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Kimberly Ray

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The New Chihuahua

Check her out... she still needs a name... Bella, Chica, or Luna? You decide...

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09/27/2010 6:00AM
The New Chihuahua
Comment here...
09/27/2010 6:22AM
dog name
those dog names are for sissies........."ripper" or "flesh chunk" are good names
09/27/2010 6:30AM
Those are all too common. Be original.
09/27/2010 6:36AM
New Dog
All 3 of those dog names are the -most- common names ever. Use your head and think of something better for that 'lil sweet darlin' than those stupid names. Luna & Bella? 1/2 the female dogs on earth have those 2 names. Try something freshand new..not something old and tired like those sad little names your playing with.
09/27/2010 6:44AM
aww look Mount Morris loves her
09/27/2010 6:46AM
Bella is Spanish word and the pronunciation in Italian with two L. In Spanish you would said beya.
09/27/2010 6:47AM
How about a "High end name" like Paris or Mercedes lol
09/27/2010 6:55AM
my previous pup
her previous name was precious and her mamas name is chica I think a beautiful name for such a beautiful dog is bonita which means beautiful in spanish. good luck kimberly and thank u for giving her a good home. Lori Rogers
09/27/2010 6:57AM
better name
How about Chipotle? Not so typical!
09/27/2010 7:10AM
Best dog name ;Dalia" (from the flower "dahlia");
Dalia" (from the flower "dahlia"); saw the dog pic and i think this fits
09/27/2010 7:10AM
Dog name???????????
Why change the dogs name? If she already had a name you should keep it. Why confuse her even more than she already is with a new place to live, she has enough on her plate.
09/27/2010 7:18AM
puppy name?
I think that the high end name like Mercedes or Porche (pronounced Por-sha) or Beemer sounds great. If you have any other pets why not something that complements that? I know two chugs named Pita and Panini!
09/27/2010 7:32AM
i like Chica ...from ur Hippie Chick firend :)
Hi Kimberly- We both named our daughters Chloe, and I have a dog named Luna...do we have similar taste? I say Chica and call her ChiChi - she's so cute!
09/27/2010 7:45AM
Oh Boy..
Please no Bella lol.. I know atleast 4 people that have a dog named Bella and also a friend has a rabbit named that.. I have 3 Chihuahuas named Finnigan, Mia and Phoebe.. If you really have to pick between those 3 I would pick Chica.. Bella is soooooo over used.. She sure is friggin cute though.. Good Luck!
09/27/2010 7:54AM
speaking of car names...
I was reading all the car names and I thought, Kimberly likes Ford Mustangs, but "mustang" is too masculilne sounding. Mustang turned to Musty (yuck) but how about "Misty"? No?,... then I vote for for Bella.
09/27/2010 7:57AM
How about "Little CHIEF:"
09/27/2010 8:07AM
Love ur new dog!
Hi Kimberly, love ur new dog! I never ask Gary when I bring a pet home or I would never have any!!! It comes with the territory, love us and our pets, or get in the dog house! Paula
09/27/2010 8:08AM
my grandmother called hers tiny taco :) But I vote for Bella
09/27/2010 8:18AM
New Dog's Name
09/27/2010 8:27AM
How about "cat snack" because Flea-J want to eat it?
09/27/2010 8:39AM
dog name
09/27/2010 8:42AM
I thinks she is looks so sweet. She sure seems to like her Daddy.I like the name Luna because she came to you and you found out about her during the Harvest moon.Luna
09/27/2010 8:44AM
long legs
are you sure thats not a great dane? what a shocker that would be!
09/27/2010 8:46AM
Things you should know !
I have had my chihuahua for 7 years, Her name is Sandee. I will tell you ahead of time your dog is cute but she will be costly in the long run, My knickname for my dog is Taco B@#$% , she is stuborn and very dificult to house train, my dog still go's out to the bathroom but when she comes in she will go on the carpet anyway, they have very small bladders and bowels and when they start eating and growing they will need to go out every couple hours, please keep in mind the cost of carpeting ,furniture , bedding. These are the things you will need to replace at least once. When cold weather comes they would rather soil your carpet then go out in the weather, I love my dog but I would never get another one, and I am to attached to get rid of this one, I just replaced my bedroom carpet 3 months ago, and she has her favorite spot to soil already . Good Luck and God Bless, mike from perry
09/27/2010 9:06AM
Cute dog
I like the name Bella
09/27/2010 9:10AM
different name
09/27/2010 9:19AM
This is Poppyco$#, pure fiction
I say name the rat "Garbage", because that is where the little vermin should be tossed too! You have no respect for the man in your life, and you do what Kimberly wants to do without the feedback of your man. The name "GARBAGE" has another meaning, it is where your marriage is going... I just called Waste Management and they're on there way over to pick up the mess. You better get a grip or you will be lose one of the best things in your life... and it is not the rat you call a dog.
09/27/2010 9:26AM
I think you should name her Coco
09/27/2010 9:35AM
pretty little lady
i think she looks like a Lola or Daisy. did you have a hard time picking her out? I think it's great that they are giving them away for free. I have a chihuahua mix. (she is mixed with miniature pincher) I love her to death. you will have so much fun with her. their little personalities are great. mine makes us laugh all the time. I told my husband about you and the dogs. he told me very quickly "don't even think about it" we don't need another dog! I laughed, because I thought of you saying you were going to do it and it didn't matter what anyone said. I'm like you! so what did the other ones look like? ha ha have fun with her.. Lori from Batavia
09/27/2010 1:06PM
definitely Bella
09/27/2010 2:10PM
Just a thought.
09/27/2010 2:26PM
She's so pretty! I think you should name her Bella, its a great name, and it suits her well. Also Mt. Morris appears headless in one of the photos, I had to do a double take. Thanks, AMB Claire
09/27/2010 6:12PM
foot ball
name it football ...so on sunday you can kick it.... love u all
09/27/2010 7:12PM
scott and erin
WARNING Don't name your Chihuahua HONEY, because when mount morris yells at the dog people will hear him and think he is yelling at you!!!Believe me i know becauase my Chihuahua is named HONEY
09/27/2010 7:20PM
torsteetos after the chip. It is fun to say and when she get in trouable the name is fun
09/27/2010 8:41PM
She's cute and looks like a pincher> I have one named mimi!
09/27/2010 10:26PM
i know its not one of your choices but i like "nakita"
09/28/2010 12:57AM
Dog and Bathroom
You might want to get some pee pads, they unfold to a good size and might keep the carpet cleaner. My son has a mini Dachshound and he uses them as a back up in cold weather, when the dog doesn't all the time get out side. Petco has them, good luck. Rick
09/28/2010 7:59AM
Kimberly, I was scrolling down my twitter page yesterday and I couldn't believe these 2 consecutive tweets (see pic via tinypic url here: http://i54.tinypic.com/n6qgi9.jpg) mentioned one of the names you want to name your new puppy (Chica) and yourdaughter's name (Chloe). These 2 names aren't exactly common! I thought of it as a sign!! What do you think? =)
09/28/2010 9:50AM
killer seems like a good name
09/28/2010 7:49PM
name for your dog.
bella is the name, is cute dog I wan one now :-( they are very loveble dogs........claudia
09/28/2010 8:21PM
name for the dog
BELLA RAY.. my niece has two chuweys and they are adorable...
09/29/2010 6:37PM
name for the dog
09/29/2010 7:17PM
Name her Sophie!
I have 3 chihuahuas. One was actually paper broke at 8 weeks old. She is a very tiny one with a short coat like yours. She gets very very cold and I use the wee wee pads from wal-mart or petsmart. Far better than shampooing carpets or mopping. They are plastic backed so no leakage. Theboys were little harder to housebreak but with the aid of a doggy door and an outside run they do great. Drives me nuts when people say they are high maintanence and expensive to keep. I have not found this to be true and I have rescued and fostered dogs for many many years
09/30/2010 8:30AM
doggie name
10/01/2010 9:06PM
I still like "puke" cause that's what she did in your car!
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