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The Penn State Indictment

A little warning, this is graphic and quite long...

CLICK HERE to read the indictment.

11/09/2011 7:39AM
The Penn State Indictment
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11/09/2011 8:02AM
After listening to the show, and reading that, I am in complete agreement that everyone that was told should be fired. Disgusting.
11/09/2011 9:02AM
Makes me sick!!!
I cant believe I actually read the whole thing. I wanna thow up. What is wrong with people!?!?! These are our precious future, our chilren!!! How can people destroy the lives of the innocent like that. Everyone that was even remotely involved or had knowledge should be fired. And this sandusky guy.. well I'd say sodomize him, but he'd like it. He should really suffer. I just dont even think I can entirely put into words how I feel right now. I have a 9 year old son and I rally do anything I can to keep communication open and let him know whats appropriate and not and that there is nothing that anyone can threaten him with. And I would never be that person to turn a blind eye to ANYTHING that seems inappropriate with someone elses kid. We are the adults here,we have an obligation!
11/10/2011 6:29AM
You are way off base on this one.
So when was Paterno indicted? I can't seem to find that article anywhere. What crime did he commit? He reported the incident like employees do every day in industry..are they too to be blamed if management doesn't act. Since you are so concerned with the chain of command..why are the trustees beyond reproach..after all the University president reports directly to them. Put the blame where it belongs, on Sandusky. You two keep talking, this time tommorrow you will have convinced each other that Paterno actually committed the abuse. Since Paterno is being villified and tried by the media I would like to remind you of a little North Carolina case called Duke lacrosse. How did that work out?
11/10/2011 7:27AM
Anyone who was made aware of Sandusky's behavior had a legal responsibility...
to report this to law enforcement. The indictment makes it clear that there was a coverup by all, including Paterno. If he "didn't" know about it, he should have been fired anyway for incompetent management. He was definitely aware that something inappropriate was occurring. Read the indictment. It's appalling.
11/10/2011 7:33AM
Read the indictment, way off
There is absolutely no parallel with Duke lacrosse. Paterno knew. If he didn't, he should have been fired for incompetent management. This went on for YEARS. Anyone who didn't report it to law enforcement should be punished, not just fired. Read all 23 pages. It's appalling.
11/10/2011 10:41AM
Shame on them all!
Paterno is not indicted, but does that mean he should keep his job? NO! Nobody...and I mean nobody...stopped it. Not even the janitor (over a stinkin job!) If it were me, as a woman, I would have put my arms around that child and said "Come on, you are coming with me!" There is no WAY I could have allowed that creep to act another day. And shame on everyone who turned their eye on this injustice. These are 8 of how many kids whose lives have been damaged? We will never know. If you knew that was happening in your house, would you turn your eye and say oh well? Heck no. You would say "NOT in my house" and that is what Joe Pa should have done. As far as Sandusky goes - I pray that he gets locked up without a key. Shame, Shame, Shame!
11/10/2011 1:15PM
No.....you're way off base
Reading the indictment, I just found it amazing that this guy still had unfettered access to the college campus and these guys (Paterno included) looked him in the eye every day, knowing this had happened and probably thinking it was still happening, and not have a sense of guilt or a moral conscience to stop it. I don't blame Paterno for what happened, but certainly, more could have been done. This monster was enabled by these idiots and will likely deserve all of the indecent liberties that will bestowed upon him when he serves the rest of his life in prison. You cannot honestly tell me that Joe Paterno did enough to stop this animal and for that, I think his demise is appropriate. Are you telling me that if somebody you knew had reported abuse to you and you reported that abuse to your superior, that you've done the right thing? What happens a week, a month or years later when this guy is still hanging out with children on campus and Paterno himself sees this activity, and does nothing more to stop it. Unbelievable that you would even defend this activity
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