Day 13- Buzz 30 Day Kindness Challenge

Tuesday, November 14th


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The world trade to a change in this world. Everybody hates everybody yeah. This guy has taken action but the thirty day. Thank you for him. He neutralizes the whispers yeah the bus thirty day kindest challenge from the first to the first putting others first. And now we're almost halfway through and then fourteenth yes only halfway through him. But yeah. It doesn't get more difficult every day. Every day is different because. Your present with different situations like yesterday was tough and from my own it's personal. Crazy schedule reasons that really hasn't ever what is crazy schedule but different kind of crazy schedule and whether it's bringing your kids around if your parents. Or dealing with problems that. Other people have to be able older parents if the deal with Dan every day whatever. But mine was just simply that I just over booked myself for Monday. With side hustle stuff works stuff so by the time I was able to even do something was like 1039 income. And I get liking is I'm getting anxious about how big how small each act of kindness is. But I'm driving home and I'm like when I couldn't do that actually. He's gonna make people inspire did do something tomorrow when they when I watched this tonight you know naming me as I wanna deal it's that's the pressure it's. Firing kindness and then I'm trying to. I think if you doubt we've Dicey time Dax. And Macy's and then the door open MI. Would be proud to look at me. First elected. Knocking out for the day typically under way right now I don't know. It's hard to force an actor turns on someone relate just try to do something different every day big or small bigger smalls like my second prior just something different. My first priority of the got to want it. Payson and parking again give another homeless guy five bucks or whatever area. So yesterday got aimed at 1030. I went into other common area where I live in my apartment at world mailboxes are room. And collect every single day by go to get my mail I see this giant pile of junk mail is laying on the floor so it's has been just on the floor. Way to people. Get the mail and then they just the broad the junk mail on the floor so it's the mailboxes for every single apartments like a little cubby hole again and garden and a and it on the few government and a built in to this but a bunch of PO boxes are exactly zero ranked. Am so what everybody does they use the little key to open the little slot Netflix the size of a shoe box maybe even smaller. And they pull out and they take and they Selig the big flyers in like the big pet bath and beyond what April 20% off coupon we'll have a bunch of and then whatever they want the Olympic tennis role like this is box next all the mailboxes where UIPS. You put the mail and your radio it looks like 01 of those points to the postal box yeah. The white ones I sort of think about like this series of events that happens after. We selflessly leave our little world of him mailbox and only take what we want to and we don't care about the other stuff. I'm assuming that lake either. Sally who we've met on earlier in the kindest challenge she's a lady that works the front as we mean when the twenty darlings gift card. Either she is the clean it up or the in the mail man or woman has the common. Clean and open to some articles somewhere at some point someone else let's do it and I doubt that it's in their specific job description to go clean up. Everybody else's mail that they don't want very best people are in your bill at the equivalent of even in addition the sink. You at a meeting in an area there but for a mailman or male woman version of nobody knows who used traditional B gets in trouble for the right right but this has their name on the but everybody does it or current residence somebody's getting taken advantage of somewhere. Special her current residents and yeah elementary shouldn't prints are. Because everywhere so. What I did was just took a second to clean up those that jump at this. Hopefully save someone some thought ma an animal they're gonna even noticed honestly today that it has cleaned up. Not every kind act needs to be you know noticed with a spotlight it's just kind little guy that line then. Shark. There are so the last minute one in new didn't take much effort but. But that was nice because you're afraid the person who have to do that every day is probably so annoyed. Because it's really that big of a deal but just the principal of a pattern Gannett are a lot of us a letter junk mail in this box you missed the box and you keep walking away you don't stop to. Pick up your garbage so I encourage you today when you get to work yet is when there's no more paper in the copier or hurt her well the garbage is full. Or when you're dealt with your coffee mug any put in the sink maybe take that extra second to refill the paper changed the garbage liner and it's why. You're actually seeing garbage is here but out and got my act why would I think you would never touch it. Is there a is it was there's at their personality even as uses double and to this the can go either way which should make it better. Did you just roll it out or did you Reese are. I recycled and who took options when it got there yet threw at them with the recycled the paper recycled. So yeah I guess the double that there you got doubled that you get tomorrow off today all about Ayala thought about not only because his own doing meeting today and gonna do to tomorrow. And that indicator of which they're kind of see what you can do to make the world will be. Based in San.