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Kimberly and Beck

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Woman Kicks and Bites Officer, Arrested for Drunk Driving

Of course she had her kids in the car too...

PS: Um... ouch.


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09/07/2011 9:47AM
Woman Kicks and Bite Officer, Arrested for Drunk Driving
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09/07/2011 9:58AM
I wonder what the kids' mom looks like if she's leaving her kids with this lady. She looks like a catcher's mitt! Even Keith Richards looks better than her! Hope the cop got a rabies shot after being bit by her!
09/07/2011 12:29PM
i was there.
There was only the 8 year old in the car while she was driving. Her sister is standing next to me and verifies the entire thing. The 8 year old was her son and if anyones going to tell a story please be sure to get the story right. I dont agree with drinking and driving and also not taking April's side, i have known this woman and she may have a few problems but she is not a horrible mother.
09/08/2011 1:54AM
CPS needs to permanently remove this 8 year old
Dear Kimberly and Beck, Was listening to your show yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that there is a lot more to this story. This isn't the first time that April was arrested. Lets just say I live very close to the situation, and obviously want to remain anonymous. I don't need any backlash from telling you what I know. But let me tell you no one in the 8- yr old little boys life should be taking care of him. From what I understand he is now in the care of his Grandfather and his Aunt Kim. Grandpa goes through the neighborhood taking things that don't belong to him. Rumor has it that he suffers from dementia and since his wife passed away about a year and half-two years ago, his clepto habit has definantly gotten worse. I myself have personally witnessed him taking things right off from the neighbors porch. When "caught in the act" the guy looks like a deer in the headlights. This is more of a nuisance then anything else in the neighborhood. We pretty much feel pretty sorry for the old guy. However, we don't have a whole lot of sympathy for the Aunt who, like I said appeared to be putting the 8-yr old on the bus this morning. Aunt Kim likes the bottle just as much as this boys mother. Not sure if she has been arrested or not. There is a set of railroad tracks about 1/4 mile give or take away from the park where they all live. Just over this past summer, this family came through the park asking if we had seen the 8 year old. After hours of searching, apparently they found him down by the tracks. He tells the other kids in the neighborhood how he has stayed out all night long. I myself have seen him walking around by himself 7-8 o'clock in the morning. I can also tell you that he lives between the addresses of 2 registered sex offenders. I can't tell you how many times I have come home to see the Ontario County Sheriffs office and CPS at either the homes of April or of Kim/Joe's. I was really thankful today to know that CPS was there when they arrested April. I thought maybe they could finally get this little boy some much needed help and make a difference in his life. However, even though I understand that most of the time they want to keep kids with family members, this is one of those cases that I truly feel that this boy would be better off with a good, permanent foster care parent. He is a product of his enviroment and if he remains with April, Kim, or Joe (Grampa) he's going to end up at OCJ in the next 8 years.
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