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VOTE: Should Pat Cash the Check?

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10/31/2011 8:30AM
VOTE: Should Pat Cash the Check?
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10/31/2011 9:25AM
10/31/2011 9:32AM
No Way!
Please, it's only been 2 weeks and if you're in the weeds that quickly, obviously you're doing something wrong. There are a lot of people worse off than you are, you're a creep if you cash that check. If you're in that badof shape, Jessie could go to work at McDonalds/Burger King to hold you over. You can talk all the junk you want, but I bet you make more money than most of us.
10/31/2011 1:03PM
You're kidding right!
10/31/2011 1:05PM
Yes you Patrick!
10/31/2011 1:05PM
Don't cash it, but if you do, donate the money to a food pantry or such - many are worse off then you Pat. You and your wife will be fine....
10/31/2011 3:40PM
Better yet
Pat, why not take the check and donate it to the Viet Nam Vets or the Open Door Mission. As a former Viet Nam Vet i am sure they could use this to buy some cloths or food for the area's homeless. My wife and i have donated five bags of cloths this year and $100.00 could help alot. moosie127@yahoo
10/31/2011 9:13PM
no way...if you do, you are a real sleeze ball
11/01/2011 9:53AM
Pat, You're a TROLL!
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