Barry McKay

M-F 2p -7p

Career: I’ve made radio stops in Houston, Seattle, Baltimore, Virginia Beach and now Rochester! I’m also a commercial voice over talent for Dick’s Sporting Goods, Toshiba, QVC and more. In my spare time, I emcee weddings and corporate parties.

Things I Love: Family time, movies, going to the beach with my wife, Jill, and hanging out in my garage messing around with my fun Mustang convertible (weekend gear head)!

Favorite food: Pizza with ranch dressing and sugar (don’t judge)!

Drink of choice: An ice cold Coca Cola Classic.

Biggest OH WOW moment: Hanging with my favorite band, Aerosmith, for an hour at a small barbeque.

Second biggest OH WOW moment: Meeting KISS!

Favorite movie of all time: It’s a Wonderful Life (and it is)!

Scariest moment: White water rafting in Class 5 waves…Whoa!