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Suzanne Corona Arrested yet AGAIN

I mean... what do we say at this point? This is her THIRD arrest...

First she he had sex on a Batavia park bench in broad day light: CLICK for that story.

Then, she tried stealing food from South Beach Restaraunt in Batavia: CLICK for that story.

NOW she was arrested for stealing a floral arrangement from Batavia Stagecoach Florist. CLICK HERE for that story...

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People : Suzanne Corona Arrested

01/19/2011 6:29AM
Suzanne Corona Arrested yet AGAIN
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01/19/2011 6:41AM
Looks like someone is calling out for help.
01/19/2011 10:42AM
She's not calling out for help
Thieves keep stealing because they get away with it. Only Suzanne knows how many businesses she's stolen from before and in between the times she got caught.
01/19/2011 10:50AM
Maybe she keeps getting away with her crimes...
because she's the daughter of a member of Batavia's City Council?
01/19/2011 9:14PM
she is a waste of the air we breathe
I had the displeasure of running into her a few times with her husband. She wouldnt let him say hi to the people he knew. When she walked away he said hi and was chatty. But when she came back she would give him sh!t aenvelend he would stop talking and didn't look at anyone. She never seemed sober. She seamed like she was on something. She is a mindless b!tch. Her husband was always nice and said hi to me and other friends when ever he saw us until he married her. I feel bad for him she doesn't deserve him. She is a waste of the air we breathe.
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