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WHO WANTS A PUPPY?!? Her name is Minnie and she is 1 year old. She is loyal, potty trained, up to date on all of her shots, she just isn't fixed yet..

If your interested, contacted us and we can give this dog a new home :)

02/06/2013 7:23AM
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02/06/2013 7:26AM
what kind of breed is the dog?
02/06/2013 7:42AM
I would love to get to know your precious Minnie
I had a small dog named Minnie who had to be put down 4.5 years ago. She was a small dog looked very similar to Toto from Wizard of OZ. I am very interested in this Minnie. Would like to know how big she is and also thinking that since this is very difficult for the little girl and her Mom I if my family and I were to adopt Minnie I would be willing for it to be an open adoption situation and would love for them to remain in Minnie's life if they choose. I have a husband and two of my three children still at home a boy 12 and a boy 17. Please contact me at 851-9868, my name is Pattie Augustine. Thank you for considering me.
02/06/2013 7:43AM
Your Dog Minnie
As I stated above I would love to be considered as the adoptee for Minnie
02/06/2013 7:52AM
a sweet dog
I am looking for a new dog. I had to put my dog dow because he had a bad liver, We had him for 13 years and i would be happy to give Minnie a loving home She will be treated like gold> call 857-0961 cell :)
02/06/2013 8:30AM
Looking for dog
We had a fire in our home back in July. We lost our dog from smoke inhalation. My daughter is constantly harping on when we will get a new dog. Part of our criteria is that it needs to be potty trained. We haven't moved back home yet but everything will be brand new. Hence the need for the dog to be trained. I hope you will consider our family when making your decision. Please respond to gm73@aol.com.
02/06/2013 8:40AM
Maybe a better alternative
Good morning, I heard about the woman who needs to find a home for her puppy due to restrictions where they are moving. While I realize this option may not work, I have a home listed in Greece that would almost certainly be cheaper to own than wherever they are moving to. This is no joke. Thanks Leo http://www.nothnagle.com/Properties/Details.aspx?MLS=19&M=R198907
02/06/2013 8:46AM
Where is the picture of the dog?
02/06/2013 4:56PM
Very Interested in the dog Minnie
I was listening to your show this morning and couldn't believe the story about Minnie. I have a son who also suffers with Epilepsy and would very much consider Minnie. I realize that she isn't a service dog however any type of warning would be helpful to keep him safe. We currently have a lab who is a rescue he's about 2 years old. We have plenty of yard for them to run and play. I'm very excited about Minnie and her amazing ability to sense a seizure its a special gift. As I stated any warning to keep my son safe would be Helpful .We would love to welcome her into our home. Please consider our family to love Miss Minnie :) 585-682-4341 Thank You
02/06/2013 5:54PM
My mom has been looking for a dog!
We r very very interested ion Minnie for my Mother she is 60 and lost her dog 2yrs ago and has been waiting for a dog that needs a home. I have a 8 yr old that my mother watches who loves dogs and would play with Minnie as well! It would be a very loving home and we would never give her away! Please contact us ASAP my name is Tammy 339-8617
02/06/2013 7:17PM
We would love to meet Minnie and have her meet us!
Our family would love to welcome Minnie into our home. I am a teacher, my husband works at home, my daughter is a freshman in college and my son is a senior in high school. Until last May we have had a dog in our lives for the past 23 years, when we had to put our rescue dog to sleep. Our hearts have healed and we are ready to share our love and home with Minnie. Please consider our family to be the perfect place for Minnie. I love to walk our dog after getting home from school and cuddle with our littlest family member at night. Thank you! Anne at 544-0382.
02/10/2013 9:19AM
Federal Law Prohibits not allowing a Service dog
They do not have to give up there dog when they move. please tell them that. Federal law prohibits a landlord from not allowing a service dog. The Federal Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504), and the Washington State Law Against Discrimination all require that applicants and tenants with disabilities be provided with “reasonable accommodations” as needed in order for them to have an opportunity for full use and enjoyment of their housing. Allowing tenants and their guests who have disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals is a reasonable accommodation to housing policy and practice. These four regulations seem at first glance to be an imposition on landlords and businesses that
02/11/2013 8:12AM
Who wants a puppy
Thank u much to everyone for their interest in Minnie! We have found her a home and we will be staying in touch with Minnie thks to Karen! Thank you so much!
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