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Woman Too Important to Use One Parking Spot (PICS)

I was in Pittsford when this woman decided she was too good to park in one parking spot... I even asked her if she knew what she had done and she just ignored me and moved on... beotch!

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05/24/2010 2:53AM
Woman Too Important to Use One Parking Spot (PICS)
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05/24/2010 3:15AM
let me guess , she was in a hurry to get her hair and nails done.
05/24/2010 4:23AM
I would've keyed her car. LOL Ya know what else irks me in a parking lot? I hate when there are plenty of handicap spots, but the people w/ the handicap tags opt to use an able body parking spot. There were times when I was very pregnant w/ twins and/or had a twisted ankle & had to hobble from a further spot because of asses like that!
05/24/2010 5:55AM
pharmacy technician
What a great resource!
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