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VIDEO: ALLEGED Local Police Officer Being Rough w/ Dog

WARNING, ADULT LANGUAGE... The dog's name is Roxie and the video that was forwarded to us and is shown below is...  disturbing. If you skip through the video you'll see him being rough with the dog. Is this animal abuse or just a guy being ajerk? Kimberly thinks it's abuse.

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05/01/2012 7:14AM
VIDEO: ALLEGED Local Police Officer Being Rough w/ Dog
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05/01/2012 7:52AM
RE: Roxie
Not only should this dog be removed from that home, the woman should 'get on with her life'..just like 'Rob' told her to do.RUN!And take poor Roxie with you!!
05/01/2012 8:09AM
bad training
Looks to me like the officer needs the training, not the dog. I have a dog that was once abused-she responds to kindness, consistency and love. Best and most loyal pet I have ever owned.
05/01/2012 8:09AM
Typical cop who gets away with abuse
There are many good police officers in the world, yet you get a few who think they are above the law. This dog is truely abused. This guy is a mean person and the dog should be removed from his house. If this was an everyday person`s home who was not a police office the dog would be removed without a doubt but because of who the guy is makes it difficult. Well I feel he is abusing this animal and the dog needs to be removed. Then the Police dept. he works for should take a good look at this idiot. Cops are not above the law, if anything they are supposed to be an up standing person to show a good example to the public. This guy does not have the temperment to be a cop or an animal owner and needs to be dealt with within the law.
05/01/2012 8:20AM
Revolution comes back once again
As A Child I was Abused my Dog was my my only Protection and When my Adopted Parents who adopted me only so they could have a slave Child But it was Smokey my German Shorthaired mixed Pointer was my protector and they had to put her in the basement so they could beat the Hell out of me it is always the fact that one abuse means that it never ends wether it is an Animal or a Child Abuse is Abuse and they should be put away for it
05/01/2012 8:21AM
he is very unstable man ,
surprise nobody caught on how he said about coming home and blowing somebody dead off.
05/01/2012 8:57AM
poor dog'' and wife
Wow'''This guy needs mental help'''and the dog needs to be gone, because his wife does nothing ...i would be screaming at him and never alow this. So much for calm - cool and collected....I have a 1yr and 1/2 old boxer that has chewed shoe's eatin cell phones and i have never acted this way EVER!!! towards him''they are learning like a child...oh my God...terrible
05/01/2012 8:59AM
Goodmorning Kimberly and Beck, I've known Rob for many years since middle school. He never braught negative attention to himself and was a nice kid. Surprised by the video he obviously has issues in his life that need to be addressed so he can salvage any bit of dignity he might have left. I can only hope that Roxie and Rob can get the help that they need to move forward in their life.
05/01/2012 9:09AM
He has no business being a cop.
What an idiot cop.
05/01/2012 9:11AM
What an idiot!
That individual is a typical, power hungry, bad cop.
05/01/2012 9:33AM
i would love to adopt her and would like to hear from you if get any further up dates on her my boyfriend and i lost both of our rotties last year and are looking for another i love your show and listen to you everyday on my way home from work love ya both jennifer
05/01/2012 9:51AM
Poor Roxie
I am so thankful for your help.You stepped up when no one else would.Because of you I pray Roxie will get justice and be placed in a loving home. This is the first times since this awful situation was brought to light that I have hope for Roxie.I am so touched by all the callers who spoke up for Roxie and gave this beautiful creature a voice. Let's hope Rob does the right thing and gives her to the humane society .We must keep on this ,I will stop now but just know I am forever grateful for you guys not being afraid and doing the right thing. If people were more like you Justice would always be served for the helpless like Roxie! Forever grateful, Rhonda
05/01/2012 10:06AM
Help rosie
Please help this dog, why did she go from one abusive home to another. Please get her out of there. He is going to really hurt her.
05/01/2012 10:30AM
No, it's not okay
To treat animals like this! It !s what makes them defensive and aggressive..then the animal is the one who ultimately pays for it... clearly this man has extreme anger issues and is capable of violent actions...and he clearly does not want this dog...thebest thing would be somehow to persuade this man to surrender the dog...with public outcry hopefully she can be rehomed before more psychological damage is done...
05/01/2012 10:37AM
I love animals and I understand frustration. Do I believe this guy should have been rough (if he really was, cuz you can't see what exactly he was doing on the floor), of course not, I don't like bad owners. Everyone is chastising him for one isolated incident (as far as you all know). A dog who is continuously beaten and treated as poorly as you are making it out to sound does not act that way around their aggressor. I am not saying he doesn't have issues, but that dog looks pretty healthy and happy so I would suggest getting more info before you tear the guy down.
05/01/2012 10:57AM
The poor dog!! That police officer needs to be BEAT! Why doesn't that girl stand up for Roxie? The dog deserves to have a safe place to live.
05/01/2012 11:48AM
Abusive Irondequoit Police Officer
I went to the police station and the dog is still with the abusive IPD officer. Please air this story again and again until they take the dog away! Thank you. For Roxy
05/01/2012 12:18PM
How is this even being called alleged????
This man is supposed to be protecting our community???????.....with all the cruelty that this "man" sees in his job on a daily basis, this is how he chooses to go home and treat a defenseless animal? I am the proud owner of two amazing rescue dogs and I cannot imagine the life that they led prior to me saving them, more importantly, I cannot imagine my life without them! We are so quick to judge those that drive drunk, abuse children, abuse spouses and commit crimes. What this POLICE OFFICER is doing is just as bad. He is taking the trust of an animal and destroying it. For those that don't have animals, getting that back, is very hard and when you can't get it back, those dogs have to be put down. Rottie's have a difficult enough time get adopted out and what this "man" has done is making it that much worse! He is a disgusting human being. What does scare me Kimberly and Beck, if he is willing to do this to an animal, is this how he treats the people that he arrests? Maybe the behavior that he exhibits on the job should be reviewed.
05/01/2012 12:47PM
She was rescued from an abusive home and now this??? You'd think a cop would be more compassionate
05/01/2012 12:49PM
This dog was rescued from an abusive home and now this. You'd think a cop would be more compassionate and smarter
05/01/2012 1:21PM
This has gone too far. This woman is using this dog to get back at her exboyfriend who just broke up with her. Sad but true. Its a puppy, u will see if u watch again, Danielle gets roxie riled up then calls Rob in to discipline her just to get this footage. Footage of a man grabbing said puppys snout as they tech you to do. It is also edited and much of the comments are to her and not the dog. He tried to end things amicably and she wouldn't allow it, showing up while he was working and STOLE THE PUPPY! He is the owner therefor got roxie back and she is mad. Yes I know them personally. I have so much more to say but ill leave it there.
05/01/2012 6:55PM
Why did SHE let this happen? Its almost like SHE used the poor dog to incriminate this creep- SHES no better than He is!!!
05/01/2012 8:29PM
Local police officer rough with dog
Someone should do that to him!!!! I want that dog!!
05/01/2012 9:06PM
Relationships...Gone To Far?
I think this was over kill.. Yes he had a bad relationship..yes he was not good to dog... yes he should of given dog to her....He never kicked her out of house or gave her"30 day notice"....You all heard him say..."you want to go on with your life...I want to go on with mine...I am tired of comin home to wanting to drop dead or wanting to blow someones head off of thier shoulders....What took her sooo long..dont u get it when it is time to go?..How does anyone know what he has been thru.....Why should it cost him his future? Appearently she knew the right buttons to push....Give the boy a break!
05/01/2012 10:20PM
And this is an officer of the law? Now I know to be scared of any irondequoite officer as my may just "blow my fing head off". That pup needs to be taken immediately, how can we do it?
05/02/2012 6:16AM
Get this dog away from the IPD idiot.
Please help Roxie. Thank you for her support.
05/02/2012 6:23AM
about roxie
my name is tina i watched the video on my phone there seemed to be more to here than to see. what i saw was cruel but i was wondering what started it. i listened yesterday while people were calling in about the police officer and the women he was with...sorry i don't know them and do not remember their names. i am thinking what people that were defending him by saying that its not about the dog were trying to get was trying to say is that she and he were a couple that just know how to set each other off and he took it out on the dog. i also noticed that they do not seem to believe the same things as to how a dog should be trained. his screaming and violence are never helpful her counter commands are not helpful for her either neither should have roxie she needs a constant home not a confusing one.
05/02/2012 10:35AM
I agree with Kimberly
I can't even make it through the video just to see her face breaks my heart! He should not have a dog or a badge for that matter! He's like a time bomb waiting to explode!
05/02/2012 12:55PM
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05/02/2012 1:17PM
Are you kidding me?
You have a dog that's being disobedient to its owner, and a push-over wife that would let her dog have the run of the house. You understand absolutely zero about how the law of Nature works, and pack mentality. She's trying to establish herself as an Alpha despite being the female, and seeing how much she can get away with. You have NO idea on how to properly train a dog. That dog wasn't abused in the slightest, and Kimberly, as usual, is showing that her opinion is about as worthwhile as listening to her on the radio.
05/02/2012 2:06PM
ALLEGED Local Police Officer Being Rough w/ Dog
i really do not see any abuse here. i see a woman calling him into the room purposely to get a reaction out of him. if she thinks he is abusing the dog why would you call him into the room??
05/02/2012 2:24PM
This cop should have his head taken off. Maybe put him in the cadge. He should be let go from his job. Needs help
05/02/2012 6:52PM
what i wanna say i cant on here but all i can say he is a waste of a man who treats animals like this he should be fired....and or someone should treat him like the way he did with this dog i hope someone out there takes good care of the animal i bet u anything if he wasnt a cop he be arrested...cops get away with everything what a scum bag
05/02/2012 6:53PM
05/02/2012 9:15PM
all i can say is wow wtf
05/02/2012 9:21PM
I am disgusted that this is what you have to report. Leave this guy alone. I am a dog LOVER and treat my dog like a king. This is a situation that was presented by someone looking to seek revenge. Kimberley and Beck, do us all a favor and move on. It would be worthwhile to hear about relevant topics, not this garbage.
05/02/2012 10:10PM
Anger is lethal...
He should be castrated...a man like that better not have kids!!!
05/03/2012 12:18AM
WIKIPEDIA: Cruelty to animals is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense.
05/03/2012 12:39AM
What a pig
what a pig this cop is..he shouldnt even be a cop poor dog i hope that roxie eats him alive one day then gets away from this scumbag wanna be in control freak hopefully he blows his own head off instead of someone elses like he sed he wanted to on the video
05/03/2012 2:10AM
UM he should not be allowed to carry a gun!
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