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Tell the Memorial Art Gallery What You Think of...

the sculpter they want to feature, Tom Otterness, who shot and killed a dog in the name of art. Here's a link to their comments page, CLICK HERE.

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09/29/2011 9:19AM
Tell the Memorial Art Gallery What you Think of...
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09/29/2011 9:32AM
dog killer
people that kill dogs are sicker than people who kill people dogs are helpless and people most of the time are only sorry when they get caught. i wouldn't let this guy do any art work at all.
09/29/2011 12:45PM
Will never attend an event at the Memorial Art Gallery Again
If the gallery allows Tom Otterness to show is "art". I will never attend an event there again.
09/29/2011 4:00PM
tom the dog killer
for a place that needs public finacial support you may want to think this over.
09/29/2011 6:31PM
Thats his idea of art??
Thats who you have representing your museum...BAD MOVE!! I will never step foot in there again. All artists have the style and one dog or 10 hes an animal abuser!! And you give him work.
09/30/2011 9:33AM
Just sent a message saying how they are nothing but scum if they show this "art" Fuc*ing ridiculous.
09/30/2011 2:59PM
how could you allow someone to come and display their art or even represent art who killed an innocent animal????!!!!! that condones this type of behavior regardless of how long ago it happened, and demonstrates to other people nasty acts of cruelty are forgiven!
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