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This Woman Needs Longer Shorts...

Pat snapped this pic opver the weekend... for the record she wasn't a bad looking woman. She just needed longer shorts.

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Topics : Human Interest

05/23/2011 7:54AM
This Woman Needs Longer Shorts...
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05/23/2011 8:11AM
This Woman Needs Longer Shorts...
amazing, lmfao
05/23/2011 8:17AM
05/23/2011 8:26AM
Puts a new meanin to yuck!! Not sure i wanna see her face now! Lol
05/23/2011 8:33AM
customer's buttcheeks vs. intern's boobs
it's all about age you guys!!! taking a photo of this lady in her 40's and then posting photos of your 18 year old intern showing off 5 freaking inches of cleavage! LOL
05/23/2011 8:58AM
I just threw up in my mouth ! That's just wrong!
05/23/2011 8:58AM
I would hit it
05/23/2011 9:15AM
I wouldn't wear that at home alone..... she is looking for attention. Looks like she got it.
05/23/2011 9:17AM
Why would you leave your house like that?
05/23/2011 9:41AM
OMG! I would NEVER leave the house in shorts like that. Yeah I wear short shorts.. but not like that
05/23/2011 10:04AM
NOt bad
Come on guys with the average age of the buzz listeners here, 18 to 25....LMFAO.give me a break. I'm 46 years old and I'd tap that in a heartbeat..
05/23/2011 10:06AM
No short-shorts....
No short-shorts or "Daisy-Dukes" on ANY of us girls over 30...at lease not in public.
05/23/2011 10:23AM
Not bad
She forgot the thong though
05/23/2011 10:40AM
she needs to work out and tone up dat booty.
05/23/2011 12:10PM
I agree..not good
OK so this pic is NOT flattering at all....But....look at yourself Pat...you have some set of b--ls to be taking a sneak pic of someone and posting it for everyone to mock, when you look the way you look at your age!!! None of you have room to talk!!!!
05/23/2011 1:11PM
Longer or shorter
Not sure what she looks like over all but if they were shorter It would be no worse than a bathing suit.
05/23/2011 3:36PM
R U kidding me?
That's HOT! I would have bought her a bagel and coffee hoping to get her phone number! If you're a man looking at that, you HAVE to think that's she's probably easy going, if you know what I mean! :-)
05/23/2011 3:37PM
R U kidding me?
If you're a guy, that's HOT!!
05/23/2011 3:46PM
that doesn't look bad to me at all
05/23/2011 6:35PM
yer aul wrong
the shorts arent two short the rear is two long
05/25/2011 5:35PM
short shorts
It doesn't look nice this way despite the fact that she is slim.
05/27/2011 10:49AM
women complaining are jealous
Yeah, I said it, all you women that are complaining are jealous you can't sport this. All the men are looking at it and drooling, if they aren't they may want to check the mail for their gay card, it should be there today (not that there isanything wrong with that).
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