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Webster Thomas High Kills Valedictorian Recognition

They are replacing it with magna cum-laude, Summa cum-laude, etc. so more people get recognition for their grades.

This seems to be a growing trend. People say the old way creates to much compeition and doesn't recognize the other students who excell in school.

Is this the "everyone gets a medal" idea? Are we teaching our kids to not compete for things? 


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06/17/2011 7:21AM
Webster Thomas High Kills Valedictorian Recognition
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06/17/2011 7:44AM
Who's not smart enough
I'm thinking it was too hard for the school admins to do the math to figure out who actually would get the honor
06/17/2011 7:51AM
what about competing on the world stage
They've been saying for years that our kids can't compete with China as far as education goes so lets make it so kids don't want to compete anymore and see where our school and job skills are in 5 years. Also, is the fact that more girls are getting the valedictorian and salutatorian spots than boys too much for the boys to handle?
06/17/2011 8:07AM
webster thomas
This is the most stupidest thing that the Webster Thomas School board could do. So are they going to forfeit all there sporting events in the future cause it causes to much competition to play against other schools.isn't that pretty much the same thing.
06/17/2011 12:56PM
We are not communists.
No. We arent communist. No, we aren't teaching the kids that competition is bad. Yes, we will still have students who are well prepared for the competition of real life. It is a system designed to recognize those who still stretch themsleves and perform well, and not just two students. You would know that if you actually did some research instead of ranting about how the smart kids get recognized with the woodshop kids. This does'nt mean everyone gets a medal. You are still competing. If you want to do well, then you can push yourself to do so. If you want the actual breakdown: Summa: 95% or abvoe AND taken at least 3 AP courses Magna: 90% or above with at least 2 AP courses. cumLaude: 85% or above with at least 1 AP course. The kid who gets a 100 in easy classes with no APs has a higher GPA than the kid who takes a lot of APs and gets mid 90s. Now, taht problem is lessened. Fractions of points can hurt class rank by a lot. If you think only recognizing 2 is the best way to do it, what do you say to #3? "Im sorry, you were beaten by .01 points, try harder next time". The system is designed to recognize the efforts of those who still give their best effort, challenge themselves, but don't always have the best grade. If their grades aren't good, they won't be prepared for the competition. But do NOT tell me for a second that this system means that I will not be prepared for the real world. I have a 94 GPA, take AP classes, and participate in volunteer activities, the National Honour Society, and the FIRST Robotics team, so i'm pretty sure I understand some of how life works. Im ranked 44 out of 360. I have a friend with a 93 GPA, she is 59. 1 point means im that much better? Of course, I could always end up being a radio host who calls Webster Thomas communists for eliminating the Val/Sal recognition. Also, if you cared to research further, you would know that they are phasing the system in over 3 years. The class of 2015 will be the first without a val/sal.
06/17/2011 1:14PM
do your research.
If you actually did your research instead of ranting about how we are communists, you would know this doesn;t mean everyone gets a medal. It still keeps competition. It encouraged students to stretch themsleves, rather than take all beginner level classes to get a better GPA. I take AP classes, and my GPA is a 94. But apparently i'm not good enough to be successful in life. Unless I want to be a worthless radio host. Im ranked 44 out of 360. The people in my class that have higher GPAs because they take easy classes are better prepared than I am? I'm on High Honor Roll, National Honor Society, the schools FIRST robotics team (look it up. See what the program does for high school students. USFISRT.org), and participate in many volunteer activities. But because I'm not #1 or #2, I suck? Do NOT for a second tell me that I am not prepared to meet the competition of real life because of this system, which is actually being phased in over the next three years. So the class of 2015 will be the first class without a val/sal. You would know that if you actually tried to learn about the system. Let me break it down: Summa: 95% or higher and taken 3 APs Magna : 90% or higher with 2 APs cumLaude: 85% or higher with 1 AP You are competing to be the best you can be. If a student wants to do well, he wil push himself. If not, than they wont get recognized. If someone has a 100 GPA, but only took 1 AP course, they will gratuate cumLaude. This doesn't mean "everyone gets a medal." Nor does it say competition is bad. GPA is affected by fractions of points. So what do you tell #3 in his class? "I'm sorry. You missed it by 0.01 points, try harder next time." The system recognized those who still put forth their effort, but aren't always the very top. The difference between val and sal are also fractions of points. I have a 94 GPA, my friend has a 93. Im 44th, she's 59th. One point spread us that far apart on the rankings, so apparently I'm better than her because of 1 point. Not the case. The woodshop kids won't get recognized with the AP kids, and even if they did, their transcripts would show any college who the better student is. Next time, before you say how we are communists and will not be prepared for real competiton, do your research. Alhough sane people aren't as fun to listen too. Rants and big words make for better ratings, so just keep going on with that then.
06/17/2011 1:32PM
It works, if you actually think about it.
What is everyone's problem with the new system? It doesnt eliminate competition! There are actual requirements to graduate in a specific category. You said on the radio that apparently we are "communists"? How can you say that? If you were a student, and you worked hard, took AP classes and only got a 93 GPA instead of a 100, would you think that the person who took all beginner-level classes should graduate ahead of you, even though that person didn't work as hard as you? You make it sound like the students are being set up for failure. They aren't. If you actually saw how prepared some of our students our, then you would realize how bad you sounded this morning. You were not valedictorian. Neither am I. But that doesn't mean I'm worthlesss. But you don't have kids, so you have NO idea what it's like. Stop badmouthing the new system, they arent even killing the recognition until 2015. I look forward to your rant in 4 years.
06/20/2011 4:29PM
This is a good thing! What this does is recognize those students who take the toughest courses available. When just a student's average is considered you are comparing apples and oranges. Many students will take basket weaving at the expense of the tougher classes to make sure their GPA stays high.
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