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VOTE: Are you OK with Breast Feeding in Public?

02/02/2012 7:09AM
VOTE: Are you OK with Breast Feeding in Public?
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02/02/2012 7:19AM
Not ok to show yourself to other children
The women could have taken her cart to the food area at the front of target and feed the baby under a blanket. And resumed shopping. I am currently breast feeding my 9 mo old and have has no problems dropping what I'm doing to take care of my son. Also it's a bioharazard
02/02/2012 8:20AM
to me, it's okay with me, but........
It's okay with the caveat that the breast-feeding is somewhat concealed......
02/02/2012 9:01AM
Breastfeeding is the best choice a mother can make for her child! Yes, it takes lots of energy, and consumes lots of time. But during that time, an amazing bond between Mom and Baby continues. Yes, waking up with your baby every 2 hrs thru the night can take its toll on you, but it is soooooooooooo worth it! I am a proud to say I breastfed my children! ~ Proud Mommy of 2 and a half.... Chris 8, Hailey Love 8 mths, and bun in the oven 19 week along
02/02/2012 9:46AM
I'm ok with it! Its a natural thing!!
You cant help if your baby is hungry when ur out in public. the baby doesnt say "hey we're out at the store, i'm hungry now". just because a mother choose to breast feed a baby doesnt mean she has to sit home all the time. If its legal for woman to walk around topless then its ok for a mother to feed her child at the store or out in public. If your not ok with it you must be one of those parents who let thier child play those violent video games. and those are the children that take guns to school and kill people!
02/02/2012 2:40PM
it's fine but not when you show your boob.
It is ok to breast feed in Target, but when you just whip out your boob and show kids your boob as well that is not ok. She should be arrested for public indecency. To be honest if that was my kid I probably would have knocked her out if she showed her boob.
02/02/2012 3:10PM
Breastfeeding in public is normal, natural, and shouldn't be considered any different than feeding a child a bottle in public. I've breastfed just about everywhere with my two boys.
02/07/2012 7:52AM
Of course it is what is best for the child. However, it is not any one persons place push thier opinion and/or way of life upon another. I have a five month old I wanted desperately to breastfeed. I tried for 6 weeks, but MY BODY could not produce anymore than 1 oz of breastmilk in 2 hours!!! I took supplements and I worked with a lactation specialist...still, nothing. That does not make me lazy or a bad Mother! It's woman like that who make other woman feel horrible about something beyond thier control.
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