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WTF PIC: KKK Snowman

Really? Come on, this is terrible! Happened in Idaho... should he be allowed to do this?

Full story, CLICK HERE.

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12/03/2010 7:15AM
WTF PIC: KKK Snowman
Comment here...
12/03/2010 7:44AM
what is the big deal....
who cares it's his yard
12/03/2010 10:05AM
You know
Political statements like this make me wonder what he is overcompensating for.
12/03/2010 10:34AM
Um are you effing kidding????????
12/03/2010 10:39AM
KKK Snowman
He's an idiot, but it's in his yard and he does have the right of free speech, no matter how offensive it is.
12/03/2010 12:00PM
love it lol
i love it
12/03/2010 12:33PM
KKK Snowman
What a hick.
12/03/2010 2:27PM
kkk snowman
dude looks to unhappy to play in the snow...probably sent his kids out to do it then beat them for doing so
12/03/2010 4:15PM
I don't get it.
What's racist about a snowman shaped like a ghost?
12/06/2010 12:38PM
A dunce snowman
That is clever actually
09/15/2011 12:31PM
your cool
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