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Pic of the Aurora Borealis from the other nite

Went out for a walk...was a little weird.
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Top 3 Things to get at the Dollar Store

Shopping with friends can be dangerous when in a group. These are the times where in the middle of purchasing much needed things like soap that smells like bacon, a grenade that's really a screwdriver, and a pair of sneakers that glow in the dark someone blurts out..."Hey. Can we stop at the dollar store?"

Fear erupts. Panic. Everyone looks sneaks side looks at each other making sure to convey in eye contact that proper level of  inner manic torment to the other...but it's too late....someone else says "Uh...yeah sure."

Once inside their resonably priced goods call to you. "You need me..." You tremble. You must resist. You start sweating...

It's ok though - you're about to turn it into a top 3 things to pick up at the dollar store blog.

# 3. The headless horseman! Perfect for Halloween. Hell, it could even be scarier and be a headless pirate UNICORN. You have no idea! And it's ok...it's still a dollar either way.

#2. A WHOLE AISLE of pregnancy tests! Hurry before Maury Povich beats you to these! And also just a buck...think of the great story you could tell your kid about how you found out they were coming into the world. "Oh Frankie I picked up some 5 year old gummie pandas, a headless horse figurine, and 35 tests from the dollar store just to be sure since they were from the dollar store after all." There's even balloons just behind 'em to congratulate yourself either way.

#1. Dead Fish. This little guy isn't there yet but beware if one near you starts sellin sushi soon. Ahhh what a feast!

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Dear Weekend

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I love Google questions...

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New sign at work?

On my way to the bathroom today at work I noticed they put up a new public safety announcement lol
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Too much Criss Angel? Caption this!

Of the many things you probably don't know about Mike Danger is his closet obsession with studying Criss Angel. Observe!:


Will it float? Is he flying? Insert a caption below lol
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The Quest for the Great Pumpkin...BEER!

Fall is my favorite season. It gets a little cooler, the leaves get all crunchy, and the fall beer line rolls out! I went up with some friends to my friend Cindy’s cottage for one more weekend of fun while there was still water in Sodus Bay to actually dock the boat. Cindy surprised us with a surprise fall pumpkin beer blind test.

Introducing the panel:

Cindy who would later chart our experience in a very most excellent bar graph. Because she’s a biology teacher…and that’s what they do.


Wil, my friend from college that decided to rate them on his own highly developed  and tested “zang” scale.


Rachel, Wil’s wife and another of my friends from college who replied at the end of the tasting “oooh they were all pumpkin beers?”


and myself…who responded to Rachel’s finale with a giant facepalm. I think I still have a bruise.


To set this up: these beers were all paid for & we had no idea what we were drinking until all the votes were in. There were no special preferences or biases. Just 4 people who liked to drink beer. We rinsed after each round with a lite beer, because who the hell drinks water? Pfft. Now that that’s all cleared up…let’s go! The contendors:

The breakdown according to averaged scores:

1.       Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale             Score: 7.9

2.       Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat                          Score: 5.5

3.       Saranac Pumpkin Ale                                   Score: 5.1

4.       Blue Point Pumpkin Ale                                Score: 4.1

5.       Post Road Pumpkin Ale                               Score: 3

6.       Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale                             Score: 1.5

As you can see some fared better than others...here's a pic of them in order...in the dark because apparently we drank too much to know to turn the light on when it got dark outside lol.



Beer A – Saranac Pumpkin Ale

Wil: Whoo I would like to say this one has what I call “zang”…and a bit of potpourri. It’s alright.  - 6


Cindy:  It’s pretty mild & light. It has a little note of spice in there too.  I don’t think I like it much though. There’s something that’s a little weird in there– 4.5


Rachel: I agree with Cindy, but it’s so light it’s pretty drinkable. I could drink these for an evening without having to change to a different beer - 6


Violet: It almost tastes like a pumpkin wine cooler. It has that artificial taste and a ton of spice. It’s also pretty fizzy and leaves a gross after taste in my mouth.  – 4



Beer B – Blue Point Pumpkin Ale

Wil: This one is definitely less “zangy”. It’s like a sub-amber, it’s almost one but not quite there.  I like the first beer a bit more than this. - 5


Cindy: It smells pumpkiny. This is more foamy and tastes like clove. Really bitter after taste I can’t get away from. Yick. - 3


Rachel: Yeah this one is way too crispy. Too hoppy for me too. I couldn’t drink more than what was poured here. - 2


Violet:  At least it has a superb head. This one tastes really full-bodied with almost a creamy taste to me. Better than the first beer, but I still feel like it’s missing something. – 6.5



Beer C – Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

Wil: First word that comes to mind – stank. Mid-level “zang”. It tastes like bad fruit punch. - 2


Cindy: I don’t think so. It’s smooth but not over pumpkiny. There’s a mild pumpkin to this which is nice. This is my favorite out of what we’ve tried so far. - 5


Rachel: I think it’s smooth and delicious – 8 (*note*this was all we could get out of Rachel while she glugged the rest of this down)


Violet: Looks like a hefeweizen. Tastes like one but it’s a little different, that might just be the pumpkin tho. It tastes like someone took a regular pumpkin beer and mixed it with a hefeiweizen.  No head, head-less pumpkin beer? I still like it – 7



Beer D – Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Medi-zang? Not a fan of zang. This feels underachieved. “Eh I’ll make a pumpkin beer…no I’ll go out for a drink while it’s brewin” - 3


Cindy:  It’s got a good head and it tastes like beer. But what an effin disappointment.    2.5 (*note* we
paused here while cindy gagged for about 2 minutes)

It’s too hoppy…way too bitter. I definitely would say “displeasing” – 2

I love hoppy sh*t, and I don’t like this crap. Really disappointing head for me & has that “funk” after taste. Maybe that’s what happens when you do pumpkin wrong.  – 4.5


Beer E – Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Wil: Whoa! This is like being out for a walk on a nice 61 degree autumn afternoon in New Hampshire with 60% humidity, semi-cloudy and slightly breezy! Perfectly mild amber taste, and it’s not too bitter.  I’m so taken aback this doesn’t make an appearance on the zang-o-meter. - 8

I like! Nice head and pumpkin aroma. Nice color too. I’d have to agree with you Wil and add in that the walk would be surrounded with colorful foliage, big words, and covered bridges. – 8

This seems like a harvest beer. I like the color…and it’s kind of like a milkshake. A delicious beer milkshake with a tiny bit of pumpkin. - 7

: The smell makes me happy. Some others were pretty gross smelling. Tiny bit of pumpkin, nice spice, no ass after taste. Enough of this and Inner Violet would go find a clown to make out with under a big top…twice. – 8.5



Beer F – Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

Wil:  This one has a urinal smell. 11 on the hoppy scale…I feel like I went down on a hobo…and he peed a bit. - 1

Cindy: Way too hoppy. Tastes like my crazy meds dissolved on my tongue.  This one is a big fat nasty…like a drunken one night stand. - 2

Rachel: Gah. Probably my ass tasted better. This one tastes like puke in my mouth…which I did not like. Just wanted to clarify. - 1

Violet:  The smell definitely makes me want to vomit…and I might. At least I wouldn’t have to eat my vomit and give a review of it. Really sad to go from that last one that was so good to this. Gross. Amish people should stick to making furniture.

Wil: Wait. This is an amish beer?

Violet: I have no idea. – 2


Upon completing the blind taste test we waited patiently while Cindy made this clearly unbelievably talented and professional bar graph.

And that was the end of our Great Pumpkin Beer Blind Taste Test #1. Now...if Halloween's comin shouldn't there be some damn candy around???

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Violet takes a trip to Greece

     So I’ve been away from Rochester for about 8 years now frolicking with flowers and hookers in Sacramento and Las Vegas (respectively). During this time I enjoyed not having to actually own a winter coat. Winters meant rain and taking pictures on the beach making sand snowmen to send back to family back home just to piss them off.

     After moving back I gave in and decided to get one ahead of time (compared to my normal procrastinating self that would normally wait until the first blizzard then haul ass to the store in a tshirt cussing out my life).

      As a kid growing up on the east side we always pined for the stores in Greece that seemed to be just too far away. That’s where all the good stores were, but you could never convince your parents or your friends parents to drive out there. Worse, if you needed a jacket you’d not only NOT go to Greece, you’d end up with some sassy number from Ames or Gold Circle that got you made fun of until spring came as you hung your head in shame.

      Now as a mature *cough* adult I decided it was time for all of that to change and braved a 30 minute drive to the mall in Greece. I didn’t even have to stop to get gas or take a bathroom break. I was impressed. I made it to Greece!

      I got out of my car and was promptly met by 3 gentlemen in puffy jackets who let out a “yo” and a head nod/eye brow raise before one of them tripped on their pants and had to pull them back up to his mid-thigh.

     Entering by the food court I saw a new attraction that had been added since I had last been there. The Paul Blart Mall Cop ELEVATED throne. Now they can watch and rule you from above while you chomp on your overcooked Chinese food or 37 year old piece of pizza from Sbarro. And it even looks legit.


     After debating between a normal coat and a “holy *#@*# I just moved back to Rochester I bet the winter is gunna &@#@ with me” ultra-mega-parka, I pondered my luck quickly before selecting the parka. Mother Nature likes to @&#* with me.


     Headed back to my car after taking a few “hey gurrrl”s too many before bumping into my good friend lil wayne! So we took the obligatory facebook shot.


     Then I made fun of his grill and he tried to bitch slap me…after that I decided I was out.

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The Fastest Way to Lose 100 pounds

Just lob off your legs! Woman went in for weight loss surgery & ended up losing her legs after some blood clot thing: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2039271/Mary-Beth-Ruphard-loses-legs-weight-loss-surgery.html
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The most important graph you'll ever see

I may be a virgo. I may be a geek. Neither discounts this graph's usefulness.
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