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Stuff From My Dad's House in Montana

My Dad moved into an assisted living center from the house I grew up in this past weekend.  I went out to Montana to help him finish moving and here's some of the things I saw...

My old snowmobile suit.. still fits!

The champagne I gave my father from my wedding... never opened it!

The chair I never knew my parents had...

My dad and I... he looks thrilled...

Hey Kimberly... throw this rock!!! (believe it or not he sold this)

Me when I was a little kid... breaking hearts even then!!!

09/01/2010 6:40AM
Sutff From My Dad's House in Montana
Comment here...
09/08/2010 10:52AM
Montana Pictures
These pictures are not coming up. I think they need to be reloaded in. Have Pat do it! Haha.
09/14/2010 1:14AM
30th appects
There was no picture tooken. Where are they? Cannot see anything. Pat needs to load them up again. Hurry. Thanks.
10/05/2010 9:57AM
Not working, can't see pictures, not even on Kimberly's blog.
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