The box office results proves we care about our kids more than our husband

Monday, February 13th


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Betty nine buys this this and the box office results from this weekend troops. That your significant other isn't the most important person in your life even around Valentine's Day. The top five movies this weekend for the box office then no specific order John nick chapter to split it in figures. Fifty shades darker which is as equals fifty sheets of crichton the Lego Batman movie in which one do you think on down times they weekend. The weekend before Valentine's Day closest of sound and they would do it number one. Well would do the best I was say fifty shades darker and so you said it's now what you think right. While what was the ones on Valentine's movie is fifty shades darker number one. Proves that your significant other is the most isn't the most important person in your life. Let go back man CF fifty shades to. I was ten million dollars wow how did this cost. To tell the impending sense now that I think about God's who had no yeah and on down that. They weekend you have to you mean you block out time at least I hope. I mean you could see Batman next weekend or the next and we can it's going to be in the in the movie theater taking your kid to the Louise before your girlfriend wife or husband or boy. It is this it add this is got to be true for the majority of us if you have a family. And you can block out quote time. I am not going to spend time watching then doing in the movie I go to spent time with my husband. Hello time. And the I don't know if we go she could shades darker or even the first fiduciary do we ask their boyfriends and husbands to go with him I thought that was like let's all keep the girls together and because it's noon on. There might be but like I don't know if I can go see a kinky nobody movie like that in public and have to watch your home. It do you record on August 8 best assets sitting next mr. per sitting next to him here in Virginia. I thought it. Think to say that this movies Mara let's let's get out the girls together I overheard. A woman at quiet and this is a good start with a bunch of our friends that. Neighbors didn't produce section next to the cucumber doesn't mean anything. Yeah actually quoting some Canada. I. And it isn't it. We should go to stick to more Gurode golden girls and kind of movies and he had not really my thing it my way guess atlas gussy fifty shades darker Gillick. It's the first for the right. I saw the person myself so in the movie don't you update now wait in the you did not it's a long story kind of I was flying them myself back from New Jersey once and have one book that I. For some reason bought in airport was to teach you the great because would make you buy that don't know everybody. It was all the capitals flee from it we're talking about it. Guys were talking about it about the book for sandy and she can even threatened opening. I get to the chapter of the hardware store in and I pieced out at a and it I have extra time I am going to be with my husband not reading about. I was on the movie yet I sell out ultimately what can probably 12 with my girlfriend more. Right stuff may need to Spain Mormon myself and I you don't then you watch playing. And definitely when the movie came out I have to see it is it started reading the book of course that it finish it puzzlement the story and it didn't but. A it is relentless and didn't. Marriage the way it goes to bat and lag a shame on you yeah I had total mobs. By the bus and are starting to get bigger seats. All in diet bigot because the momentum on the Internet that probing is proving to be a bit saying. Because fifty shades of gray is not so much Iraq about a romantic BSM relationship in there about an abusive. PDF that relationship. And that's why fifty shades darker didn't do as well. All Elliott if you go up on the Internet and look up the PGA degrade dark. Inlet means going marking fifty shades of gray four beating about. And abusive relationship and honestly there's been any of these nooks and crannies of the Internet that are. Dedicated to helping BD SM relationships. They all. Loan. Would. And mock in that this. Yeah it is great I thought it was the Hollywood to think that at that now I'm Amy and just snapped. Definitely bothers me it's not a good kinky it's a bag kinky is urging him. It'd be every thing and it's raw it's it's the everything that's wrong with people's perceptions about beauty of that relationship. It is literally. It is the best way to discredit it could do you degrade it a handbook of what not to do in India and issued you seem emotional hot. He's unlike your. Very well versed in BD SM. I have friends. Are you joining us. I know your attention and you learned in my belt you know. The guns in his younger that I did little red room of pain but it's not like that paints us red room of push like she. You do yeah. I'd Barrett there have been different between like most people media. ND hard core work. Be it. I sent pace at hardcore their hardcore was. Yeah let you know what you're talking about thank you for calling things you have to appreciate the idea being the angle on that really appreciated.