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Kimberly and Beck

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Wayne County Drug Bust

This group of people allegedly stole $405,000 from an old man who didn't believe in banks. They got caught eventually but cops only recovered $68,000 of it though... oh and they found them with 380 pot plants too!!!!

Details: CLICK HERE.

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04/11/2011 9:26AM
Wayne County Drug Bust
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04/11/2011 9:51AM
Deaf, dumb and blind
So, Victoria Williams couldn't SMELL the marijuana growing in her house? Give me a break!
04/11/2011 5:42PM
The Godfather
If you steal a few comic books in Monroe county Kimberly and Beck make you out to be The Godfather with a mafia ring to boot. If you steal almost a half mill in Wayne county you are "Rednecky." Right Kimberly?
04/12/2011 8:49AM
From the 315
Kimberly, I new Joe and victoria, and haven't been in contact with them in about 5 or 6 years. However, This whole thing is surprising to me. I would not have pictured them being involved in this theft. I don't think victoria would have ok'ed this. i feel so bad for this man, who lost his life savings, was glad to hear the items bought are being returned so he can recover some of his money. as for wayne county in general "food for thought" there has been A hit in run and two escaped convicts in the area also in the last week. Things like this make us really wonder about how this area is or may be changing.Look up the hit and run that took place in wolcott on the second, Zak was a friend of mine also, and last I knew was in critical condition.
04/12/2011 1:13PM
I know about 90% of the people involved. This is not surprising behavior from some, a couple wow. But there is more of this kind of thing in this area. These people the wheel and deal call themselves entrepreneurs! yet "having a job or cover business" they still have to steal! I say if the police turn their cheeks to some because they are related to former cops, lets just make it legal. Ny has the highest number of welfare etc. so tax them to broke maybe then they will be forced to work hard for all of the 4 wheelers, snowmobiles,hummers,new houses,barns etc. just like the rest of us. Bet those vacations to other countries slow down and all the buying of toys. If these people walk in with cash (in these amounts) they should have to fill out irs form!!!!! no dollar goes untaxed!!!! Send them all to jail or just legalize it, maybe our gas prices can go down so us ones that have to work can afford to go 2 work!!!!!!! Just saying!
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