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Which Pair of Glasses Should I Get?

I'm looking at getting a new pair of glasses and wanted you guys to help me pick them! Check out the pictures and VOTE IN OUR POLL BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK: http://www.rochesterbuzz.com/pages/5448852.php

First Picture:

Second Picture:

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05/19/2010 2:36AM
Which Pair of Glasses Should I Get?
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05/19/2010 2:51AM
hmm , bottom pic.no no wait , top pic. hmmm yea top pic. the bottom pic look like lady glasses
05/19/2010 2:59AM
05/19/2010 3:02AM
Not a fan of either, but if I had to pick; top pic.
05/19/2010 3:28AM
Neither.. too big of a frame for your face..
05/19/2010 3:49AM
Su Gillette
Neither....your current glasses look great though!!!
05/19/2010 4:08AM
Dingo ate your baby
If you had to pick one of them I would say the top, however you really should look at some other frames. Although you could get the bottom pair and get the strand of pearls to hang them around your neck when you are not using them since they make you look like an old man. In short... they look like something Kimberly's dogs would have left on your lawn.
05/19/2010 4:12AM
Bag both of them and start over
05/19/2010 4:14AM
I really don't prefer either but if I had to choose I would pick the second pair.
05/19/2010 4:20AM
I dont like either... bottom pic if your going to choose one of them though... You should really think about some wire frames or frameless
05/19/2010 4:53AM
neither. Go to One Hip Chic Optical,235 Park Ave. She has great frames, far different then most shops around here! You WILL find the perfect frame for your face and personality.
05/19/2010 5:18AM
Sorry Beck...but neither! Continue to search.
05/19/2010 7:13AM
NEITHER! Neither one does you justice Beck. Try some frameless lenses or something a little less bold.
05/19/2010 8:44AM
I like your current ones better than either of these. :)
05/20/2010 2:36AM
Look at the wire frames. The ones in the pictures are too big for your face.
05/20/2010 5:43AM
Neither but if your set on one of these two I would say bottom ones!
05/20/2010 10:36AM
Neither of these looks good. Would try some of the wire frames as suggested earlier.
05/24/2010 8:48AM
I don't like either of these. I agree with a lot of others, the bottom pair if you are going with one of these, or try wire or frameless. Or try contacts!
05/25/2010 1:49AM
Neither pair do you any justice. Look at other pairs and a little smaller too. Good Luck
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