. You. Any stealing Mary Poppins is waiting outside I don't know that there are they do that tiger and nanny we don't know yeah I hire a nanny like he's gonna double his income than you can afford a nanny for three to six win that just. That's a wash now. OK so. Yeah now I know why here we are finding that would be a wash. Gods that much. Anyway let's say you basically were. I just based on the emotion of not having your husband around for three to six weeks at a motion after fifteen years of its that we know (%expletive) you think am gonna miss him terribly. We try. I. Marry this guy I. Had been married five years and if mine and I love my wife put it she got a gig to double or pay for four weeks. Go right ahead Don yep not not not weekends come and act now have a good. People that are in the military that are that are in the service and anyways once sets ray whoever is no legal and today if I don't know arrived at the strain it. Whoever's left and that's spouse as it's now obvious single parent with 36 weeks and I'd bowed down to all single parents that live that life that every day. I don't know how you do I you just do doubt he's at an off of how you juggle it now just to it working on those bathrooms one of the guys that work with like 56 resolute early twenties and yet a new daughter and he was on these bats and we were on this project for over a year year and a half hour ago on the weekends and so the navigator to go back Alexy my girlfriend at the time and stuff like that. But. We were down in Virginia Beach and this is based in New Jersey this company so we're talking. Hundreds of miles away yeah and new ball new nearly I would say her name was. Chia yet she was like one or two or three years old curtain and and so he's got per year. We've seen on the weekends and stuff but I'm making excellent money he's leading this for. Anyway we he had just one day we're Britain on the walls in the spat that we went in and night so obviously didn't does disrupt the customers much middle and I. Midnight to AMD's report on the wall he stops. He drops the hammer like. I gotta go home music I'm out here he just let. It block out he gotten as the one of the work vans and stroll home well like. It's sentimental it's got slots that we don't need glasses they weren't married to stick to ask a medical crept out just that's. Or he got an ultimatum. From gonna later if you don't that's your money you make Donald. I'll catch as. Well. So those guys are going out of Somalia an investigation here into. It could be gone for three or four weeks of time. I'm Elsevier that the damages and if they get done in Florida there's more damage and another. Stay before the car might release them to another utility room and then they'll still obsolete this could feel. Pretty long holder pays off it's really tough and you know when you're leaving the house in the morning that's all I wouldn't mind and then. You know you get to work any kind. Now it's a no brainer it's courage and they know that the factory yeah it's funny in that's. This whole kind of thing like how do you juggle life and work it's kinda like the work life balance that we're all trying to master. And again single parents on on a higher and do it every Friday I post new podcast seven figures podcasts is what I do so it's all the information you need to dominate your finances. In all of this and a lot of this is like you know learning about 401 k.s in investing in the stock market or hearing investing in realistic moral and political without money and put them London. Being that have a break. And I personally struggle with that in Ayman ball of those who have it all together when it comes to. To work life balance Heidi it jungle. Some times you get caught up in. Too much work. And then you're it's like quicksand you can't get out you know you set yourself at a level where. Your boss expects that a view and if you do any any last all of a sudden you're like oh. I'm in over my head and then it just becomes part of your life. Knew him and it's a lot of mom and guilt in a lot you know what how do I spend. I make time for my fuel what ever means the hot word the phrase work life balance and maybe name Christine baker marriage that's her name cool. Payer bigger is that the line right and shoes under happening your parents Baker's yes. A poll. I think his marriage. Chris you Dean Baker male lead best out of me that's not on. Like a hyphenated class and it's not her main name and her married name. So she was married it. First it she had four kids and her husband passed rated thirty dear young tells us he was a single mom with three businesses. Just. Our kids at the time now she is by kids but at fort is at the time single mom three jobs and and and like juggling at all to zero outlet experience totally yeah you can't really don't know remarried and I'm assuming that. New manned and lasting is married to see so I don't know it's her so this kind of made her house through her own experience she's become an expert Iran she now has. Added to her laundry list of titles she is the time management. Strategist. Ace or she knows her stuff and it comes reflect balance so you header on the podcast this week ranked. Yeah and first what is work life balance really with the definition of that and here's what she's. Some recent meet one's work life balance is impossible. To some degree I can appreciate your balance my bouncer to meet wholly different I don't think we'll ever have I'm 50%. You know harmony and keeps on where can I mean I don't think that's ever gonna happen but important. Part of the journey is to strife or. So everybody is her life balance is different okay is that you had you lost me I mean it was tiles. Kind of hesitant about this until then until she said admiral Owens is different yeah yeah yeah but. To achieve you have to achieve that Ers and she gives. And I'm a very organized person and she gives it blackened Mike you follow these steps then I can ICA and in each. It's an acronym on all he's one is a step that you need to found to achieve. Work life balance that will then lead to six sacks turn so that is all in the podcast and Rochester buzz dot com but she also sad. That you how to divide your day into three categories in this is what I did yesterday and went home yesterday hunt after edited podcast in my I'm gonna do this at our. All the hours in the day 24 hour okay and it she's addicted dividing into three categories and she explains. I'd divide my life up into three categories work on and personal. If there's three categories and tie for hours each category gets in our ally yourself eight hours. A work today. I'm in if she can only work six hours on Friday may be a work an extra half an hour. You know the other four days or if you have to work on a Sunday morning get up early Sunday morning for everybody gets up it's kind but still I yourself. Ask your personal time like 66 and a half hours of sleep walk with the dog maybe you know work out of whenever. Maybe some meditation time meeting time whenever I decide to do some those in hours. Candidacy and hours on the season and meditation time with five kids. Who I if I don't. Have in my Gillis and stuff. Let's get publicity from the ceiling and disciplined and I'm an average sides do not those in our candidacy and hours. On the he's an easy time with five kids. I. This kid got this electric and so what you. Drive like you dropped it in the states like Madonna on a wire. Like just follow later McKay eight hours or got to it and he got this that he got it just. Laid down the boundaries right here comes annual. And it's. Like yeah. It's an eye so what's the when your most guilty of the mobile's three and don't pay enough attention to. That would be. And work too much then yesterday I sat down and it is really I divided my day in an OK so oh from a good about it nine and it wake up that story that's. You know fix our dollars right there and then. But I think for some people. Working is though is the bullets category I think they kind of go together fool I had no idea what I if I have too much free time. And what shall not better than anybody but if I too much free time I don't suck to lose my mind I think of all the money it could be making in that moment and every. And stymied. So you need me. You're gonna burn now gonna burn down here. I think you need time to meditate or just. Sit out I mean I don't know you're not gonna sit on the front porch and have coffee he would drink a beer or something by Lewis here from your enemy you we all need that time and we don't you give herself that time. I think I think though the biggest deficit. Down a lot of us have is this sleep category of has its sites in Dina now in that world of having it that that C pap machine and and going to a sleep specialist. Like you'll die if you don't sleep right. It over time it'll it takes years off your life. If people work. Ten hours a day twelve hours and they're guys girl women listening right now that work twelve hours a day for the last twenty years right. Every choice if somebody actually happy are you feel closure how perfectly happy with you know I think there's a different Alison is animal you could tell another person what their work life balance should be. Well she's she's sounds as kids been to a million things that I haven't Jabbar and I was a million things that I don't but I don't think you can tell somebody. Hey either swells to work eight hours are supposed to be at home in ours are supposed to. Have downtime for eight hours have been that too cookie cutter is its is that it doesn't always is well I mean death is which many people for everybody have a team formula. But you need to take care like we don't do enough self care and every single person from the and got it doesn't even matter what the conversation is that we're talking about on the seven figures by cast every single expert comes in and says don't forget about self care initiates self care options. You static just chill out and have a beer just go on a date night we keep our productivity do dat. Media I mean I probably only like I would say less than four hours a week I have been a week. In that category of. Whatever meditation or personal weren't otherwise it just walking the dog she says to some open but. I really challenging too bright down 24 hours and really see pay attention to how many hours you dedicate to watt. Really is eye opening sometimes. Where he's running attack couldn't it be a long term investment to look almost like 401K where you. You work call a bunch now and then later in life you can have the luxury of doing whatever you want for as long as you want it belongs. Like I long term goal at 35 to be able to collect. Seven to 500 to a 101000 dollars in one month without working without physically going and punching a clock and and doing work. I want to be able to go with my girl wife former Finley at that time. Wait for a month and still collect that much of an income liked but I only do that if now and my appointed 28 I'm not doing anything but working I feel like. But your relationships. Of up until then. Might be horrible and it may actually prevent you from achieving that end tonight I think what's it's kind of of that the messages if you have that balance between the three. Then everything else you know like for progressed to the perfect balance I think it's 888. Eight I think Mueller. Maybe you maybe it's way and you have a family and more responsibilities and think your craving it now more than when you're young. Eddie because. Now you are literally my it is much personal there. It's my age who who would say they need to go to brunch once a weekend to. So online do they need to go to happy hour twice and yeah they need to go to you know in California what seed and they don't counting you'll think they need that right now man. For you to look at them and say they only telling its as think that's correct. OK so it's on the podcast Rochester does that come iTunes Google play thank you so much to our good friends at family first credit union for sponsoring the podcast seven figures all the information you need to downing your finances. And listen to live tell me what you think about work life balance you're more on our cider kind of side and I thank you to get out here for many nice guys.