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VOTE: What's your Favorite K&B Saying or Slogan?

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07/20/2011 7:43AM
VOTE: What's your Favorite K&B Saying or Slogan?
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07/20/2011 8:40AM
There was no picture tooken
I use this saying at least once a week - even if not in context because it is awesome!
07/20/2011 9:08AM
Brain Issue??
What about when Kimberly's mom said he has a brain issue? I think that should be added.
07/20/2011 9:10AM
Brain Issue??
What about Kimberly's mom saying "he has a brain issue" as a favorite saying?
07/20/2011 9:19AM
What's your Favorite K&B Saying or Slogan?
I like, "Don't taze me, bro!"
07/20/2011 9:46AM
Rocks!! We all need rocks!!!
Then we could all throw them!!
07/20/2011 9:46AM
voting on saying
I vote for "RIGHT NOW"
07/20/2011 9:47AM
another one
Another great one is it's all fun and games until someone gets herpes
07/20/2011 10:31AM
John Parinello's Poppycock
Many Kimberly and Beck fans have enjoyed listening to your show every single morning. However their favorite slogan from your show is not currently there. We would all enjoy it if John Parinello's Poppycock slogan was an option. Thank you for listening to our suggestions and we hope that you add it. Thank you, Kimberly and Beck Fan Tyler
07/20/2011 10:46AM
whats your favorite saying or slogan?
RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
07/20/2011 4:50PM
You forgot one
We talkin about practice. Not a game, not a game. Practice.
07/20/2011 7:10PM
my favorite..
Personally I like "did u know.. your mother is a w hore"
07/20/2011 7:11PM
There was no picture tooken
Love it
07/20/2011 7:11PM
What's your Favorite K&B Saying or Slogan?
Did You Know That Your Mother's A W hore?
07/20/2011 7:46PM
No pitcher tooken has got to be the best...
...that saying has become the Rochester/Monroe County equivalent of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" for a lot of friends of mine. We have a crazy night in the hot tub...some dude (usually me) ends up doing snow angels with women's underwear on...we wake up the next day with bloody marys and the FIRST thing we say is...that's right...There was NO PITCHER TOOKEN. And this is Dave from 50/50. Thanks for the chance to offer my opinion! See you soon!
07/20/2011 8:30PM
no picture tooken
yeah man
07/20/2011 8:50PM
Love This!
I could hear many of these saying's in the different voices as I read them. Made me smile, can't pick just one! Love you guys.
07/21/2011 12:00AM
I can't vote
Oh Kimberly, you are missing one! My sister and I laugh so hard at you when you say " Oh Come on Now " !!!!! That is our favorite, please add it!! We say it all the time!!!! Thanks & Love you guys Lisa in Batavia
07/21/2011 12:22AM
favorite saying
Nothing good happens after midlite
07/21/2011 7:29AM
There was no picture tooken
My favorite by far
07/21/2011 5:41PM
There was no picture tooken.
This hands down is the funniest, maybe not the best but the funniest, I listen everyday, it's hard to call cause I'm Driving, I'm a big dude so make one in a 3XL I'll buy it. I'll call in soon, Everytime theres a good topic So many people call, good and redicoulous reponses, haha, but rest assured I'd love a shirt "NO Picture Tooken" and when I do call it will be "FIRST time long time" LOL. Trucker John Buffalo NY :o). keep it up guys, congrats on 10 year.
07/21/2011 6:29PM
There was no pucture tooken!
I've always gotten the biggest kick out of that quote.
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