Are you boycotting a store because of morals

Monday, February 13th


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Good morning it's busy as any on the buys the about never shopping never shopping at your favorite store ever again isn't it is it even possible. People are dropping their best shopping experiences for one reason and one reason only the best. Don't you stores weekday weekend for everything. Never going again for the same reason. We today in his second here on the bus when we are seeing windy skies more snow lake effect bands glass of awfully downturn are now. Maybe another traced to a one to three inches specially Wyoming in Wayne counties. But are now here's your school closings according thirteen wham avoca central is that a two hour delay and all schools unless otherwise. Told are on a two hour delay today. So got a book of Caledonia Mumford candidate or Kenneth CO Danza bill Dundee. Fillmore school is close. You've got Geneva on a two aren't away. Tony choice central schools. He does see LeBron is central was delayed two hours also Manchester shortstop Marcus Whitman Naples. And the pinion schools are on a two hour delay. Red creek on a two hour delay Romulus delayed two hours Seneca falls two hours south Seneca schools and Waterloo schools all of those schools are delayed two hours today. You may see a report on channel ten this weekend are over the last whenever he about people on boycotting stores. And how it's getting bigger and bigger and better beat you because of the stores and their owners and managers and and and employers. There are political views store companies like under armour. Are under fire you know for rule won't I think gathered to CEO. Backs trump her back trump during a campaign or whatever people are boys I backlash if you're right people are boycotting under armour hobby lobby which we have one here in the greater Rochester area people. Because of what they. Have been their insurance or health insurance packages what they don't have. Very Christian weren't there is suitors are Christian and I even open on Sundays which is when everybody you know stocks sold your favorite stores political views with that. Cause you to never and to boy yeah. I'm a Pratt I mean they're probably talking about it more knowledge is because we're. In this. God we have never been in a place like this happens it's at politically charged but I think that we all are doing more research. Before we buy something because there's. So many options out there now I absolutely I have to do research on the company and the owner of the company to make sure they're good people. That are way too much work if I want some donors who gave I don't care who would have voted for what it doesn't matter. It doesn't hurt them if I don't shop there. Yeah do you give your money who do you wanna give your money C we worked so hard for our money I ate it and I guess it's the bigger purchases I will really. Nature I'm I'm. Going to somebody that I believe in their depth they are we share the same morals and out. There's going which is funny because sure you've. Maybe how do you go to one place that for a big purchase right you probably go there once every couple years let's say it is a car or through some kind of a reality couple real or company to buy a house. But the places you go every day I think the wal marts or specific grocery store or other department stores like a target or Home Depot you probably spend more money there in the long run my. That is true but if I find out something about that company that is just completely on the opposite end of my morals absolutely and it's the ever again I think a lot of people don't even care they really may think you don't care how you really can't get it I'm going where he's he's used to get. And it's the best deal you can. And something about the company that goes against you were personal belief right. So manner your heart I can hide anyway I tomatoes at tomato which it fired from a. For all trucked or negative trump kind of per doesn't mean love well OK if your approach some negative tramp I and to attempt at. I'm not sure that would sway my decision that specific example but there are things that if I find out about the company. It just doesn't sit right with me I absolutely will change. My wife is all about me I don't care about anybody else I think a lot of people like this. Whatever just I want it now and I wanted to as best as I can get and I wanted to as quickly as possible and doesn't mean I'm not gonna journal out of my way because. They feel a certain way on that certain morning subject. In this report for example when it comes to moral beliefs and stuff like that though the one person was quoting in the channel ten report. Hot Columbia won't patronize them all touched them and I actually used to go there like once a week that is the person who set. Who made that comment after they found out that the chain refuses to pay for certain kinds of birth control for the employees who have also that's the moral thing that people are making decisions on now to to do. As well and I got to mind your high the bus go ahead. Yeah. It. Are you boycotting anything specific. We did you get a share it and that's fine we will take your opinion. I. OK so. That are there at the right. And II out and they are. Our pac and yeah it's a big. Like it. You know I hit it at all bad. It was well. That theory or. Well at it. Like that went. Out. At it right at. It Leo where. It's there keeping them. It really comes down the root of it it's even not even just politics per say the root of where their morals card today and line their morals with what you believe then I think is what Haskins is still only. We all do that would. That chick filet had some drama with. The gay and lesbian community years on them heard or something like that you were gonna remember that but you know what. It's it's smooth over. I may think about it but it's there and I'm hungry when we get it's not because I'm a get them for their board morals and values it's his debt once exam so. Near morals and values kick in in your beliefs when they become you know when do they have no I'm not trying to finish what they have integrity right every integrity if its armed. Usually like if if it's not seas or the KKK okay all right seriously that's easy and that's about that's and it crystal clear yeah that's about it but look at other than that I'm up by an under our you know. Are under armour. Are expensive yet stupid and. How about it. I got me put it that there are calls committed about this year and very passionate today are as sick this guy go ahead. I'm undecided at it doesn't it's food bother me now it's ban. Is don't you dare. It you know it is if we give it becomes too much you know but it did. It's hard to have doubts. If you finally act that the CEO of the company that you normally go to for whatever right. Something that you're like oh god I don't pull it is a ball that's. Are horrible standard set in division. When he's on he's accused her serve we have enough trouble getting the right peaches when we go shots. Well we need the organic ones or ally of the economy like we just wanted to get that list checked off that's all we're here terminal there. Majority of guys that beset the big guy to a you a list. He's he's going to get the list these out. The exact. I'm finishing this list that he's in the next CEO may be different you know as a Valentine's Day shopping. Tonight probably should simply doesn't to get us the Intel. Our armed stock and three during the in that hour or so what are your job tonight locked into the store and think oh my god for people boycotting this store. If I say yeah where and 39 areas or nobody knows. Among got you going north yet and you're stopped the very good thanks to things and heads up on them and thank my. Man who'll get the full drug report coming up in just a cigarette more calls at 2222899. Were ons is in a Sammy the buzz tiger hadn't. I think our people respect at all nearly eighty. Or after eight Y all. Well you'll store jet. Well it's different when there's an option right I don't know Wal-Mart or go to target all right go to wegmans and tops the. Your hard earned money this is your money why would you put it in the hands of somebody who doesn't do. You know and believe in the same thing this. Silly believe in everybody has their own belief possibly even. Something that you are against right yes OK because it's closer thank you because it's more my spokesperson Gary understands our. Because it's closet closer and it's more convenient that's why that's why. So how. So whenever you take a stand on anything how am I supposed to take you seriously when there's no integrity to that stand right. When you who say you know this is this has to be this way because the other way is wrong. What if that other way it was closer would be you know what I mean there's no integrity your beliefs than if you stand by the men and you know put him into affecting her is my busy to be that for drama I just when I guess I won't I won't I don't know I just cereal today. I seriousness GI. No they don't we are in good company good morals slip it's not a decent burial would be if it's not your stereo and and it's not zeal right cereal for me yeah. That's the only movie yeah it's.